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By: Fabríz’zio Txavarría Velázquez

Ankara-Turkey-AGPROG (25-11-2015) .- A Russian Su-24M tactical bomber was shot down Tuesday November 24, 2015 in the early hours, while on a mission over Syrian territory near the border with Turkey was attacked by a fighter aircraft of the Turkish Air Force. The plane was in combat mission attacking supply lines DAESH ISIS. Russian Su-24 bomber did not enter Turkish airspace but, on the contrary, it was shot down over Syrian territory four kilometers from the border with Turkey. In this procedure clear disposition Turkey openly supporting the terrorist group ISIS DAESH shown. Recall as background ISIS DAESH has Turkey two main routes: one is to import lethal weapons and submit to Syria and the other route is used to export oil at a low price on the black market Turkish to finance their terrorist operations as supply lines. It is also known that Turkey has large training camps funded by the US, Israel for groups of ISIS DAESH all along the Turkish border and then enter them into Syrian and Iraqi territory. The event happened clearly shows the existing alliance and this time Turkey’s open support to the terrorist group ISIS DAESH as outright deception to the international community with its NATO allies.





According to the official version presented by Turkey, a fighter jet shot down Turkish F-16 aircraft “unidentified” after this violated Turkish airspace in the south. To support his claim, Ankara released a map of the incident flight.

Ankara holds the version of the Russian Su-24 bomber shot down by a Turkish F-16 fighter had violated Turkish airspace for 17 seconds. The Russian Defense Ministry, meanwhile, says that not only Russian aircraft at any time crossed the Syrian-Turkish border, but it was the Turkish interceptor which delved into Syrian territory to attack the Russian bomber.

Turkish authorities said that up to 10 times warned the pilot of the aircraft five minutes before the F-16 attacked him with air-to-air missiles. Ankara announced that Russian aircraft remained 17 seconds Turkish airspace before being shot down.


The Russian tactical bomber Su-24M shot down Tuesday while on a mission over Syrian territory near the border with Turkey was attacked by a fighter aircraft of the Turkish Air Force.

The target data Control released by the Russian Defense Ministry, meanwhile, show that the Russian bomber Su-24 not entered Turkish airspace but, on the contrary, was shot down over Syrian territory four kilometers from the Turkish border. According to information of the Russian Defense was the Turkish F-16 aircraft that entered Syrian airspace to overthrow the Russian bomber.

In the Russian military video you can see the path of the Russian military aircraft over Syrian territory: the Su-24 took off from the air base Jmeimim, made a maneuver and flew a distance of one kilometer from the border with Turkey. When the Russian bomber walked away from the border, Turkish F-16 fighter hit him in the Syrian airspace and dropped him with a missile, clearly preventing the Russian aircraft bombed elements of ISIS DAESH in supply lines. After the F-16 turned around and returned to Turkish territory.

(see the video below)


As for the set of data presented by Russia and Turkey, it seems very unlikely that the Su-24 (even if entered briefly in the Turkish airspace) received ten warnings, since the border area where took place the incident is only 2 5 kilometers wide.

With a top speed of 1,600 kilometers per hour, the Russian Su-24 would have covered that distance in about six seconds. In addition, considering that the aircraft was at an altitude of 6000 meters, the Turkish fighter would have needed much more time to prepare for the downing.

“I think that the incident is a provocation of the special forces of NATO. All coalition members were involved in it. And [NATO], concerned about the success of the Russian Air Force in Syria, is trying to discredit our aviation, “said the Russian TV channel REN first deputy chairman of the Russian Security Council, Franz Klintsévich Committee.

The permanent representative of Russia to NATO Alexander Grushko said commenting on the results of the council Ankara, supported by reasons of solidarity, forced NATO to justify some illegal actions not only undermine the common efforts in the fight against EI but also create risks for the security of allies in Turkey.


The exsubjefe of Staff of the US Air Force, Lt. Gen. Tom McInerney, told Fox News that “the plane [Su-24] was not performing maneuvers to attack the territory [Turkish]”. “He was probably flying to the limit, that is true. But there was not only him down for it.” According to US exmilitar attack the Russian aircraft was a “very serious error that showed a lack of judgment” by Turkey.


The strategic command of NATO, a Spanish general who ordered Turkey to overthrow the Russian fighter Sukhoi Su-24 near the Turkish-Syrian border, according to a report released Wednesday.

The airspace in southern Europe, from the Azores (west of Portugal) to the eastern border of Turkey with Syria, Iraq and Iran is monitored from the center combined air operations center (CAOC) at the airbase of Torrejon (center of Spain), the Organization of the North Atlantic Treaty (NATO), under the command of general Spanish Ruben Garcia Servert.

The general said Spanish has available about “200 military fifteen NATO countries, which have 90 radars art scattered throughout the nearly eleven million square kilometers of which must scrutinize heaven” and can order attacks or deploy fighters to protect the airspace of southern green continent, says Spanish journalist Ignacio Cembrero in an article published in the electronic journal The Spanish.

