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By: Fabríz’zio Txavarría Velázquez.

WASHINGTON-EUA.-AGPROG (14-10-2015) .- The revelation was made ​​on October 2, 2014, in a conference at Harvard University in Cambridge USA, U.S. Vice President Joe Biden openly acknowledged the guilt of the Obama administration and its allies in the Gulf, in creating and fostering the growth of ISIL, and even goes further, accusing and blaming particularly to Turkey, Qatar, United Arab Emirates, Pakistan and Saudi Arabia, if the maximum thrusters International terrorism, weapons and providing not only training but based on ISIL and financing Al Qaeda. And reads: “We can not convince our Middle East allies to stop supporting extremists in Syria, they are now armed by Turkey, Qatar, United Arab Emirates and Saudi Arabia with our help and support.” This speech was broadcast by several open even agencies like Russia Today RT and Pakistan Defense. Biden also confirms that the supply of weapons continues ISIL U.S. foreign policy under Obama.



The birth of the global terrorist group called ISIL or EI, or as called USA, Daesh or ISIL (Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant) Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant, which subjects the planet terror now be fully confirmed closely linked to the funding, support and training that currently provides the U.S. government with several partners like Israel, NATO and Middle Eastern countries. This is now confirmed by the statements of several senior military officers and officials of the same Department of State and the U.S. government itself, as based on declassified intelligence agencies.


This successor group Al Qaeda now ISIL first proclaimed the Islamic State in Iraq and Syria, and then derive its name in the call Daish [Arabic: Al-Al-Islamiya Dawlah faith Al-Iraq wa Al-Sham], which soon became the Islamic State in Iraq and the Levant or ISIL, and then became simply the self-styled Islamic State EI and finally the Islamic caliphate with the declared objective of conquering half the world within five years from India Portugal. The reality is that it is simply a combination of several fronts or cells of the former Al Qaeda network, now united around a new target, again encouraged by the U.S. and its partners.


But we begin detailing each of the events that now more than affirm categorically confirm this close relationship and umbilical link between the U.S. and Israel and this terrorist group created by themselves and their funders its European partners and the Gulf, now presented as her child star, to fool the world again, and Limiting ourselves to a war.

Recently, Colonel U.S. Marine Kenneth O’Keefe, strongly questioned in an interview and in front of several media, including Press TV News, publicly states that ISIL is “a creation, a monster, a Frankenstein created by U.S., the same U.S. State Department. ” Colonel Kenneth O’Keefe, also revealed in the interview, this and other shocking facts about the role of armed U.S. and intelligence, the emergence of the terrorist group.

The army officer, also confirms the fact that the extremists of EI or ISIL, now operating in Afghanistan, Libya, Iraq and Syria, have been funded with millions of dollars and weapons by the U.S., through its representatives oil countries such as Qatar, UAE and Saudi Arabia. Adds quote: “Really, everyone is just a renamed as Al Qaeda, which of course is nothing more than a creation of our star Agency, the CIA,” says O’Keefe.

O’Keefe told in an interview with Press TV that jihadists ISIL or EI, have not only received U.S., “the best American team in technology” such as body armor, armored troop carriers and military training customized by contractors, but they have also been “allowed to flood across borders” in many parts of the Middle East. “All this has been done under the auspices of ending Bashar Assad in Syria and then Iran’s government, in an effort to reshape the Middle East in support of our strategic interests.”

The high military expert, also agrees with the view of some military analysts that the U.S. uses this whole situation with ISIL or EI as “a back door”, pursuing its primary and basic objective of eliminating al Assad and the government Sirius. The same pattern is seen in Iraq and Afghanistan, added the official.

And the world and the American people, according to Colonel O’Keefe, can not see the true situation due to the effects of the intense propaganda, driven by its standard-bearer Barack Obama. “It would be absurd to think that the American people are so tuned in understanding what is really going on, to not be coaxed into another war that will do nothing but destroy anyone who participates in it, the truth is that it is a strategy military and geopolitical, well thought out by the U.S. military elite, our great Military Industrial Complex by the Israeli military elite and Banking “he concludes.


Another expert, historian and scholar in military matters relating to the Pentagon Robert Freeman, based on confidential intelligence information as stepper confirms U.S. created Islamic State or ISIL. According to his research, the creation of the Islamic state or EI or ISIL (whatever you call it), by the U.S. It has gone through stages: first the destruction of the secular regimes and stabilizing peace at a time when both Libya, Iraq and Syria, and then supporting Sunni fundamentalists against Assad.

