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By: Research. Fabríz’zio Txavarría Velázquez

Washington-US-AGPROG (16-07-2015) .- It comes out another scandal involving the highest levels of American government in the drug business. Is exposed again in shameful and serious question the phony war on drugs that the US and both governmental and military agencies perform or execute against drug trafficking, this combined with the lack of real and sincere interest to tackle the illegal drug trade together the accumulation of signs that handle the business with the same US authorities appear now involved.

mconnell-cocaine eng


The case now is uncovered, even when they tried to cover it up, leaving in evidence the deep complicity of the highest American elite in drug trafficking and this is demonstrated when a few months ago precisely on August 20, 2014. A cargo ship named Ping May intimately connected to the Republican senator from Kentucky Mitch McConnell (also a member of the Drug Commission of the US Senate), was intercepted and arrested recently before leaving Colombia with an extra cargo, the same that was not on the legal manifesto customs charge.

During the search, they were the agents of the Colombian Coast Guard and not the American DEA over who seized approximately 90 pounds of cocaine packed in 40 boxes carefully and well packed.

As he reported at the time El Espectador. The amount of alkaloid found was 39.8 kilograms. The “Ping May” recently came from England, and his next stop was Holland.

Luis Gonzales, an officer of the Coast Guard Colombia Santa Marta told La Nacion that the crew of Ping May was questioned as part of the investigation, but unfortunately and what’s strange is that they have not yet filed charges If part of supposedly responsible agencies to combat drug trafficking, or against the company involved in traffic, owners or direct defendants, including intellectual and material authors. This reveals that there is a great cover-up to very high levels, both the US government and its agencies, and the Colombian government itself.


Before the Ping May, a cargo ship, sailed from the port of Santa Marta on their way to the Netherlands in late August, inspectors Colombian civilians and not against drug trafficking organizations, they boarded the ship and made a discovery. Hidden in the chain locker of the ship, in the middle of loading coal to Europe, it had about 40 kilograms, or about ninety pounds, of cocaine. An official of the Colombia Coast Guard told the Nation that is very possible there will be ongoing investigation if the highest Colombian authorities decide, but it would be a bit delicate to be involved personalities of the US government.

The seizure of cocaine on a ship coal is important because it came directly from the authorities of Colombia who have stepped up enforcement against drug trafficking in the region. The Nation spoke to Luis Gonzales, an officer of the Coast Guard Colombia in Santa Marta, who told us that the crew of Ping May were questioned as part of an ongoing investigation but no charges have been filed yet. His team found cocaine in forty separate packages.

Contacted by telephone, a representative of Foremost said “obviously not going to make any comment on this case.”


The drug was found in the cargo ship Ping May or May Rose, a ship operated by the company Foremost Maritime Corporation, a company owned by the laws of Senator Mitch McConnell, the Taiwanese family of James Chao is the political family McConnell. Mitch McConnell is currently Casaso Chao’s daughter, Elaine Chao.

This connection is not only relevant because of the family connection, but also because Chao family often has made great millionaire donations to political campaigns McConnell, contributing much money doubtful and US policy elite groups.

In fact, Chao family has been financing business and political life of McConnell since late 1980. Years later, in 1993, Senator McConnell married Elaine Chao and Chao told family as one of their main sources of investments .

It has been recorded in the amount of gifts worth between 5 and 25 million dollars later made part of the Chao family in favor of McConnel, making it one of the richest senators from North America in 2008.

The company Maritime Corporation currently operates a fleet of 16 ships dry bulk, most of which are currently in service.

The seizure of the shipment of narcotics in the Caribbean port (Colombia) took away the state of Kentucky, the state in which the senator is Republican leader Mitch McConnell. But the leader of the Republican minority in the Senate has the closest ties with the owner of Ping May, the vessel containing illicit materials: the company Foremost Maritime Corporation, a company founded and owned by McConnell and his in-laws The millionaire family Chao.

According to research ties with the Chao emporium has been very important and has played a key role in the life of McConnell, giving the senator most of his personal wealth and generating thousands in donations to his campaign committees, drug nexus unnoticed in Kentucky and owned media elite have tried not to spread the news of this fact. That’s because, like many international shipping companies, signing Chao – McConnell, is hidden from public view, hiding their identities and limiting their liability through a series of tax shelters and facilitating foreign records thus illegal money laundering. Registered through a limited liability company in the Marshall Islands on May Ping even flying the flag of Liberia, a failed state in Africa.

