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This document has retrospective character for scientific autoevaluation.

By: Fabríz’zio Txavarría Velázquez

Caracas-Venezuela-AGPROG (07-12-2015) .- On December 6, 2015, parliamentary elections for the National Assembly were held in Venezuela, 19 million 496 thousand 365 Venezuelan voters were called to the polls to choose their 167 representatives to the National (AN) Assembly of Venezuela for the period 2016-2021. It was a show of strength between the forces of international straighter extreme right, composed of the foreign multinational corporations or against the popular strength of the Venezuelan revolution. For all it is clear and evident that the popular revolutionary government Venezuela has been facing these past five years a string of attacks at all levels, both internal and external attempts at soft coups orchestrated by the State Department of USA and NGOs, murders key popular leaders, psychological warfare on the masses, external economic pressure of war and international corporate banking and multinational elites, this whole combination of factors paid off and served as a trigger for the loss of power of the Bolivarian revolution in democratic journey, situation that should be seriously evaluated from now by the revolutionaries and those countries carry the flag of Community XXI century socialism as an alternative to neoliberal capitalism market elites and clubs.




It is true that succeeded the system of democracy, but most of the actors themselves of democracy acted skillfully manipulative factors as mentioned above forcing a mandatory vote of the most fragile population, some experts say that psychological operations and triumphed in Venezuela Venezuelan leaders let these operations act, showing little determination and will to solve them.

The leader Venezuelan President Maduro: “It won the economic war, the strategy has succeeded to undermine a popular model socialist country.” Noting that he had won the strategy of destabilization of the opposition, recognizing the main cause of failure being the war and economic sabotage imposed by internal and external entities. Later I stated: “Our recognition of the results was guaranteed. We knew we were swimming against the tide “. He called those who voted for sectors opposed to work and reflection. “Time to stop the economic war has come”, but the opinion of many experts has time but continue to face attacks have tentatively terminated by a lack of more active decision, which must be at the time analyzing the causes thoroughly. Free the country from the economic war, it was the great task of the revolution and increase the productive and self-sustainability.

For international analyst Pablo Jofre Leal, the opposition despite the number of votes obtained will not essentially change the course set by the Bolivarian Revolution.


According to data provided with the 74.25 percent stake and a transmission of 96.03 percent, the head of the CNE announced that 167 seats contested the self-Democratic Unity Roundtable (MUD), far-right party won 99 seats, while Venezuela’s United Socialist Party (PSUV) of people managed only 46. However, there are still allot a total of 22 deputies (17 deputies nominal, 2 and 3 list Indians). If the trend continues in favor of the far right and gets MUD 101 deputies with a qualified majority of three fifths, the far right in Venezuela obtained and could make:

Absolute power can even cut the mandate of the popular revolutionary leader President Nicolas Maduro, through a recall referendum and the authorities who want it.

Enact a general amnesty law allowing the release of political prisoners called for corruption and mass murder and inciting to commit crime as free hired paramilitaries.

Subjecting political judgments to government leaders.

Disorganize all revolutionary changes already made these years in favor of the working class and poor.

Convene a constituent assembly or constitutional reforms set at the whim and desire of the far right.

Approve organic laws against the people.

Finger appoint and dismiss judges of the Supreme Court, placing them into submission (and criticized what before was not true).

Finger appoint and dismiss members of the Citizen Power Magistrates.

Finger appoint and remove the directors of the National Electoral Council CNE and always have elections in his favor, now if fraudulent.

Remove the leadership of the government.

Ministers and vice veto.

Further accentuate the economic crisis preventing measures taken in favor of the population, to force the government to resign and call new elections in favor of the far right.

Repeal all laws of socialist character to make way for the liberal economic policies of the ultra-orthodox neoliberal free market capitalism wild   .

Submit for approval by referendum structural laws of the nation, plunging Venezuela into an extremely dangerous and highly favorable corporate scheme neoliberal capitalism as advocated by the US State Department position.