The most important thing to understand about ISIL or Islamic State is that it was created by the U.S., “says historian Robert Freeman in the news portal Common Dreams, and his creation went through three major stages accurate.

The first stage of the creation of the Islamic State (EI or ISIL), occurred during the Iraq war and the overthrow of the secular government of Saddam Hussein.La intervention and destruction of Libya by the U.S., was also key to arm the laboratory against Syria by the CIA and conform to ISIL with several mercenaries of Al Qaeda and gather the necessary weapons.

The second stage was in the campaign against the government of Bashar al-Assad in Syria. USA helped the “precursors” of the Islamic state or ISIL in the country, among which, according to the author, is the Al-Nusra Front, closely linked to the CIA and the State Department of USA, which received great financing and advice.

The third stage of the formation of the Islamic State ISIL took place when “organized U.S. and Turkey to Saudi Arabia to fund and support terrorists in Syria.”

In turn Turkey pursues its own interests in the region, something demonstrated by the fact that this country “has financed and promoted the Islamic State” has not joined today by U.S. air strikes positions and its allies against the jihadist group in Syria.

Despite having created the Islamic State ISIL, USA It shows its weaknesses when it comes to fight because of the absence of a “coherent strategy”. In this sense, a fragment or ISIL the U.S. trains and finances in Syria against Assad now refuse to fight Islamic State, which, according to the author, it is not surprising, as these jihadi terrorists surrendered to U.S.-supplied weapons, reminds the author. “The most capable forces defeat the Islamic State” in the short term, he concludes, are Russia, Syria and Iran, but the U.S. preferred to use them in favor of their interests in the region, funding them and training them rather than see them defeated by the enemies of the U.S., “says the expert.

Another senior military analyst states: “Let them (ISIL), the soldiers on the ground are needed and that the U.S. and Israel stand now, further destabilize the Middle East and favoring its geopolitical, closely linked to its oil interests and control geopolitical “.


ISIL leader or EI, would Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi, whom the CIA and the Mossad would have granted this deceptive false identity. The new Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi proclaimed caliph of EI or Islamic state, according to the news website Newspaper americanfreepress, this individual, with previous ties to Al Qaeda, it would be a good trained by the Israeli Mossad agent whose real name is Elliot Shimon son of Jewish parents (from Israel). This information is called from 1.7 million pages of documents top secret NSA National Security Agency U.S., recently published by the main complainant analyst Edward Snowden and published by Iranian intelligence. Internet Radio Arabic website “” and the site of the Arabic news information website “Egy-press” media, investigating intelligence, who also made public.


This version is consistent with that provided by Sir Malcolm Rifkind, chairman of Intelligence and Security of the United Kingdom, which puts the current Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi as (an asset of the CIA-Mossad agents).

The new Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi (invented by the CIA and Mossad) was subsequently involved in several acts of torture and public executions of civilians, swept the school curriculum in Raqqa, the current headquarters of the Islamic State (EI) and He established a curriculum that delays hundreds of years and aims to create extremist fanatics, all under the model of your mother Al Qaeda cell.

Nabil Na’eem, the founder of the Democratic Party and Islamic Jihad senior commander of Al-Qaeda said in an interview with pan-Arab television network based in Beirut al-Maydeen, all current members of the network or database Al-Qaeda leaders including ISIL, have worked for the CIA or are agents of the U.S. Agency who finances them continuously, even under a form of pseudo-employees of the Agency.


NSA confidential documents revealed by Edward Snowden revealed that the British MI6 intelligence realm of England, the U.S. Central Intelligence CIA and the Israeli Mossad worked together to create supra-terrorist ISIL (Islamic State of Iraq, Syria and the Group Levante), “a terrorist organization capable of centralizing all extremist actions worldwide,” using a strategy called “Operation HN or Hornet’s Nest (Nest Wasps or The Nest)” CIA, designed to “protect Israel. ” According to the documents “The only solution to protect the Jewish state is to create an enemy near its borders.” The Israeli leadership is informed and aware of this military strategy.