Orders to intercept, identify and shoot down a hostile target may be issued by the Spanish general or one of the subordinates. “If you have to shoot down an enemy, I who makes the final decision,” said Servert earlier this year in an interview with the Spanish newspaper El Mundo.

However, for a member of NATO airspace in which aircraft would be entering an intruder may sag of the alliance and face the enemy on their own.

Who made the decision to shoot down the plane Tuesday Su-24 Russian who allegedly penetrated the airspace of Turkey? Is the commander of the Turkish Air Force, Gen. Abidin Unal, 62, and Major General of the Spanish Air Force Servert Ruben Garcia, 57 years? “Asks Cembrero, before securing it in the next days we will know for sure who was ordered to shoot down Russian aircraft defense ISIS DAESH terrorist group.


Jens Stoltenberg, secretary general of NATO, defended the actions of Turkey after an emergency meeting on Tuesday. “We stand in solidarity with Turkey and support the territorial integrity of our NATO ally,” Stoltenberg, who took enough care not to say “too much detail” about the incident said. Showing its clear nuisance attacks DAESH ISIS elements in the region.

After the meeting, sources present at the meeting told RIA Novosti that Ankara did not provide evidence that Russian aircraft violated its airspace. “Several representatives of member countries of the Alliance reacted cautiously to the protests in Turkey,” the source said, adding that several participants believe the Su-24 was shot down in Syrian airspace.

The source also added that, contrary to the claims of Ankara, the Turkish Air Force pilots warned the Russians only twice. “The recordings of conversations of the pilots of the Turkish Air Force, provided by the representative of Turkey are hardly decipherable” he added.


For his part, Russian President Vladimir Putin has described the demolition of Russian military aircraft saying it was “as if the same accomplices of terrorism had been stabbed us in the back” and has ordered the deployment of S-400 anti-aircraft batteries in the Syrian territory to protect its warplanes from now on, this way SYRIA count on the best system of aerospace defense.

Moscow breaks military contacts with Turkey after the demolition of the Russian military aircraft.

Russia has cut off all military contacts with Turkey on Tuesday after the country toppled the Russian Su-24 bomber on the Syrian Latakia region, according to information the head of the Main Operations Department of the General Staff of the Armed Forces Sergey Rudskói.

So far, Russia maintained a direct line of communication with the Ministry of Defence of Turkey, but “has not been practical because of the Turkish side,” said the spokesman of the General Staff during a press conference in the afternoon this Tuesday.

Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov, meanwhile has announced the cancellation of his official visit to Turkey scheduled for November 25 and in addition, it stressed that the Russian Foreign Ministry advised its citizens to refrain from traveling to Turkey.

“What we can now point is the increase of terrorist threats coming from Turkish territory,” he said Lavrov was quoted by RIA Novosti. “And this is independent of the incident that took place today,” he added the minister, referring to the loss of Russian military aircraft by Turkey.

Russian President Vladimir Putin, in turn stressed that Russia has always treated Turkey not only as a neighbor, but as a friendly country. “I do not know who needs what has happened today. We sure do not,” said the Russian leader. “The attack on the Su-24 will have tragic consequences for Russian-Turkish relations,” he said.

Russian Su-24 tactical bomber was shot down over Syria while serving missions against terrorist attack. The Russian Defense Ministry reported that it could have happened by an attack from the ground and has insisted that the aircraft had crossed the Turkish air space, a fact that is confirmed by the flight recorders.


After the ejection of the pilots of the crashed plane, forces ISIS DAESH proceeded to shoot to kill in a serious criminal act of war crime, one of the pilots was killed by gunfire from the same, while another managed to escape to he had to run a rescue operation, by special troops of Russia and Syria.

The rescue operation of the Russian passenger plane Su-24, which was shot down in Syrian territory, successfully completed after 12 continuous hours thanks to the participation of Russian and Syrian special forces. The military rescued though wounded, was taken to the Russian base in Latakia Jmeimim.

The first attempt passenger evacuation was carried out by Russian special forces in two helicopters. One of them, with 12 soldiers on board, made an emergency landing due to attacks by the jihadists.

“To evacuate the Russian pilots of the attacked aircraft execute a rescue operation in which two Mi-8 helicopters participated. One of these two aircraft was damaged as a result of the shooting of a sidearm of US industry, provided by the Department of State ISIS, the helicopter had to make an emergency landing in neutral territory. As a result, a contractor of the Navy has died, “he noted on Tuesday the head of the Main Operations Directorate of the General Staff of the Armed Forces Russia, Lieutenant General Sergey Rudskói.

Subsequently, all traveled to the military base.

Finally, the co-pilot was rescued by special body Syrian, who managed to find after six hours of searching in the province of Latakia. To transfer, the Syrian military entered the rear of the combatants.

At 0040 GMT the Syrian military completed the work, he has detailed the holder Russian Defense. “The operation has been successfully completed. The pilot has been taken to base our life and is safe,” he added Shoigu at the board meeting of the Ministry of Defense.

The operation was very difficult as it did at night in a mountainous region where several armed groups operate. The copilot was probably discovered by a device transmitting data via GLONASS location.


