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By: Fabríz’zio Txavarría Velázquez Inv Div.. CENIC

WASHINGTON-EUA.-AGPROG (30-08-2014) .- According to Infowars website, and now spread to other media, researcher and reporter Kit Daniels, who interviewed a former CIA intelligence of USA, in interview the agent admits officially that America wants more sanctions against Russia, to bring the forcible removal of Putin, “with a bullet hole in his head, if necessary, implemented by themselves.”

In a recent opinion piece, a former CIA official, a member of the intelligence community and military suggested the elimination of Russian President Vladimir Putin, “murder, if necessary, should be the main goal of the Obama administration strategy for Ukraine, and the USA government should do whatever it takes to kill this world leader, which goes against the scheme and the defined global order “.



Herbert E. Meyer, who served as special adviser and assistant director of the CIA during the Reagan administration, said the goal of the United States sanctions against Russia “should be to make the Russians who have been supporting Putin in power, or tolerate Putin in power, give a blow or Nockaut, or they must act the same CIA, doing the work. “

“If Putin is too stubborn to admit that his career is over, and revolutionary, soldier or hero does, and the only way out of the Kremlin, will be with the feet first, with a bullet hole in the back his head, which would be fine for us, or we do, for this we have a special executive order, “stated the CIA. Implying that when there are leaders who face the USA, these pay dearly with his life, as he did with Chavez in Venezuela or Gaddafi in Libya and the USA is given on how to prepare the little job, these two most recent cases.

Remember that 45 years ago, the CIA used one of their projects called MKULTRA, delete one of their own leaders, causing an assassination, it was President Kennedy, in his own country, because it was opposed to the policies of the Bank and Federal Reserve usury, by the Military Industrial Financial corrupt and ended with a bang hidden state in the nation North Complex.

In this particular case, to ensure removal of Putin, Meyer suggested, “that the Obama administration must hit a wedge between the business elite of Russia and the Kremlin, which could serve as a catalyst for an attack Putin’s life. “

“That’s why the sanctions work, and President Obama and his European counterparts continue tightening the screws, and so will continue to be the most difficult trade for Russian business executives, for example, by blocking their access to capital , “he added. “We must stop, clear to the Russians that this will end when you leave the Kremlin Vladimir Putin, for his sake.”


Former CIA officer describes a centuries-old tool of statecraft and war, in which a foreign power creates discontent among the nobles of another country and its ruler to ensure the eventual overthrow of that ruler. He says, “So we did several times in the world, and it’s time to do it in Russia.” Ask yourself but what has happened in Libya? or Iraq? or action in Syria or Venezuela.

But explosive growth is given today, the tensions between Russia and Ukraine, which could very well lead to another world war, Meyer’s suggestion is particularly worrying given that it is likely that the current Western intelligence officials also share similar views to him, the first and last option is to eliminate Putin, as soon as possible, because the west bank is losing money and affect the system, the pattern, structure and USA.

And the destabilization of the Russian government with the loss of Putin only create chaos in the East, the chaos that can be exploited by global financial elites who have no allegiance to any nationality, power elites like the Rothschilds, Rockefellers, JP Morgan or Soros.


“All the major international crises over the last century or more, have been completed with a further consolidation of global power in the hands of a few, and this is no coincidence,” wrote journalist Brandon Smith. But let’s see what happened in Libya, where also the CIA eliminated Qaddafi, Iraq to Hussein in Venezuela eliminated Chavez, but received Maduro, who succeeded him, to think also eliminate or at Bolivia’s Evo Morales who also it goes against the scheme, in South America. In some cases they were very successful, as in Egypt, eliminating Nasser and Arafat in Palestine, using the Mossad. This seems to be now the global Banking, crying now, Putin’s head at all costs and are demanding, charging Obama and running a special executive order existing in the American government.


Do not forget that now the CIA is free to kill anyone anywhere in the world where you find them, using any method without need for an express order of the United States government. The new legal faculty C.I.A. releases the Agency from any judgment, making it immune and is the result of two presidential executive orders signed by President Bill Clinton in 1998, and his successor, President George W. Bush on September 17, 2011 The directors or executive order secret says the letter: “that may be eliminated all persons or individuals who are not detained, anywhere in the world where they are located and without need for an express order of the United States government, which for various reasons can be qualified as potential enemies of the United States, its interests and its citizens or the established world order. Eliminations are always conducted and when the actions that lead to that outcome do not imply direct involvement of government officials in the United States in execution of the respective murder. “Incredible carte blanche to murder for CIA would involve removing even the presidents of hostile countries, or contrary to American interests and this time banking, above all.















  1. […] Some former CIA officers are even offically suggesting his assassination, which only illustrates how deep the desperation has seized upon the Western dark cabal. The insane denial of facts leads currently to a profound desperation among many US senators, who are now seeing Obama’s foreign policy in tatters and begin to admit the reality on the ground in the current End Times, namely that all sanctions against Russia have yielded no results. […]

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