It is well known and documented, Al Qaeda and now ISIL and its affiliates have been used by the United States, Israel and NATO in numerous conflicts as “intelligence assets” from the height of the Soviet-Afghan war. In Syria, Al Qaeda cell Al Nusrah and ISIL are the foot soldiers of the Western military alliance, which in turn supervise and control the recruitment and training of paramilitary forces to the U.S. calls Rebels Moderate opponents.

While the State Department of the United States brazenly accuses several countries “harboring terrorists”, the U.S. is the number one “if the state sponsor of terrorism”: The Islamic State of Iraq and al-Sham (ISIL ) operating in Syria and Iraq, is now concealed, supported and funded by the U.S. with federal funds from the American people and backgrounds of several of its allies, including Turkey, the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, UAE and Qatar’s kingdom.

Now it is no longer a secret that the CIA U.S. intelligence in coordination with the British MI6 and Israel’s Mossad are involved in covertly supporting both the terrorists and the caliphate project.

In turn, the media has embarked on a new wave of media lies and falsehoods, focusing on “a new terrorist threat” emanating not only from the Muslim world, but “homegrown” Islamic terrorists in Europe and America North.

TV stations and newspapers involved as CNN and FOX or NBC well subsidized by the U.S. government and Israeli hide this truth to the world as propaganda to support the alleged coalition, but the deception this time has short legs suggest several experts.


The strategy would be designed by Israel, but to be executed by the U.S., in the Middle East based on a master script under the ‘Plan Israeli Yinon’ which was written by Oded Yinon, an official of the Israeli Foreign Ministry, which carries the title ‘A persistent strategy of dislocation of the Arab world’, and is the general dismemberment of that geographical unit. This plan stipulates that Israel must return to reconfigure its geopolitical environment through the balkanization of the Middle East and the Arab states into smaller and weaker states.

Israel creates chaos in the Muslim world in the hands of others, supported by the U.S. and terrorism, acting through the security forces and supporting the myth that it is a “victim of Islam ‘


There are now compromising photographic evidence, revealing the continuous connection of bodies of American government agencies with ISIL, as in the latter case, where one of the directors of IRI, an agency of the CIA John McCain, in May 2013, remains lush meeting with the main leaders of ISIL in full planning of their operations and who can deny that it was not the first time that these meetings took place.

Published photographs show Al-Baghdadi, along with a half dozen other ultraterroristas leaders ISIL, including the Syrian terrorist, the so-called General Salim Idris, wanted by the Syrian justice for crimes, attending this secret meeting with the Neocon Senator John McCain (Republican Senator from Arizona and Director of IRI) in a secret trip to Syria in June 2013. A second photo shows al-Baghdadi, posing with McCain and other “terrorist leader ISIL”. McCain was instrumental in supporting terrorist forces now fighting against the Syrian government. The irony is that McCain tells Fox News that is in continuous contact with the people of ISIL.


The mask seems to fall dramatically when the same U.S. vice president, Joe Biden, October 2, 2014, in a public lecture at the Institute of Politics and Government Kennedy School of Harvard University in Cambridge USA, clearly recognizes the guilt administration and its allies in the Gulf, in the growth of ISIL. He even goes further, accusing and blaming particularly to Turkey, Qatar, United Arab Emirates, Pakistan and Saudi Arabia, of being most proponents of international terrorism, not only by providing weapons and training, but based on ISIL and financing Al Qaeda. This speech was broadcast by several open even agencies like RT Russia Today. Likewise, the weekly Defense Pakistan, which analyzes intelligence documents from the Ministry of Defense of Pakistan, also publishes on its website Biden’s statements, which blames his administration and its allies of Sunni and Shiite start a war against the government of Assad and confirms that the supply of weapons continues under the U.S. foreign policy.


And it is no secret that the Obama administration weapon to Al Qaeda factions which are openly aligned with the jihadists of ISIL.

Bassel Idriss, commander of a brigade of Al Qaeda, has recently admitted that terrorist cells backed by Washington also collaborate with the Islamic State (ISIL), reports Infowars portal.

“We are collaborating with the Islamic state ISIL cell of Al Qaeda and Al-Nusra meetings Army attacking Syrian government in Qalamoun” Idriss told the Daily Star. “Let’s face it: The Al-Nusra, cell is the most power and well-armed, present at the moment in Qalamoun and us, we will cooperate with any mission to launch, as long as they match our interests,” he said.

