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By: Fabríz’zio Txavarría Velázquez. CENIC CENTER.

Bolivia-Santa Cruz, June 15, 2014 (AGPROG).-Declaration of the Summit of G77 + CHINA, bringing together 133 presidents, prime ministers, heads of state and representatives of the multilateral organization, agreed on Sunday June 15 finally construction of a new global scheme more just, free and democratic, live well for a human population of the planet, and the most humble and poor, proposing a new scheme or order front and against the NWO Feroz and stale, proposed by mafias and large corporations on the planet (the corporatocracy), the powers of Europe and North + executed and implemented primarily by their standard bearer George W. Bush, the September 11, 1990, President of the new nation U.S. Nazi then.

Recall that George W. Bush, I advocate a New World Order in 1990 but only sponsored by the hegemonic powers of the moment: the U.S. and the European Union, New Order from war and economic traps bank peoples by IMF and the World Bank, was a New Order IMPERIAL UNDER LAW AND GLOBAL MARTIAL LAW, based on the arm of the NATO military brutality NAZI. Later, this New World Order of George Bush failure father, after the fall of capitalism and the debacle of their capitalist economies.

See links on the internet about the approach of the New World Order American Nazi Fascist:

THE NAZI FASCIST NEW WORLD ORDER U.S. and nastiness of partners, including the Vatican itself, was looking for a subject to the imperial powers by free people, under the terms and tax laws of the market for themselves:

The powers sought to achieve their own peace, freedom to attack their own countries and establish order and martial law over the planet providing them only for their safety as the new masters. Never thought that humanity’s face face to face face to face, then crumble their black Masonic planetary control plans.


This year 2014, President of the Plurinational State of Bolivia, Evo Morales Ayma, after nine hours of deliberation did meet the summary of the Declaration of Santa Cruz “For a New World Scheme For Living Well Peoples” of 242 points approved by consensus, and were signed by representatives of the G77 plus China.

 “Our goal is to build a new world and a new scheme appropriate agenda of the countries of the South to the more just, equitable and democratic establishment that benefits our people at all levels,” the Bolivian president.



We reaffirm our principles of unity, complementarity, cooperation and solidarity with the peoples of the planet.

Our goal is to build a new global schema and an appropriate agenda for the South for more just and democratic establishment that benefits our peoples, economic, political and social, development and more power to the people.

We emphasize that the problem of inequality is more serious than ever, due to the extreme prevalence of unsustainable production and consumption in developed countries while it continues to suffer from hunger and poverty.

Excessive profit orientation does not respect Mother Earth and takes into account human needs, continued this unequal system will increase inequalities.

We note the influence of big business in the global capitalist economy and its negative economic and environmental development of the country effects.

Eradicating poverty is the greatest challenge facing the world, an indispensable requirement for sustainable development, we emphasize that the eradication of poverty must remain the focus and driver of the agenda after 2015.’re Convinced that the development agenda beyond 2015 should reinforce the commitment of the international community to eradicate poverty by 2030.

We recognize that there is a paradigm of living well with a comprehensive development aims to achieve cultural and spiritual needs of societies in the context of harmony with nature in some countries.

We recognize the important role to be played to the State to ensure that all people have access to basic services and solutions to the inequalities and discrimination on the distribution of resources and access to them.

We reaffirm the right of peoples and nations to permanent sovereignty over their natural wealth and resources must be exercised in the interest of national development and welfare of the people of the State.

The statement includes traditional Andean ancestral values ​​as early ama sua (do not steal), llulla love (do not lie), loves quella (do not be lazy) contribute to efforts to prevent and combat corruption at all levels.

We demand the immediate elimination of all forms of alternative agriculture distorts the market.

We are committed to achieving equal rights and opportunities for women in the adoption of policies, economic decisions and the allocation of resources to grant women equal rights with men and to ensure access to education, finance, information technology and communications, markets, assistance to the entry of other basic services, including the services of health care including modern, safe, effective, affordable and acceptable methods of family planning drugs.

The debt crisis are usually expensive and disruptive and affects most developing countries, which are heavily indebted may not return to the path of growth without international assistance, we recognize the importance of debt relief, including the Cancellation and processes moratorium restructuring and debt audit.

We reiterate the importance of not allowing the vulture funds paralyze the activities of debt restructuring of developing countries, they deprive the states of their right to protect its people under international law.

We stress the need for an international system as transparent credit rating.

Climate change is one of the most pressing global issues of our time, and responsibility must commit industrialized countries.

We strongly condemn spying nations at all levels.

The concerns of the least developed countries, small island developing states and landlocked countries are attending.

We reaffirm our strong opposition to the imposition of laws and regulations with extraterritorial impact and all other forms of coercive economic measures, including unilateral sanctions against developing countries, and reiterate the urgent need to remove them immediately.

