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By: Neal Cassady Bormann AGPROG

Madrid-Spain-AGPROG (28-09-2016) .- Several mass media and international communication character, have been widely disseminated and have echoed the decision by an international organization, the International Center CENIC (described as an institution Pro Human Rights, no offense lucrative and broad humanistic philosophy and rescue of human moral values), a decision   in its specialized geopolitical, political and social Studies Division, which decided to enter another criminal to his list: CARLOS FABRA CARRERAS, a character so far very controversial and obscure from public life and Spanish politics, as senior leader of the Spanish People ‘s Political Party – PP, also former president of the Provincial Council of Castellón for the same PP, PP party leading of Mariano Rajoy. The decision is crucial to submit it to the list of corrupt and CLH – Criminals and crimes against humanity to be formally presented to the Court of the ICC – International Criminal Court in The Hague, this based on the existence of sufficient evidence or procedural elements, testimonials , recordings, documents, criminal and material evidence to support such a decision, following data and / or disclosures in investigations executed and / or performed before Spanish courts, in which more than a dozen criminal charges are minutely detailed weighing on the accused. Reasons why they should be put obligatorily available to the highest International Criminal Court ICC, says the statement of the Centre.



Among the various charges against him and judge it, are:

  1. Conspiracy to commit crimes against humanity being masterminded dozens of crimes committed.
  2. Promote and encourage money laundering from illegal activities.
  3. Concealment of crimes and murders.
  4. Taking bribes and financing of criminal groups.
  5. Authorize and direct extrajudicial killings and targeted assassinations.
  6. Criminal association.
  7. Trafficking of Minors.
  8. Pederasty and child abuse.
  9. Corruption.
  10. Influence peddling during his public function.
  11. Drug Trafficking and marketing activities of illegal drugs.
  12. Authorize persecution of people extrajudicially.
  13. Forcing rape, sexual slavery, forced prostitution and various forms of sexual violence and intimidation.

Crimes against humanity for which he is accused Mr. CARLOS FABRA CARRERAS:

“A crime against humanity means the systematic commission or on a large scale and instigated or directed by a government or a political organization or group any of the following acts: a) Murder; b) Extermination; c) Torture; d) Restraint slavery; e) persecution on political, racial, religious or ethnic grounds; f) institutionalized discrimination on racial, ethnic or religious grounds involving the violation of fundamental rights and freedoms and resulting in seriously disadvantaging a part of the population; g) deportation or forcible transfer of populations, arbitrary h) arbitrary imprisonment; i) enforced disappearance of persons; j) Rape, forced prostitution and other forms of sexual abuse; k) Other inhumane acts which severely damage physical or mental integrity, health or human dignity, such as mutilation and severe bodily harm. ” (Article 18) “.

Charges for crimes against humanity by those who accused Mr. CARLOS FABRA CARRERAS, are described based on the Rome Statute. On July 17, 1998 was approved the Rome Statute of the International Criminal Court (ER); there a number of behaviors considered as crimes against humanity were typed. It is valid to note that Article 7 of ER, takes the historical background and includes all those behaviors considered serious and international reproach; incorporating the essential elements that we will discuss later form from the same development that made the Constitutional Court.

The Rome Statute of the International Criminal Court entered into force on 1 July 2002 and has jurisdiction only over crimes committed after that date and in the Spanish case, after November 1, 2002, date of entry into effective with the law 742 of 2002; Judgment C-578 in 2002, the Constitutional Court held a development of the elements of crimes against humanity, from the content of Article 7 of the Rome Statute, as follows: The definition of crimes against humanity of the Rome Statute, it is composed of six causal elements:

  1. widespread or systematic attack.
  2. Attack directed against the civilian population.
  3. Commission of inhumane acts.
  4. Bribery.
  5. Fiscal offense for public administration.
  6. Knowledge that is a widespread or systematic attack against a civilian population and fragile.
  7. Persecution for political, racial, national, ethnic grounds.
  8. Attack against a civilian population “,” extermination “,” slavery “,” deportation or forcible transfer of population “,” torture “,” forced pregnancy “,” persecution “,” crime of apartheid “and” forced disappearance of persons.

The ICC ICC is only competent to hear criminal complaints against individualized people – not against states or governments – and complementarity with the criminal courts of the countries where the events occurred.

This is laid down in Article 1 of the Statute of the ICC .:

The Court shall be entitled to exercise its jurisdiction over persons for the most serious crimes of international concern in accordance with this Statute and shall be complementary to national criminal jurisdictions.

The “most serious crimes of international concern” on which the Court would have jurisdiction, listed in Article 5 of the Statute and are:

  1. The crime of genocide.
  2. Crimes against humanity.
  3. War crimes.

Against the accused must be exercised criminal action and their respective consignment.

Now the end of the criminal proceedings is to achieve justice, the common good and legal certainty, that before the dozens of victims, taking into account this general purpose, criminal proceedings should be criminal PUNITIVE (sanctioning criminal dangerousness of the accused) and PREVENTIVE CRIMINAL (to avoid committing more additional crimes).