A report published in July in the portal ‘Stars and Stripes’ also reveals how the cell of Al Qaeda Dawood, who previously fought against Assad, defected in its entirety to form and join the ISIL, for the good prospects for pay and good benefits.

Also in July it was revealed that “several Al Qaeda cells, including those of Ahl Al Athar, Ibn Al Qa’im” had delivered a lot of weapons to ISIL Islamic State “and pledged their loyalty to the EI.

Abu Atheer fighter Islamic state, also it stated this in a statement to Al Jazeera.. “We are buying arms from other cells bought last 200 anti-aircraft missiles and anti-tank weapons technology Koncourse, most American or European manufacture We have good relations with our brothers. “

Also, according to a report published Monday in London, Islamic State ISIL militants would be using in Iraq and Syria antitank weapons supplied by the United States to Al Qaeda in Syria.

Militants of the Islamic State (ISIL) would be used in Iraq and Syria American antitank weapons supplied by the United States to Al Qaeda cell in Syria, according to a report published Monday in London.

The study, which was developed by the Armament Research organization Conflict (Conflict Armament Research, for its acronym in English), is based on the weapons seized by Kurdish forces EI fighters in Iraq and Syria, during a period ten days last July, according to AFP.

The report reveals that among the weapons there is a “significant amount” of assault rifles M-16 U.S. industry and the photos show bearing the inscriptions “Property of the U.S. Government or U.S. Army Department of State USA “.

It also stresses that the anti-tank rockets used by EI in Syria are “identical to the M79 rockets supplied by Saudi Arabia to Al Qaeda cells”. These rockets were manufactured in the former Yugoslavia in the 80s.

Weapons of American-made, were found by Kurdish forces near the Syrian town of Ayn Al Arab and possibly were acquired by the ISIL after conquered the northern Iraqi city of Mosul, about 500 kilometers, according to researcher Shawn Harris.

Investigative journalist Dave Lindorff ensures that members of the violent group Islamic State (EI or ISIL) are using weapons supplied by the Central Intelligence Agency U.S. (CIA).

Commenting channel Press TV on the upcoming visit of U.S. Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel, Turkey to build a “coalition” against the ISIL, Dave Lindorff said that “many of the weapons being used by the terrorist group are provided by the CIA, or indirectly by the CIA through Saudi Arabia, “he said.

“I guess it’s an old game of U.S. arming both sides. Thus, we come and go while people die,” said Lindorff. The same situation of the Second World War, where U.S. armed Hitler and gave him the vehicular industry.

“But the government needs some coverage to the American people to explain why people who previously were supported by us as those of Al Qaeda and other cells in Syria, now are our perceived enemies,” the investigative journalist.

But the conscious world, realizes the intrigue, as in all operations of alleged attacks U.S. and its allies, no leader ISIL fighters or die on the contrary, even more curiously grow or reproduce and become more power and sophisticated weapons.


In February 2015, Wesley Clark, who was the supreme allied commander in Europe from 1997 to 2000, made the remarks Tuesday in an interview on CNN. “We believe the Islamic state and it all started through the funding of our friends and allies,” he confessed.

“If you need someone who will fight to the death against Hezbollah seeks to fanatics and fundamentalists. Only they can deal with Hezbollah,” he said. The general did not say which allies with U.S. were involved in the creation of the Islamic state. They are the first reviews of Wesley Clark against Washington. Thus, in his 2003 book he wrote that the United States carried out a campaign of war that had begun in Iraq and would spread Syria, Lebanon, Libya, Somalia, Sudan and, ultimately, Iran.


Report ‘secret’ of the EIS confirms that U.S. he created the Islamic state to replace Al Qaeda. The Islamic State and victories in Mosul and Ramadi U.S. would work, according to a secret report of U.S. military organization Defense Intelligence Agency Defense Intelligence Agency (DIA).

The agency report, obtained by Judicial Watch organization, reveals the origin of the Islamic State and the reasons why they dropped the cities of Mosul and Ramadi.

According to this document, the Pentagon knew that the destruction of Al Qaeda in Iraq would take place in 2009-2010, yet they continued to support financially and militarily to the predecessors of EI, Al-Qaeda in Iraq (AQI) and the Islamic State of Iraq (ISI). The report says U.S. EI saw a strategic advantage from the point of view of its geopolitical purposes which was to finance and provide the necessary support.