McConnell ties the Chao back to the late 1980s, when James the Chao began donating Senator million. In 1993, McConnell married the daughter of James, Elaine Chao, one Republican activist and former official in the Reagan administration that would later serve as labor secretary in the cabinet of George W. Bush. James the Chao emigrated to the United States from Taiwan, and founded the Foremost Maritime Corporation to settle in New York. The company has grown significantly in recent years, to act as a simple shipping agent during the Vietnam War to control a fleet of approximately sixteen ships dry bulk in operation today.

Other notable operations of the Company is to be a shipping agent, making the purchase of boats mainly in China and coordinating the delivery of commodities. The records reviewed by The Nation reveal that carries Foremost corn, chemicals and other goods to cities around the world. The company has offices in New York and Hong Kong. A transactions and operations in a very fertile environment for laundering drug money without raising suspicion about it.

McConnell has benefited in many ways from its active relationship with her in-laws.

The personal wealth of the leader of the Republican minority in the Senate grew more than sevenfold in the last ten years, thanks largely to gifts given to him and his wife in 2008 from James Chao (standards and ethics laws Senate required to disclose personal finances in varying amounts, rather than specific figures). This further worsens as US laws allow entrepreneurs or private corporations contribute to political campaigns. The gift helped the McConnells after your stock portfolio was plunged into financial crisis, and said they could pay more than $ 100,000 in home mortgage debt in Washington.

The generous donation made to McConnell, made him one of the wealthiest members of the Senate, with an average net worth of about $ 22.8 million, according to the Washington Post review of its financial statements.

After the gift, McConnell sent a congratulatory letter to an audience of Chinese officials in Shanghai who had gathered for an event that was organized to honor the wife of James Chao (the mother of McConnell, Ruth Mulan Chu Chao, who died in 2007 ). The Education Foundation Mulan Shanghai, set up in his honor, regularly hosts students from the University of Louisville, where McConnell has a leadership academy named after sending students on trips to China.

Ties between McConnell and Chao-laws have come under scrutiny before. In 2001, The New Republic in an article reported that McConnell led an effort to soften the criticism of his party to China. By James Chao, who was a classmate of Jiang Zemin, President of China in the 90s, McConnell and his wife met with Jiang several times, both in Beijing and Washington. Later McConnell appease their criticism of human rights abuses in China, and broke with hawks like Sen. Jesse Helms to support trade most favored nation status to China. As set Foremost company also has close ties with mainland China, McConnell endorsed the position that the United States must remain “ambiguous” in its position on the defense of Taiwan. In 1999, McConnell and his wife appeared at the University of Louisville with the Ambassador of China, Li Zhaoxing. Li took the opportunity to hit congressional leaders by rebuking China for its crackdown on the Falun Gong religious sect. “Any responsible government should not promote evil tendencies of cults for being too lenient” Li reportedly said at the event with McConnell and Chao. Rather than distance himself from the statements, reports indicate that McConnell spoke of his “good working relationship” with Li.

McConnell integral part of his personal fortune of $ 1.8 million to support his political activities. The members of the Chao family Foremost employees have also given more than $ 90,000 in contributions over the years McConnell.

Referring to drug trafficking scandal in which the company is involved Foremost, requests for reports McConnell team left without a response.


What makes this case even more interesting is that McConnell is well known as a staunch prohibitionist hiding some interest involved. In 1996, McConnell sponsored “Sanctions Act of improved marijuana,” a bill to increase the minimum mandatory sentence for those caught with marijuana.

Mitch McConnell is currently leading the Republican minority in the US Senate and has a large lobby in the highest echelons of government.

McConnell minority leader of the Senate said firmly “against the legalization of marijuana,” although this has put him at odds with his Democratic rival Alison Lundergan Grimes.

McConnell acknowledged that marijuana “is not in the same category as heroin,” even if it is treated as such by the DEA. However, he said that legalizing the plant could “completely transform society in a way that I think certainly most Kentuckians would disagree”

“I do not think the answer is this, frankly, going in the direction of legalization of all currently illegal drugs,” said McConnell. “All this movement in various parts of the country, it is a big mistake.”

McConnell is one of the leading critics of US policies renewing regulation of drugs, including legalization. Theirs is, and always has been, the “iron fist”.

McConnell has led to a repeated times to lobby for smooth relations with China, and criticism of environmental measures that were detrimental to the carbon market.