Approve the Enabling Act the President of the Republic, to cast votes of no confidence against the President, Vice President or Ministers, under qualified majority.

Reviewing international treaties and alliances as PETROCARIBE and ALBA destroying CELAC to fulfill the dreams of the State Department of the destruction of the Latin American unit of the Patria Grande, fading dream of Bolívar Latin America, returning to the neoliberal mercantilist situation and debauchery disunity of nations 15 years ago.

Use Mercosur partners to penalize third countries.

They proposed closing the Foundation for Television of the National Assembly – CANTV and ANRADIO and all state media that are currently managed by social organizations of popular communication, for those who already have a Project Special Privatization to be administered by external corporate entities. Closing the CANTV transmission of events of the sessions of the National Assembly avoided, not convenient to the extreme right.

Fair Pricing Act and consumer protection were eliminated.

The Land Act was eliminated.

Repeal the Law of Venezuelan Workers, completely changing it in spirit benefactor of workers and eliminating the Basic Law of Labor immobility of workers.

Destroy the mausoleum headquarters of the Mountain and the remains of Hugo Chavez, which are deposited them. Symbol or sign of the revolution must be removed.

Manage the national budget and budget allocations, denying the allocation of economic resources for the support of each of the Missions and Social Projects cancel.

Repeal all laws of People’s Power and enact new laws.

Completely change the Constitution under constitutional amendments.

Use the Constituent Assembly to enable a transition process under the premise of the dismissal of the current democratic president, appointing a representative of the new assembly as the new president proposed.

Authorize military missions and the establishment of foreign military bases on the Venezuelan territory.

Decapitate the headquarters of all diplomatic missions abroad and redesign diplomatic relations. Cancel diplomatic relations with most of the socialist countries and the ALBA countries, China and Russia, strengthening the relationship with the axis of the Atlantic and the USA.

Proceed to order the detention of MPs and assemblymen who commit irregularities passed by the Assembly.

If necessary may approve the inability of the President and Vice President, promoting a replacement thereof.

Judiciary intervene directly and run the change of its authorities.

Prosecute the President through the Supreme Court – STJ.

Modify basic organic laws of the State on the basis of private interest.

Veto all decisions from the President and Vice President.

Promote a recall referendum of all government officials including the President.

Establish an austerity plan for social projects including educational and public health.

Insist on immediate cuts to pensions and social security system.

Repeal all laws Community Council.

Hydrocarbons repeal the law and create another basic law that includes and respects the interests of foreign investment companies.

Changing the constitution to repeal sections where the name of the republic appears as Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela for only Venezuela.


Unfortunately mistakes and political decisions even pay dearly revolution and must be extremely careful in even the minimum measures that a government takes or does not take, then coldly we analyze various factors that led to the defeat of the Bolivarian revolution and place it in danger of disappearing:

Failing to implement harsh and strict combat and fight corruption within the structure of government, public institutions and social organizations, nor to timely prosecute former governors and former officials of previous governments laws.

No nationalize several private companies of strategic production being undertaken economic severely affected the Venezuelan state, the so-called economic war, such as importing food production and even now are incredibly private corporations or private hands, causing a weakness in the food safety, profiteering and hoarding of private importers and food distributors govern without replacing the state as causing shortages, illogical in a socialist revolution.

Timidly face oil smuggling, fuel, equipment and food to the neighboring country of Colombia, failing to effectively close and decidedly delicate border all acting as if this country will extrajese same fluids, severely weakening the Venezuelan economy. Do not forget the example that ECOPETROL the largest company in Colombia Colombian currently gets multimillion dollar sums only export product of the Venezuelan stolen fuel. The face this smuggling from Colombia did not completely, for fear of external pressures from the US and the OAS, without looking at their own people demanded it.

More control and lack of regulations on the media corporate media who distort the truth and work in active psychological warfare in favor of the far right.

Economically not face serious inflation on the Venezuelan currency, caused by the economic war already described, not attacking the root problem.