The rise of the Islamic State is not only predicted but that was the aim of the powers sponsoring the Syrian opposition in order to oppose and contain Iran Assad, writes Steven Chovanec analyst portal Global Research.

The report noted that the Department of Defense United States predicted that the Islamic State of Iraq, to ​​join with other organizations in Iraq and Syria, could create a Salafist emirate in Syria of this, which is what happened in 2012. Besides, he knew current actions that would lead to a war with “foreign hands” in which participate the one hand, Iran, Russia and China holding the regime and, on the other hand, West, Gulf countries and Turkey supporting the Syrian opposition.

Helping the opposition, which involved jihadists, USA he realized the creation of the Islamic state, which in turn had to perform the fall of Mosul and Ramadi, where there are older parts of AQI, the paper said.

The report is dated August 2012, it was recently released under the law of freedom of information. It was declared “secret” since he had access only such American institutions as the National Security Agency, the State Department of the United States, military intelligence, RBI, the CIA, the Department of Defense United States, the Central Command of the United States and some others.

Judicial Watch “calls for a high level of ethics and morality in public life in the U.S. and aims to ensure that the political and judicial authorities do not abuse the powers conferred upon the American people, and this complaint situation has been broken in this case by the U.S. government of the Obama administration and the State Department. “


The U.S. media are beginning to recognize the U.S. role in military training of members of the Islamic State; one of the jihadists it was provided training Georgian commander known as Omar al Shishani, a leader of the terrorist group.

As reported by the portal Business Insider, citing a series of anonymous sources of the Georgian armed forces, Tarjan Batilashvili (the real name of Al Shishani), also known as the ‘red jihadist’, received military training from U.S. Special Forces CIA in Georgia and it was his “star pupil”.

“It was the perfect soldier from the start of training, everyone knew would become a star. All of us trained U.S. Special Forces, and he was one of the most outstanding students,” said an informant unidentified.

It notes that the ‘red jihadist’ topped the list of most wanted by the U.S. government in September 2014. The report included 14 names of jihadists and terrorists and leaders of the Islamic State of Al Qaeda responsible for the training of foreign fighters in Syria, financing of terrorist activity, the arms trade and operations planning kidnappings.


The U.S. Central Command confirmed that several ISIL militants were trained and armed under the program under a Pentagon budget of $ 500 million, several are still active in Syria and Iraq and some believe even in Libya.

Colonel Patrick Ryder, a spokesman for the Central Command, said Friday that the 54 militants ISIL initially trained by the Pentagon, another 18 or more are in Syria “

The program is called “training and equipping program” to unite moderate terrorist groups, it has indicated.

Colonel Ryder added Syria called the New Forces (NSF), was also trained by the CIA.

Washington has refused to reveal where some leaders are escaping ISIL.

According to military officials, NSF forces were absorbed by the terrorist group al-Nusra of Al Qaeda, shortly after his first deployment in Syria.

The military equipment used is in the hands of the “moderate” militant group is also coordinating with the U.S., Ryder said. Although it is possible that this in the hands of ISIL.

General Lloyd Austin III, commander of U.S. Central Command, speaking before the Committee on Armed Services of the Senate on ongoing military operations against the U.S. in Iraq ISIL during a hearing on Capitol Hill in Washington, DC, 16 of September 2015.

Gen. Lloyd J. Austin III, commander of the Central Command of the Army, acknowledged that the Pentagon program has produced several militants who are now in ISIL.

The White House is considering a major overhaul of its strategy in Syria, seeking alternatives to the training program into collapse, The Wall Street Journal reported Thursday.

Citing U.S. defense officials, the newspaper said the Pentagon proposed a plan to replace the $ 500 million program with a more modest spending.

The proposal would focus on the creation of specially trained mercenaries to direct U.S. airstrikes, according to officials who spoke on condition of anonymity.

It is believed that the training program would be carried out by U.S. Special Forces in Turkey and Jordan and would be independent of other similarly CIA program.

At first, the Pentagon would have given training and arming terrorists like 5,400 a land force in Syria ostensibly to fight against Syria.

What authorities do not explain the Pentagon is a terrorist ISIL differentiate between one moderate.


USA used the fight against the Islamic State as an excuse to end the regime of Bashar al-Assad in Syria, says the president of the Institute of Middle East of Russia, Yevgeny Satanovsky.

The real intention of the U.S. It is to get the ISIL is made to power in Damascus, Syria destroying as it did with Iraq.

