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By: Neal Cassady Bormann

Washington-US-AGPROG (18-12-2015).-The non-governmental organization called CENIC International a NGO based in the US and is represented in several countries in the region (an institution of broad humanistic philosophy and rescue of moral values human), it has issued a decision   in their specialized geopolitical, political and social studies division, formally answer in a statement issued on its website, denouncing international level the media corporation CNN International and its subsidiaries for it to be kick out permanently from the countries where it operates .



According to the textual statement CENIC, the attitude of the media corporation Cable News Network CNN (Cable News Network), bordering the shame and unfortunate descares its continuous proceeding continuously attacking nations not only in Latin America but in the rest the globe, in a continuous task and surely to destroy or erode the states, their institutions and their progressive political leaders. A form of attack those who are not consistent or consistent with the guideline and framework that has been imposed from the US State Department and the global financial system.

It is no novelty no longer the same US State Department assigned budgetary items CNN, becoming a major shareholder in this media corporation.

CNN has violated the rules and the system of international order media for engaging repeatedly in several violations and offenses such as:

  1. Material misrepresentation in the information disseminated.
  2. Being an instrument of global advertising regarding the interests of the American administration.
  3. Continuing to impose the concept of information untrue to influence and force to experience the same emotions on the desired mass population. The US State Department are interested in encouraging the creation of continuous information networks throughout the world to retransmitieran CNN programming without modification.
  4. Providing biased information.
  5. Lack of communication ethics by the same company and its journalists.
  6. Used in most cases to distort the truth calls anonymous sources or anonymous informants, which breaks the truthful information system.
  7. Directed by disseminating information on other media, forcing them to repeat the same message of the story, without giving rise to discrepancies. The presenters and correspondents only play the role of repetitive chorus of what you want to impose.
  8. The processing of information is distorted by CNN, in part, to grossly insidious.
  9. No guarantees objectivity of information, contrary violates the fragility of the public.
  10. CNN uses inappropriate or approved to spread an idea or message forms.
  11. For CNN, the information is no longer a tool of knowledge, but a show or imposing style.
  12. CNN is accused of causing and increasing number of conflicts such as the Middle East.
  13. CNN was commissioned by the US State Department to prepare international opinion for acts of war and hostile activities against sovereign countries.
  14. Destroy the dignity and rights of the inhabitants of the countries.
  15. Induce the change of moral values ​​in population and insanity.
  16. Promote the imposition of foreign ideas and values ​​on other cultures and nations.
  17. Engaging in conspiratorial actions against governments and individuals.
  18. Defender multinational corporate and financial interests.
  19. Promote destabilization of states and / or Nations.
  20. Engaging in violation of regulations, law and internal regulations of the states.
  21. Denigrate, discredit, blame and attack individuals, organizations and institutions free and sovereign states.
  22. Using the strategy of invisibility and concealment, rather than the visibility of truth and the facts.
  23. Intrusion and interference in internal and political affairs of other countries.
  24. Not to disseminate truthful and impartial information, on the contrary incurring distortions and media censorship directed with clear interest and power.
  25. Violate human rights to free access to information and freedom of expression truthful.
  26. Flagrant violations of Articles 13.1, 13.2 paragraph a) b), art. 13.3, 13.4, 13.5 of the American Convention on Human Rights on Freedom of Thought and Expression, as well as systematically violating Articles 14.1, 14.2, 14.3 on the Rights of Reply of the American Convention on Human Rights (Pact of San Jose).
  27. Violations of Articles 19.1, 19.2, 19.3 and subparagraphs a) and b) and Articles 20.1 and 20.2 of the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights of the UN.
  28. Front to Articles 19, 29.1, 29.2, 29.3 of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights of the United Nations violation.
  29. Violation of Articles 13.1, 13.2 and subparagraphs a) and b) on the Convention on the Rights of the Child.
  30. Violation of Article 4, subsection a) b) c) of the International Convention on the Elimination of All Forms of Racial Discrimination.
  31. Violation of Article 4 of the American Declaration of the Rights and Duties of Man.
  32. Violation of Article 9, paragraph 1) and 2) of the African Charter on Human and Peoples’ Rights.
  33. Violation of Article 10, paragraph 1) and 2) of the European Convention for the Protection of Human Rights and Fundamental Freedoms.
  34. Run psychological operations against white Countries attacks or objectives, according to the dictates of the US State Department. To foster instability, encourage disgruntled, and induce the change of governments through the promotion disguised manifestations and acts of terrorism.
  35. A misconduct continuously spread falsehoods about various global events and hide the truth, all this with a great script dictated from the Department of the US and its military wing of the Pentagon.
  36. Most CNN interviews are pre prepared by a small editorial team previously written questions put. The presenter is limited to read the teleprompter without taking into account the responses received. CNN has removed the natural dialogue, nor is there a desire to understand, but a boost or a disregard this guest as friend or foe. Those responsible for this editorial team will also participate from now on, with the main leaders of the American press, in a weekly meeting at the Metropolitan Club in Washington to discuss “ethics” Communication with officials from the White House. Thus, it is not by force, but in the form of “gentlemen agreement” and in the name of ‘sense of national responsibility “that the policy of state propaganda is fixed.