A new research report has highlighted that the son of Turkish President Erdogan Bilai, was behind the shooting down of fighter jet Su-24 from Russia. Several Turkish owned corporations mainly the son of Turkish president would be in charge of smuggling fuel to provide large profits for the terrorist group EIIL DAESH ISIS.

Bilai Erdogan as serious intelligence services kingpin number one in Turkey within the oil smuggling business, people, drugs, artwork and weapons. A mafia within the Turkish abysmal proportions, and sponsored under the government of the US government knowledge.

The Russian chain LifeNews reported Wednesday that cheap oil obtained by the terrorist group EIIL (Daesh, in Arabic) in Syria and trafficked with the help of Bilal Erdogan, the son of Turkish president to Turkish soil, may be the real cause of attack on Russian military aircraft in northern Syria.

“Turkey is deliberately interfering in the Russian military operation in Syria, where the carrying EIIL cheap oil to Turkish territory,” the newspaper said. In this sense the Russian bombings would greatly hurting the multibillion-dollar these Turkish economic groups linked together and ISIS DAESH.

Political analyst of the National Energy Security Fund of Russia Igor Yushkov said that the anti-terrorist operation in Moscow in Syria has been a major obstacle to smuggle oil to Turkey.

Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev also stressed that Ankara did a favor Daesh to overthrow the Su-24 based on the economic interest in crude stealing this terrorist group in Syria.

The Russian Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu, has recently reported that terrorists operating in Syria lost half a million dollars daily due to air operations in the Russian Federation.

Accusing Bilal Erdogan would be linked to terrorists EIIL (Daesh, in Arabic) to control the flow of Syrian oil to Turkey, the chain has added that the air strikes of Russia against tankers of that group have takfiri angered the Turkish authorities. The most serious is that the lines of traffic is not only limited to fuel trafficking drug trafficking but that are provided to various terrorist groups that pay excellent profits to Turkish corporate groups with fuel.

The Russian president has warned that there are some countries or persons as Turkia collaborate with EIIL (Daesh, in Arabic) terrorist group in order to receive “millions and billions of dollars.”

“Some indulge them and make millions and billions of dollars through illegal trade in oil and EIIL by the people”, criticized on Thursday Russian President Vladimir Putin.

Similarly, have you considered any attempt to cover up “the terrorists and illegal oil trade, people, drugs, artwork and weapons” as being “accomplices” of EIIL.

For the Russian head of state, “passivity or help clear some countries like Turkia terrorists” has given rise to this band ISIS takfiri.

It is clear that corporate sectors linked to the Turkish government make millions and millions of product export oil smuggled by distribution lines greatly favoring the terrorist group ISIS dollars.

Turkey did a favor for Daesh to shoot down a Russian plane by economic interest in oil stealing this terrorist group in Syria, says Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev.

“That favored EIIL (Daesh, in Arabic) (…) Which is not surprising, because according to reports, a number of officials from Turkey has a direct financial interest in the purchase of oil produced in plants controlled by Daesh” Wednesday has said Medvedev.

Remember that in an interview on October 29 to the Russian news agency Sputnik, John Kiriakou, former agent of the Central Intelligence Agency of the United States (CIA, for its acronym in English), syndicated Turkey as the main traffic route oil stolen by extremists takfiríes Daesh.

The demolition of the Russian system emphasizes the open support given Ankara Daesh terrorists, while Medvedev stressed warn that a “dangerous escalation” of Moscow-Ankara relations and Moscow-NATO Treaty Organization (North Atlantic ) is among the eminent consequences.

turquia erdogan isis ENG



Political scientist and analyst of international Eñaut Apaolaza EKAI Center analyzes the contradictions in the discourse of Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan regarding the violation of the territorial limits. The demolition of the bomber can influence negotiations on Syria. In his view, this was not a chance event and can be considered a “sting operation to Russia”. This as a result of direct attacks that Russia is making against the terrorist group DAESH ISIS.

Following the strong commitment of Turkey with ISIS DAESH, Moscow has begun to freeze trade ties with Turkey after Ankara shot down a Russian fighter plane. The boycott can have serious consequences for the Turkish finances.

In addition to canceling his upcoming visit to Istanbul, Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov recommended to the Russian people not to travel to Turkey in the near future. Consequently, several operators have already stopped operating in the country, which could cost Ankara a drop in revenues of 30,000 million dollars.

Tourism is just one of the areas affected, because, as President Vladimir Putin warned the attack plane Su-24 will have consequences for bilateral relations.

In this regard, several analysts estimated that it might interrupt the construction of Turkey’s first nuclear plant, a project that requires an investment of 20,000 million dollars. The boycott can also be accessed in the future the pipeline with which Russia planned to send natural gas to Turkey via the Black Sea.

Also the Turkish food industry may suffer consequences. Already it stopped a shipment of 162 tons of chicken, while impacts are expected on export to Russia fruit and vegetables, as Turkey is the main supplier of these products.

Trade between the two countries exceeded 30,000 million during 2014 and this year, Russian Deputy Foreign Minister Alexei Meshkov, expected to reach 100,000 million, committed to the implementation of the boycott.

















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