Besides the international coalition led by Washington makes airstrikes in Syria without any resolution of the Security Council of the UN in this regard and also without the consent of Damascus are carried out under the pretext of combating terrorism, but Clearly, the real goal after his simulation, to end the terrorist organization ISIL is actually topple the Assad regime, insisted the Chinese news portal Sina Military as recorded Want China Times. “China is not falling in the U.S. devious plan,” says the portal.

In theater it seems to be happening just this, recently the attacks of the U.S. and Turkey have only been directed at Kurdish villages in Syria and its cities and not the ISIL the contrary is strengthened more and more with each passing day recently units of the Iraqi army and the U.S., dropped supplies of arms and ammunition advanced on continuously ISIL camps, supposedly by mistake, then they had to the Kurds, is it possible that and so blunder? , It appears that no, on the contrary remain hidden to this terrorist organization refueling.

According to Sina Military, the real reasons for U.S. “Reasonably infer” a simple analysis of their interests and the modern history of geopolitical game. “Washington turns its attention to the Middle East after successfully muddying the situation between Russia and Ukraine earlier this year. Is now taking advantage of the case of the Islamic State to align its interests in the Middle East alongside Israel,” says the website, emphasizing that Washington already has the support of several European countries and the Arab League.

China denies involvement in the U.S. game, Sina stresses Military, which explains why this is so: “Washington seeks to befriend only because Beijing wants to end the continued support of China to Russia.” The portal emphasizes that Beijing and flatly rejected the proposal of the Obama Administration to join his fake military alliance against the Islamic State based on its policy of non-interference in the internal affairs of other countries. He mentioned also that China has already announced he will not participate in or support the unreasonable Western sanctions against Russia.

According to the aforementioned portal, recently Washington is increasing its pressure on Beijing. It gives as examples a tense cooperation with Japan, with which China is in conflict over the Diaoyu (Senkaku) islands and plans to lift the embargo on arms sales to Vietnam (country with which Beijing also maintains a dispute territorial). However, against this “offensive” China has to do nothing: just follow the path that is now “remain calm”, as the U.S. by itself “is losing control over their pace and into despair,” says Sina Military.

While the Islamic State ISIL, continues to add to its ranks new official Chinese source, the geographer Manlio Dinucci adds new elements to the analysis of political scientists and experts in military issues as Alfredo Jalife-Rahme and Thierry Meyssan to prove that the ultimate goal of the operation is simply to eventually destabilize Russia and China.

Another siren starts ringing at a time when the Islamic Emirate [ex EIIL, United States designated by the acronym or ISIL] disseminated through the complacent media networks and at all levels, images of the third beheading of a citizen West: after extended into Syria and Iraq, called ISIL, Islamic Emirate, is now penetrating in Southeast Asia, and is what the U.S. and Israel want.

The announcement comes from the firm Muir Analytics, which is dedicated to providing transnational, intelligence against terrorism, political violence and insurrection. Muir Analytics is one of the assistants of the CIA in Virginia and home mother often used to disseminate useful information for their operations and counter operations.


For all it is no longer a secret, even by the very public statements of Hillary Clinton, who under the administrations of Presidents Carter and Reagan, the CIA created, funded and trained Al Qaeda, through the Pakistani secret services coincidentally called ISIL Agency Pakistani, with an initial funding at the time of 6,000 million dollars, which cost the operation, some 100,000 mujahideen used to fight Soviet forces in Afghanistan. In this operation involved a wealthy Saudi, Osama bin Laden, who arrived in Afghanistan in 1980, with thousands of mercenaries and fighters recruited in their country and with ample means of financing and great relationships with companies George Bush, as Carlyle Corporation and Arbust Oil.

At the end of the war in 1989 with the withdrawal of Soviet troops and the entry of the Mujahideen in Kabul in 1992 was born in 1994, the organization of the Taliban, indoctrinated, trained and armed in Pakistan to seize power in Afghanistan as part of an operation that had the tacit support of Washington, Al Qaeda was born, the new creature, used for their purposes.


In August 2014, Hillary Clinton in an interview with The Atlantic magazine, said: “We finance badly Syrian rebels and Islamic State arose Radical groups ‘became’ the rebels and their allies are now gaining ground in the Middle East. “concluded Clinton. What it says is that after this still occur providing money and weapons with its partners.

