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LUGANSK-UKRAINE -. AGPROG (05.06.2014.).-The truth must be known, even at the expense of the Western media try to hide the information about the crimes carried out by the Nazis in Ukraine-Kiev, along with their Nazi partners in the U.S. and the European Union, this time occurred in the east of Lugansk region, where hundreds of dead and injured by NATO bombing Nazi happen, fierce and vicious attacks against civilians and people trying to defend the Nazi arm uselessly. Crimes implemented by the Obama administration and under the patronage of the new Nazi leader Poroshenko, placed U.S.

mujer destrozada ucrania

Woman devastated after US Nazi attacks and Kiev in Lugansk

This time stronger and video censored by the administration of Kiev and the U.S. that are kept in reserve to cover their crimes against humanity in Lugansk images are released.

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ucrania nazi

Nazi leader kiev, placed by U.S.

“We are outraged by the ferocious air strike on the headquarters of the administration in Lugansk. Demand that the guilty be punished under existing international laws,” said Lukashevich Russian spokesman, at a press conference, adding that Moscow will raise the issue at the Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe (OSCE) and demanded a serious statement in the Security Council of the United Nations, for these crimes.


USA establishing a nazi regime in Ukraine, under the shade of crimes.

According to figures from Lugansk authorities, the attack on 2 June left hundreds dead, including personnel administration, including Health Minister Natalia Arjípova, and members of local self-defense groups and dozens injured. Other wounds suffered different entity. The Nazis in Kiev with U.S. admitted by the European Union NATO have bombed the eastern Ukrainian city of Lugansk with dozens of missiles from the air, and has said its helicopters and Air Force “launched more than 200 missiles “in military action on Monday.


war contractors, teams of American mercenaries. working in Kiev, sent by the CIA.

Moscow, Lugansk describes what happened in a crime against humanity committed by the new Ukrainian authorities. The Russian Investigative Committee announced that it will request satellite images to different countries for use as evidence that massive crimes committed against civilians in southeastern Ukraine. Obama with Poroshenko could be brought to the international court for these offenses of crimes against humanity, listed as NEW NAZI CRIMES, and specifies that they would be running ethnic cleansing against the ethnic Russian population.


hundreds dead after the NATO bombing


The new Nazism fostered and sponsored by USA and EU in Kiev

The fact that Kiev with U.S., NATO and the EU Nazis deny that in eastern Ukraine have crimes and humanitarian problems shows his double standards, insists Lukashevich. The most serious is that the U.S. and the Nazis in Kiev prevent the press from entering the region and also prevent media provide humanitarian aid to such bombardment. “This position says a lot about the true intentions in relation to Ukraine. Such plans have nothing to do with the peaceful settlement of the conflict,” he lamented.

The diplomat also condemned the refusal of Kiev to send humanitarian aid to the eastern territories: “The refusal of the Ukrainian authorities is outrageous: it is aid to Ukrainian citizens.” Lukashevich also criticized the obstacles placed Kiev those who want to seek refuge outside the country, referring specifically to the partial closure of the border with Russia. “Instead of opening borders to those who want to escape the war, these borders are blocked.’s Absolutely outrageous and unacceptable,” said.


Are we witnessing the birth of a new Nazism , promoted by USA ?

Below videos and images of the crimes carried out by the new Nazis in Europe. This is definitely daunting documents, however, you will not see reproduced in the media in the service of the current ruling caste.


They are images of the latest criminal attack Kiev NAZI regime in recent weeks and this month against the civilian population of eastern DRC. Take a good look because this is what they do not teach us in the media and sold to the military industrial complex of the U.S. Nazi nation This is what they conceal deceive us better what is happening in Ukraine. These images waiving further comments and explanations about the true nature of events. Witnessing a repeat of the scenario in Iraq, Libya, Syria, this time in Europe, to our doors. A replay of the birth of NAZI regime, now supported by the U.S. NAZI nation
These horrific images of dead bodies on the ground bleeding wounded and mutilated, are the work of the Nazi murderers of the EU and U.S. support and backing. This is the work of our leaders and our politicians. Look at that woman in the torn bombs have been blessed with that damn oligarchy that makes and breaks ground lives and nations. This is the work of the “democrats called” EU and USA.
We enter the second month of the punitive operation against the rebel regions of Donetsk and Lugansk. The balance grows daily:
Hundreds killed in the bombing of Slaviansk, Kramatorsk, Donetsk and Lugansk now since 23 April, crimes executed by the Nazis.
Dozens of civilians and masacraos locked and burned in Odessa on May 2.
Dozens gunned down in the cities of Donbass civilians by neo-Nazi groups.

These Nazi crimes against humanity and war crimes these seek to crush a people and take over their territory to implement it the interests of the EU and Nazi military bases and NATO NAZI USA. That I say the same European and American fascist leaders!















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