All these syndications are just another example of violations which CNN is and has been able to do all this time on free nations.

A media corporation that advocate freedom of the press is said but instead defends Press debauchery. A medium that championed freedom of information but instead imposes misinformation and corrupt and prevents the right to information of the people.

CNN relegates work to inform, to give an opinion as directed, will also act as repeaters of what they are told their owners in corporations, contrasting with absolutely nothing.

CNN used its media potential that borders on the non-legal, to turn that opinion into something real and absolute truth, true that there is something that check, contrast or discuss. A review is now directed not at all reliable information. It becomes more destructive propaganda manipulation. Most CNN news or opinions are convinced psychological exercises and submission for viewers users to accept, for example, an unjust war, or an epithet or accusation, censure against a head of state or a nation. They also have continually used the term “bring democracy and freedom” when the US administration requires unfairly invade any nation. Using a dual language manipulation, even when softened massacres and wars, for the public to accept and support, for example the death of innocent civilians in conflict, CNN’s called taking the term “collateral damage” a normal occurrence. A genuine leaders of nations who claim sovereignty and independence on international financial interests and the Department of the US, they are known by the term “populist” or “communist”.

On the political front led by financial interest for countries touting the pseudo liberal democracy over genuine participatory democracy of peoples.



CNN stopped broadcasting in Russia in late November last 2014 due to strict new laws to protect its sovereignty in the country and that make survival difficult for pay channels. Turner, a division of Time Warner which owns CNN and CNNMoney reported that ended its agreement with the local distributors last December 31, 2014, but will seek to resume the transmission of international news in English as soon as possible, but if you It allows the Russian government.

“We hope to re-enter the market in the future course and our partners will notify any update on the resumption of these services,” Turner said in a statement. Two children’s channels, Cartoon Network and Boomerang, will not be affected by the measure and continue their transmissions.

CNN has been in Russia for 21 years; despite the suspension of program distribution. Russian President Vladimir Putin signed a strict law in July 2014, which banned advertising on pay TV channels and Effective in January 2015, threatening the survival of many dependent local stations CNN and its affiliates.

The company Turner International, owner of the rights to broadcast the CNN television channel, announced that left Russia in 2014. In a letter, the company CNN implement this decision notice from next December 31, 2014.

In a comment given to the agency Tass, a representative of Turner Broadcasting System he referred to recent amendments to the Russian strict legislation on the media, in an effort to protect its sovereignty and its national security. The representative said, “we end our current commitments on the issue and our operations in Russia.” With this letter Russian CNN fired its operations leaving intervention and interference in the internal politics itself.