If Washington had financed and armed before and better Syrian insurgents when they began the protests against Assad, the Islamic State would not be progress in the Middle East, says former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton.

“The failure to help build a credible fighting force with the authors of protests against Syrian President Bashar al Assad, […] left a great void that jihadists have now filled,” said Hillary Clinton, former U.S. Secretary of State during the first administration of President Obama, in an interview with the magazine ‘The Atlantic’.

The statements of U.S. policy coincide with what is written in his recent memoir covering the years in which he led the State Department, at which time it was considered one of the main supporters in the Obama Administration, to provide further assistance to the Syrian rebellion. Thus, the current Clinton supporters argue that his position to finance and provide arms to Syrian insurgents has been vindicated by recent events, says the author.

In this sense, Clinton also said in the interview that the situation in Syria may be developing in a very different way, “if we had taken less trained and equipped in the core group of the Free Syrian Army.” Had it done so, USA “On one hand we would have had a better knowledge of what was happening on the ground and secondly, it would have helped put in place a credible political opposition.”

“In such conflicts are hard and armed men who are more likely to become the main actors of a transition, and not those who only speak from the outside,” said former Secretary of the Department of State in reference to ” Syrian group that sought to establish itself as the political opposition in exile “as insurgents” fighting and dying “in the country.

“It was therefore necessary to find out how we could support them [the insurgents] in the field, better equip” he said. However, USA did not begin to implement the plan at the appropriate time, lost time and ‘vacant place as a sponsor’ was occupied by jihadists.


In 1998, in an interview with the French weekly Le Nouvel Observateur, former U.S. National Security Adviser Zbigniew Brzezinski said that President Jimmy Carter Nobel Peace Prize, the Presidential directive was signed, authorizing the creation of the Mujahideen and Al Qaeda . Interestingly it signed but not after, before the Soviet invasion in Afghanistan to lure the Russians into the Afghan trap. When the interviewer asked if Brzezinski regretted that, Brzezinski’s response was:

What was most important to the history of the world? Referring to American interests in the Middle East geopolitics. The Taliban or the collapse of the Soviet empire?

So it would not be surprising that in the future, a former adviser to Obama admitted, after the fact, something that we have evidence at this time: it was the United States USA, who favored the birth of this new terrorist organization now ISIL called, Islamic Emirate, in a social climate fertilized by their wars (the U.S. wars in the Middle East), as part of a strategy to first complete destruction of Syria, prevented so far by the mediation and the balance Russian chemical disarmament in exchange for Damascus, and the reoccupation of Iraq and its oil wells, was away from Washington and toward Beijing and Moscow recently. The non-aggression pact between the ISIL in Syria Islamic Emirate, and other Al Qaeda terrorist cell in Syria and Iraq, is part of that strategy.


Washington fears China to Russia and Iran, and shares the interest of the destruction of this country coinciding with its ally Israel, who want to change the geopolitical aspect of the Middle East.

U.S. does not view China as both a military power, although the Chinese military power is not negligible, with more than 200 million men in the firm defense of its territory, but sees the threat as an economic power, contribute to the strengthening of which including U.S. multinationals in China that manufacture many of their own products.

China lately, is becoming much more formidable even for the United States due to their recent economic agreements with Russia, which counteracts and kill Western sanctions against Moscow, and with the other enemy Iran, another country that is in the collimator Washington, major supplier of oil to Beijing. Iran is presented as a threat to the system, then it begins to explore new energy, including alternatives.

There are also indications that China and Iran are willing to participate in the Russian project des “dollarization” of trade, a project that would deal a mortal blow to American supremacy by removing the current existing capitalist system and the banking scheme Old World Order espoused by Bush Sr. and elites.

This explains the strategy announced by President Obama, based on the principle (explained by the New York Times) according to which American power must pursue their economic interests and maintain the old system.


Today alone, RUSSIA strives efficiently in a campaign ISIL destruction in the Middle East, but curiously without the support of the U.S. and its European partners. In addition to this, the U.S. make an international media campaign against Russia in reference to attacks carried out by this nation from ISIL and still maintains a strong and consistent support to terrorists, providing support, economic support and military equipment before the astonished look international community not yet out of amazement at the situation. The question many analysts are asking is: Will history be repeated again when the U.S. was working to Nazism in the years before the 2nd World War ?, only history will tell.







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