We express our rejection of unilateral lists and certifications from developed countries and affect the developing countries, particularly those related to terrorism, drug trafficking and other similar bodies.

The impositions of the IMF and World Bank and their control measures and subjugation to the nations of progressive indebtedness was rejected. The hub and imperial speculator model, generated in turn an institutional crisis marked by an unequal and unjust world power structure, especially in the United Nations system, the International Monetary Fund, World Bank, World Trade Organization, among others .

Reject the domain of global and transnational powers that control over territories and natural resources of the planet, to follow became great at the expense of the poverty of the people of the South are disputed.

Promote sustained favorable development in South-South cooperation, a new world economic order, the responsibility for climate change, and economic relations in the framework of preferential treatments common stock.

The struggle for the decolonization of the world, self-determination, independence and sovereignty over natural resources is emphasized.

All forms of imperial domination of nations and the recognition that now live in a multipolar world is rejected. No masters or slaves.

Struggle for equality and justice for the people of the world against planetary hierarchies and inequalities.

A sign to the name of the free market and democracy, a handful of imperial powers to invade countries, to block trade, impose price elsewhere, suffocating national economies, and conspire against progressive governments resort to spying on the inhabitants of rejection planet.

A rejection of a small elite of authoritarian countries and transnational corporations dominate the destinies of the world, their economies and their natural resources.

A rejection of economic and social inequality between regions, between countries, between social classes among citizens.

Stop concentrating wealth in few hands, this predatory way to destroy nature, it is also generating a structural crisis that becomes unsustainable over time. This is a structural crisis, because it affects all components of the development of capitalism itself, ie is, energy, climate, water, food, institutional and financial crisis of values, which feed each other. That is a crisis of capitalist civilization itself.

Create a new global economic architecture, following the financial crisis was caused by greed for higher profits of financial capital, sparking a deep international financial speculation, favoring some groups, transnational corporations or power centers that concentrated wealth.

A rejection of speculative financial bubbles that generate profits, which eventually burst, and thus dragged into poverty workers who received cheap loans; middle-class savers who trusted their greedy speculators deposits of overnight break or take their capital to other countries, causing the collapse of entire nations.

Creating policies to address the energy crisis marked by excessive consumption in developed countries, pollution of sources of energy and energy grabbing by transnational.

Recognizing that the climate crisis is due to the anarchy of capitalist production, whose consumption levels and uncontrolled industrialization have generated excess emissions of greenhouse gases causing global warming and natural disasters in the world.

Tackling the water crisis deepened now by privatization, commodification and depletion of sources of fresh water, and increase access to drinking water.

Combating the food crisis, as a trend of population growth and a reduction in food production is observed.

A rejection of the imbalances between the countryside and the city, the monopoly of transnational corporations in the marketing of seed and agricultural inputs and speculation in food prices. As a rejection of the spread of genetically modified and patented seeds on our planet.

Deepen the fight against neoliberal policy generating concentration of wealth, social inequality and poverty, increasing marginalization, discrimination and social exclusion, eliminate exclusion, exploitation, hunger, hatred, to reconstruct the path of equilibrium, the complementarity, the consensus identity of Living Well.

Spreading the New Economic Model Community Social and Productive, whose main axes are: the nationalization of natural resources, the recovery for the benefit of all mankind, the redistribution of wealth and the active participation of the state in the economy.

Betting on the new model to match exports with domestic market growth, driven mainly by income redistribution policies, defrost and successive increases in the national minimum wage, annual salary increases above the inflation rate, cross-subsidies and transfers bonuses the needy.

Suggest a sustainable development to the overall development for living well, in harmony and balance with Mother Earth.

We need to build a different view of Western capitalist development, moving from the paradigm of sustainable development paradigm of Integral Development for Living Well, which seeks not only the balance between human beings, but the balance and harmony with our Mother Earth, without inequality and exclusions.

Ask a Comprehensive Development for Living Well that means generating prosperity for all, without exception; means respecting the diversity of economies of our societies; respect local knowledge and respect Mother Earth and its biological diversity, that will feed future generations. Produce to meet real needs, not to infinitely expand profits.

Combining modern science with technological ancestral wisdom of indigenous peoples, who speaks with respect for nature.

There should be a control of States with their peoples, all their energy and natural resources.

Technology, investment, production, credit, markets and companies should not be subordinated to the dictatorship of profit and luxury, but the service and needs of the people, and the expansion of common goods and services.

One sovereignty over natural resources and strategic areas arises. Owners of commodities and countries we can assume the sovereign control of the production and industrialization of raw materials.

The state must take the lead in production, the sovereign control of wealth and start planning to industrialize raw materials, and distribute the profit among the population.