No face and not regulating financial institutions administering and managing macroeconomic and financial activity in the country, resulting in a lack of control and the creation of a parallel dollar manipulated by financial corporate elites.

Not fight frontally Public Safety, allowing the entry of paramilitaries and criminality imported from Colombia, further drilling Bolivarian revolution citizen, he should have made a strict control of migrants to Venezuela and its related activities.

Providing all the tools, facilities and the direct and indirect means both NED – National Endowment for Democracy, NDI – National Democratic Institute and other agencies under USAID and the US State Department and its NGOs primarily to influence the Internal normal development of the country and embedded in the social organizations to cause internal instability and handling not exist from the beginning a rigid law that governs or regulates RUSSIA as it did at the time.

Not knowing adequately spread the truth to the voting population, showing the reality and truth, doing what is paramount that refute the lies, so you must also assume that the communications revolution made blunders, including failing to create so-called Contents 2.0 fundamental. It was attempted communication into the 21st century using methods, techniques and tools 20 obsolete century and do not reach the masses of people and subjected to psychological warfare, a situation that was well used by the owner right-wing corporate media corporate media . Every revolution in this time of mass information, you should own and invest in television communication means preferably (visual) and independent of the state media television networks themselves, but it never did. He left the people in passive communication to the mercy of the ultra right, undergone extensive storm of a communication form psychological warfare. Recall that on the basis of ideology spreads and a revolution is preserved. These TV media will even later as active communication trenches fighting.

Another shortcoming is to let the key positions in government and public institutions have become some point in the market stalls, without taking into account the quality, knowledge and especially the revolutionary ideology of those who occupy.

They must change and reform the structures of the socialist party PSUV from below and from the same basis, more organized, to lay the ideological and the ideal of the conviction of the defense of the poor and humble revolution.

It knew not hear and interpret the voices of the great masses of the population, who complained in the humble and numerous neighborhoods, the profiteering and hoarding, coupled with their lack of participation in the revolutionary process, causing a loss of revolutionary conviction, controls directed his gaze away, taking timid and tepid to solve the big problem. The revolution is played in economic management to benefit the welfare of the people.

The revolution failed to receive constructive criticism from analysts and experts, including international supporters and analyzed the current situation by providing recommendations and contrary were asked a deaf ear on what should be done urgently.

The image of Comandante Chavez and the sacred word of socialism simply used as a fashion, a poster, sticker or just an empty word, being that the Chavez revolution is a way of living, thinking, acting, decision and knowing how to do things, protecting and overprotective sometimes the humblest basis of popular revolution.


One could cite several additional causes derived from the above but there is no doubt as described above caused a domino effect in several areas of activity and mainly economic development.

The opposition may lose the serenity to a triumph of scale obtained by the diversity that exists in the MUD far-right party, which is held together only with the aim of overthrowing the Chavez and to reassure their followers and financiers has argued that begin to work for its unity and avoid differences and divisions. And it will also have a voice in the streets a population that in 17 years has managed to raise their own dignity as citizens and put high know if want to change the social achievements of the revolution.

As a lesson the Bolivarian revolution in command of their leaders has the primary task to analyze these problems and stop being docile and timid in making decisions, but also be more agile, because if the people chose a citizen’s revolution more than 13 years ago Chavez and put it up, it was to have a sacred mandate of the people to place a new order within the country, with a stiffer hand in front of national and international elites prioritizing and care in nutrition, welfare, health and education especially to poor and lower classes, the largest in Venezuela. It is not yet lost everything but the struggle now must start again from where it is has won.

Finally it is a lesson of political karma that must be well learned, not only for the Venezuelan revolution, but by the various revolutionary countries between now and future, not to neglect the most numerous and fragile psychologically classes, the poor and the poor, who on this occasion were deceived by a far right does not lose opportunity and that does not allow the opponent to drop his guard or easily desideologice in their revolution.







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