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By: Inv. Fabríz’zio Txavarría Velázquez. CENIC CENTER

WASHINGTON-EUA.-AGPROG (20-03-2015) .- For no one is strange and new that the same American administration of USA masks for over 55 years, drug trafficking on the planet with their false war on drugs, managing it all illicit international drug trafficking chain from the same production Industrial, direction and management of shipping routes in collaboration with successive governments themselves standing and the subsequent sale of the drug in the international market and also running the same his fake fight like a facade, this not only in America but in Asia and the Middle East too. As confirmed by the expert researcher American military and intelligence, also winner of the Pulitzer Prize Gary Webb in his deep research called The Dark Alliance for the San Jose Mercury News, which uncovered as the same State Department issues US with agencies like the Central Intelligence Agency – CIA, The US Department of Homeland Security – US DHS, the Federal Bureau of Investigation – FBI, The Drug Enforcement Administration – DEA and Narcotics Affairs Section – NAS, are closely linked to this great international business by the International Banking and HSBC as lead partner and others, engaging even in the big business of money laundering by international banks.



Now the Barack Obama administration as its previous predecessors as were former President Reagan or Bush Senior. and Bush Junior, is also sponsoring this great multi-billion dollar business for the full view and with the American Congress and the American people.

Now the news and revealing research uncovers the truth that can bring down the same regime of Obama in a DRUG-GATE. The official investigation indicates that a Boeing C-17 Globemaster III military, called “Spirit of Delaware,” a large aircraft payload and flight, participated in a covert operation of drug trafficking, organized by the Obama administration itself, and arrival especially Costa Rica on July 25 of last 2013, from the military Dover Air Force Base US exclusively to participate in this operation named by them as Eagle Egg after landing at the airport Daniel Oduber Quirós International also known as Liberia International Airport, one of the four international airports in Costa Rica and located northwest of the country, Liberia’s capital of the province of Guanacaste, the second largest airport in the nation, the airport was appropriate to the scale of the Boeing C-17 and the operation to be performed by these US agencies.

The military ship would be used to carry more than 30 tons of drugs cocaine from its suppliers and traffic lines of Colombia and Peru to USA. The report revealing research indicates that the drug was loaded and shipped on military aircraft for the same personnel of the Drug Enforcement Administration, on July 26 in Costa Rica Airport Daniel Oduber, lifted flight and then made ​​a stop in Honduras at the military base US, Soto Cano Base administered by U.S.Department of Defense – DOD – (because you would, is the question?) and then subsequently arrived in Miami after about six hours of flight booked military Jacksonville Airport Florida (named Towers Field).

This news was reported by few media at the time as being the daily La Nación, CRHoy, Diario Las Americas, and one of them Costa Rica Star Journal, who conducted the investigation and complaint against the alleged drug Agency (DEA) and echoed the allegations were made ​​public. The American media as always maintained strict silence like CNN, NBC or FOX.

The report notes that the same U.S. State Department and the DEA have agreed to transport cocaine after it was in Costa Rica, the explanation given was that they did not know what to do with it. Even more judges of the Judiciary unaware of the arrival of cargo aircraft and special mission of the Air Force of the United States to Costa Rica and neither had permission from Parliament Costa Rica, for the operation. The identity of the Globemaster was also held in reserve until it was revealed that it was the “Spirit of Delaware”, a military aircraft of the US Air Force USAF. It investigated the whole operation should be strictly reserved.

When the plane arrived, the consulate of Costa Rica in Miami should confirm shipment and destination of cocaine, however, no statement was not sent and the whole operation under strict and absolute secrecy was maintained, presumably all this hard pressure existing from Barack Obama administration.

The involvement of the Pentagon and US State Department raises alarms because of previous allegations of drug trafficking by the DEA, CIA and other American agencies, recall that the Reagan administration had the support of senior criminal drug trafficking during the supply network of the Contras ( the called Iran-Contras Operation), and the drug lord of origin American Lieutenant Colonel of the US Armed Forces Laurence Oliver North and his strong connection in Bolivia with plants or factories drug production in the region of Huanchaca in 1986, with strong support of the administration of President Paz Estenssoro and his complete cabinet in this Andean country, according to declassified report by the US Justice Department.

2011, also under the Barack Obama administration, Jesus Vicente Zambada Niebla, maximum head of the Sinaloa cartel, crashed with more than four tons of cocaine in a Jet CIA or provided by this agency and later told the Federal Court in Illinois, who was working hand in hand and side by side with the US government like Obama, in these operations that allowed him to freely export cocaine in covert operations with the FBI, US. DHS, DEA and CIA itself.


Today, the regime of the Barack Obama administration intends to attack multiple progressive countries as in the case of attack against sovereign and independent countries like Bolivia or Venezuela, on the pretext of not meeting its foreign policy and do what he wants they do in their false counternarcotics benefiting, to his great business of international drug trafficking. Now the controls that seriously link the Obama administration to international drug trafficking, are uncovered and only remains to wait the reaction of international organizations to uncover who really is the true godfather of global drug or protective level and is the right time to that the International Criminal Court – ICC take up the matter and prosecution the real criminals and drug traffickers now high power holders in one of the most powerful nations on earth as it is U.S.A.

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