Exercise sovereignty over natural resources and strategic areas does not mean isolation from world markets is linked to these markets for the benefit of countries and not a few private owners. Sovereignty over natural resources and strategic areas does not prevent the participation of foreign capital and technology; that investment is subordinate and that technology to the needs of each country.

Welfare for all mankind becoming basic services as a human right and not profit. The worst tyranny facing humanity is to enable basic services are under control of transnational corporations. This means condemn humanity to special interests and commercial objectives of a rich and powerful minority to the life and safety of persons. Therefore basic services are inherent in the human condition.

Resolve social inequities incorporating international law and national legislation of all countries, basic services (water, electricity, communications and basic sanitation) are a fundamental human right of people. Therefore be a legal obligation of states to guarantee the universality of basic services, above costs or earnings.

Emancipation of the current international financial system and construction of a life, a new financial architecture. We propose to free the international financial yoke building a new financial system that prioritizes the needs of the productive activities of the South, in the context of overall development. Create and strengthen South banks to boost industrial projects to strengthen regional domestic markets to promote trade between our countries, but based on complementarity, solidarity.

Stop using all our foreign currency transactions and render our slave nations gold coins in the way of our ability as a global currency.

We also need to boost sovereign regulation of global financial activities that threaten the stability of national economies.

Develop an international mechanism for debt restructuring, deepening dependence of the peoples of South strangling their development potential.

Replace the financial institutions like the IMF and World Bank by measures which provide more and better participation of the South in their decision-making structures, today captured by imperial powers.

It must set limits on speculative profit and the accumulation of wealth.

Build the great economic, scientific, technological and cultural partnership of the G77 + China.

Intensify trade between South and guide our production activities according to the requirements of other southern economies, based on the complementarity of needs and abilities.

Increase in the technology transfer and diffusion of new energy among the countries of the South. Sovereignty and the essential technological leadership for a new world economy with justice so each country can not achieve by itself. Science has to be a heritage of all mankind, and to serve the welfare of all; without exclusion or hegemonism. For a decent future for all the peoples of the world, we need an integration for release. No cooperation for dominance.

Ask the Constitution of the Institute of decolonization and south-south cooperation. Responsible for providing technology, energy technical assistance to countries of the South, to deepen the implementation of the proposals of the G77 + China. It will also give technical assistance and capacity building for development and self-determination; to conduct investigations of new free energy for the planet.

Eradicate hunger in the world’s peoples. It is imperative in the world to eradicate hunger and promote applied and the human right to food is fully exercised. Food production is prioritize the participation of small farmers and indigenous communities, which are the preserve ancestral knowledge in regard to food production, achieving a supporting communal or community production.

Create conditions for democratic and equitable access to land, which does not allow the monopoly of this resource access through the estates, but also encourage smallholder and unproductive fragmentation. Consolidate sovereignty and food security through access to safe and healthy for the well-being food.

Remove the transnational monopolies in the provision of agricultural inputs for food security with sovereignty. Each country should ensure basic food you eat and your own stock from strengthening their productive, cultural, ecological practices, as well as the supportive exchange between peoples. In turn, states have to be responsible for ensuring electricity, road integration, access to water, and organic fertilizers.

Strengthen the sovereignty of states without intervention, without interference espionage.

New planetary bodies that promote peace, not war, to eliminate global hierarchies and to promote equality between states are required.

Suggest disappearing the Security Council of the UN because instead of ensuring peace among nations has promoted the war and invasions of imperial powers to seize the natural resources of the invaded countries. Today instead of the Security Council is a Council of Insecurity and Imperial Invasion. No country, no institution or interest can justify the invasion of one country by another. The sovereignty of states and inner resolve conflicts in each country, is the foundation of peace and the United Nations.

A rejection of persecution and international coup constitutes modern colonialism, colonialism of this new era.

Ask a democratic renewal of States. The time of empires, colonial hierarchies and financial oligarchies ended. The role of the people means the renewal and deepening of democracy. We have to complement the typical electoral democracy with participatory democracy and community democracy, from the social governance of democracy. To make state decisions, take into account the deliberation of parliaments, but also the discussion of social movements that allow the living energy of our people and the humblest or unprotected flow.

Retrieve the codes and values ​​of our ancestors of humanity: not to steal, not to lie, not to be lazy and not greasy.

Democracy is also distribution of wealth and expansion of common goods that society has. It is subordinate to the rulers’ decisions governed. Not personal gain of the rulers, much less abuse of power: it is loving and selfless service to the people. It is the shipping time, knowledge, effort and own life to achieve the welfare of the people and humanity. Therefore we are participants in a participatory democracy and no longer representative.

Ask a new world of equality, complementarity, organic coexistence with the earth mother of the nations of the South for all mankind.








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