In an event of the Association of Young Professionals held in Louisville in 2015, McConnell emphasized his tenacious carbon limits imposed by the federal government that affect the business market carbon dioxide national opposition. He argued that such efforts would be futile given the role of coal in developing countries and emerging coal sector. Foremost routinely ships transporting coal from ports in Australia and Colombia, countries with cheap coal for export to Asia and Europe. This measure would greatly affect business background built because controls loads, something that does not currently exist would be increased.

McConnell has deliberately positioned itself in recent years allegedly as a hardliner with drugs. In 1996, McConnell was the sole sponsor of the Enhanced Sanctions Act of marijuana, a bill to increase the minimum mandatory sentence for those caught with certain amounts of marijuana. A press release said his bill would make “the penalties for selling marijuana would be comparable to the sale of heroin and cocaine.” Currently she holds up a campaign against the legalization of marijuana.

In recent weeks, McConnell has touted his role to ask for more federal money to be used for drug control.

The questions are raised: Do you think there is something strange in the war against marijuana McConnell, considering the bond of family smuggling, especially cocaine on the black market?

Maybe those working in the black market with unregulated drugs are trying to keep illegal drugs to make so as to maximize their profits on the black market?

Press researcher Lee Fang has made several inquiries to the secret operations of McConnell and dark ties in American politics, raising the alert on this case.

Lee Fang is a researcher who has reported on the Research Fund at the Nation Institute. It covers money in politics, conservative movements and pressure groups. Lee’s work has led to many calls for congressional hearings and the Federal Election Commission. He is the author of The Machine: A Field Guide to the resurgent right, a recently published book about the political infrastructure of the American right was rebuilt after the election of President Obama 2008. More about the book can be found in http://www.themachinebook .com .


The company of merchant ships Foremost Maritime Corporation was founded by James the Chao who emigrated to the United States from Taiwan settling in New York with the company.

The company alleged and skillful screen, curiously leaves a trail of weak line. Foremost website is blank. Records and court documents obtained by The Nation show that the ships owned by the company have names like Ping May, I’m May, Fu Grain May and May. The company is obscured by a Byzantine tax structure entities through tax havens. Most ships are flagged in Liberia Foremost, which ensures that members of the crew of vessels Foremost working under the labor laws of Liberia maritime order that critics say allows bullying in the workplace and few protections for unions. Also, a “flag of convenience” in Liberia allows shipowners to pay less tax tonnage vessels flying the flag of the United States. Shipping companies have increasingly used the Marshall Islands to register their ships. Jurisdiction boasts of “no taxation, lax regulation, or control of cargo and / or restrictions and no disclosure requirements of many corporate US government even details” according to a report in the World Policy Journal.


Currently the drug war running the US government and its agencies globally is a real insult to the intelligence of the American people and the international community. There are mountains and mountains of evidence proving that the largest importer of the harmful drug is why the US government which never diminishes drug addiction on the streets. Interestingly existing drug laws do not apply to government agencies that are the same that bring these substances to the US.

They are not designed to prevent or cure the problems caused by drugs; only they encourage violence, inflation and criminal activities.

They are only designed to keep everyone else out of this lucrative business for others and have a motive since its creation, the reason to keep oppressed people.

We have seen this before by the 1930s, during Prohibition of alcohol, where the government, the law and organized crime working together doing an incredible amount of money on the black market. When Black Markets are created automatically crime rate rises, raise taxes and prices, police or law enforcement agencies become more corrupt, this is inevitable. But the US government is not interested in ending the ban, paralyzing the black market and reduce violence. These are in fact the same consequences as any kind of prohibition are intended to create. A cleverly planned crime cycle.

Some opinions indicate that to solve these problems all you have to do is eliminate all prohibitions, this would paralyze the black market suddenly and drastically reduce violence because there would be no reason. This also drastically reduce the scope of the police and the state in general, which is why it is considered as such impossibility. The current drug laws do nothing to prevent problems on drugs in our society that only encourages violence, rising prices and criminalize half the population.

The most scandalous and embarrassing the reported case is to discover the tremendous implications in the business of drug trafficking from a senior US government, in this case a senator and leader, with the involvement and direct complicity of the main agencies and agencies supposedly called to fight against the scourge of drugs. This happens in a country that boasts falsely world face drug trafficking and where government agencies with governments work hand in hand in this illegal business deceiving the whole society and the planet. Accuse other third world countries to be involved in drug trafficking, but they themselves administer and govern the business from the highest levels, no one says or does anything, since they themselves are the ones who make and execute the law and They make judge at a time.





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