( See: )



A research report from Fox News company, based on the declassification of some emails, indicate that the journalist Elise Labott CNN continually received instructions for their professional activity of an official of the US State Department, collaborated senior adviser to then-Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton, Philippe Reines. And CNN and its journalists had the mission and role of the Department of State by all means to discredit the opposition senator from Kentucky, Rand Paul, who was investigating the murder of the CIA in Libya. Here we see that there is clearly an incestuous relationship between CNN and the State Department.

The author and journalist Chris Hedges, meanwhile, has said, it is for the media to have access to the very important dialogue with members of the political elite, and for this are willing to sacrifice a lot and sold. “Among politicians and journalists, whether The New York Times, CNN or any other means, usually fairly quickly installed some kind of incestuous relationship,” he says. “After all, in fact, journalists need access to the political elite to carry out their work. And they can only get it if you try to please them, and eventually end up following the instructions of politicians in this case State Department which are well subordinates, “Hedges said.

(Show : )


Amber Lyon journalist reveals how news networks like CNN receive government payments such as the US, favorable coverage to be made and advance strategies Propaganda Department of State. The Emmy-winning journalist, Amber Lyon, Lyon resigned from CNN after his story about the atrocities of the regime of Bahrain was not broadcast on CNN International under pressure from the government of Bahrain and the US. CNN received money to not report truthfully about the crimes in this country.

Lyon clearly felt the transmitting daily CNN coverage was completely false.

Lyon believes that countries like Bahrain pay millions of dollars to display content that is supposedly objective and has no political agenda. This is a common occurrence: infomercials for dictators. But also to promote the new movements in the geopolitical strategy of the United States.

In the video we see how CNN publishes political developments to advance a war propaganda. We see the difference with the speeches of Benjamin Netanyahu and Mahmoud Ahmadinejad are covered in the UN, with a clear bias in favor of the prime minister of Israel. “I worry that graze like sheep citizens to a new conflict through selective coverage. Ahmadinejad was actually saying that there were ways for peace, but this was omitted CNN. While this message prefabricated with films like Argo creating a war propaganda in favor of certain interests “it is reinforced. This is a rhetorical “leading to war as happened with the speech of ‘weapons of mass destruction’,” which was used to launch the war against Iraq.

The facts observed on CNN Lyon are the norm and not the exception, especially in countries like Mexico where the president has strong ties with the country’s largest broadcaster. Likewise progressive Latin American countries such as Ecuador, Venezuela and Bolivia, with the only premise LIE indicates attacking.

( Show: )

According to what is described, it is necessary to take appropriate measures once and exemplary measures such media crippling foreign operations already underway to prevent inflict greater damage and destruction to our democracies, free and sovereign governments and institutions, stopping the external interference and conspiratorial facts caused by this media corporation with their promotional events and Manufacturing of Terrorism. Only then sit precedent in defense of freedom of information in our towns.

What is at issue is the dating and the total lack of responsibility with which CNN broadcast production and assumes absolutely unrelated messages of social and public interest are obliged to preserve, often violating the reputation of a country and its authorities and even if it was damaging the integrity of a nation.

CNN is already coordinated with Washington state apparatus and its potential competitors are attacked by the US military. Ongoing information has become a way to condition public opinion. However, far from complaining of this freedom, we are pleased this manipulation of which we are partially conscious. Nobody believes in the veracity of the CNN, but everybody sees, directly or through other channels broadcasting.


In defense of freedom and the real right of access to information of our peoples and censor promoting misinformation in which it incurred CNN International and its cells or subsidiaries globe, repetitively and malicious, this pro and serve the interests of transnational and multinational.

We ask and demand that governments and rulers of states and their responsible bodies to take care that appropriate measures are taken sovereignty, safeguard the integrity of their nations and proceed to definitively cancel the operating licenses and the respective closing transmission issue of the open signal of CNN in countries where it currently operates.

We request a copy of this disinformation media censorship US government corporation.

Moreover declaring press officers CNN as unwelcome in each of the countries people.


In our free and sovereign to manufacture terrorism and attack the people and their leaders states, say No to license information and misinformation imposed by CNN. Twitter: #kickouttocnn

Signatories of the Censure:









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