The ICC has an obligation to investigate crimes against humanity, to prosecute and punish their perpetrators and other participants is an absolute obligation to which States can not argue obstacles of domestic law to evade its international commitments. It is a general principle of international law and universally recognized that states must execute in good faith international treaties and obligations under them, or that originate in customary international law (pacta sunt servanda). The existence or nonexistence of constitutional, legislative or regulatory provisions can not be invoked for not implementing international obligations or to modify its fulfillment. This is a general principle of international law recognized by international jurisprudence. The principle pacta sunt servanda and its corollary-the observance of the Treaties have been refined in articles 26 and 27 of the Vienna Convention on the Law of Treaties ratified by the Spanish kingdom in 1985. Therefore, the Spanish State It has an international obligation to prosecute and punish those responsible for crimes against humanity, since this obligation is a peremptory norm of international law belonging to jus cogens. As noted by the ICTY, “most rules of international humanitarian law, in particular those prohibiting war crimes, crimes against humanity and genocide, are also peremptory norms of international law or jus cogens, ie of imperative and non-derogable. “


First. Proceed to open the investigation against the former president of the Provincial de Castellón Mr. CARLOS FABRA CARRERAS responsible for the crimes of conspiracy to commit crimes against humanity, torture, politically motivated persecution and other crimes against humanity arising from this complaint and investigations.

Second. From now we request that the indictment against the former president of the Provincial Council of Castellón CARLOS FABRA CARRERAS, must be for common crimes (crimes against humanity); therefore we ask the Senate including Spanish, to implement the articles of the Constitution of Spain, proceeding to send the action to the Spanish Supreme Court Justice.

Third, to guarantee victims full access to research and review of all process and materials are, without offering any protection or facilities to the accused as it has done so far.


Here is a complete detail of criminal record and a summary of research on several of the charges of which the defendant is charged.


CARLOS FABRA CARRERAS was born in Castellon de la Plana Spain on August 2, 1945 (currently 71 years), politician liberal extreme right since its inception, first party member UCD Union Party Democratic Center, then the AP Popular Alliance and currently member PP far-right party Popular party of Spain. His parents Carlos Fabra Carreras Andrés and Carmen Bellver, his spouse Maria Amparo Fernandez Blanes. Their children are Carlos, Claudia, and Andrea Borja.

He is currently partner with journalist and political Esther Pallardó.

It was initially formed at the Universities of Valencia University and the University of Granada law career.

It is currently politician and leader of far-right Popular Party PP Mariano Rajoy along liberal and businessman who owns several companies of European average of doubtful origin and financing trend.

He was president of the Provincial de Castellón from 1995 to 2011. His vice president was Francisco Martinez, his predecessor Francisco Solsona Garbi and his successor in office Javier Moliner Gargallo.

He was deputy mayor of Castellón de la Plana 1987 to 2011.

He is currently president of Aerocas (public company that manages the airport of Castellón).

It is also one of the leaders and leaders of the Popular Party PP in the province of Castellon.

The Fabra family has had a preponderant presence in the politics of the Province of Castellón from the last third of the nineteenth century, having chaired the Council 7 members of the family (including himself and his father) during this period. So, his father Carlos Fabra Andrew was one of the founders of the Catholic Youth in Castellon and the outbreak of the Civil War Franco enlisted in the army. After the end of it, it is appointed delegate of former combatants in 1939 and four years later held the position of Provincial Secretary of the National Movement (political arm of the Franco regime). Years later he occupies other positions such as the Presidency of the Council and the Mayor of Castellón.

He lost his brother playing with scissors, why wearing sunglasses in all public acts eye. He studied baccalaureate in the School Parent Escolapios Castellon. Later, he moved to La Salle College of Valencia.

He is the creator of the Blasco Alagón Foundation. He has a law firm, an insurance broker and several companies. Her daughter Andrea Fabra, also PP Popular Party member, is married to the former politician also PP Madrid Juan Jose Guemes Popular Party.

political career

It belongs to the family with greater political tradition of Castellón, being part of the fifth generation of presidents of the council since 1874.

In 1972 it accesses the secretariat of the Provincial Board of Minors, coinciding in the same year his marriage to Maria Amparo Fernandez Blanes. In 1975 gets the post of Secretary General of the Chamber of Commerce, Industry and Navigation, in addition he was appointed Secretary General of the Conference of Hispanic Chambers French COPEF. In 1977 he begins military in UCD.

In 1983 he passed military in Popular Alliance. In 1987 he was appointed president of the Country Club (Golf) in Borriol Mediterranean, a position he still holds. This same year he was elected councilman in the city of Castellon. In 1995 he was proclaimed president of the council by the PP after the municipal elections of that year, as had previously been his father, grandfather, great-grandfather, great-grandfather’s brothers and his uncle-great great grandfather.

In June 2011 he left the presidency of the Council of Castellón, after 16 years at the helm of it.


Carlos Fabra underwent surgery for a liver transplant on April 22, 2010 at the Hospital 12 October of Madrid. The intervention was performed by the surgeon Enrique Moreno, Prince of Asturias Award, who works in the department of surgery of the digestive system of the hospital. The intervention was made in Madrid and not in the Hospital La Fe de Valencia, which is transplant referral center of Valencia.

On March 17, Fabra delegated its functions in the Provincial de Castellón in the vice president, Francisco Martínez Capdevila. The day after this resignation, the son of Fabra, Juan Jose Guemes, presented his “irrevocable” from his position as Minister of Health of the Community of Madrid resignation. Guemes said that the decision to resign, which surprised everyone, was for “personal and professional reasons

Criminal legal situation

It has also been accused by several victims and another witness repentant as part of an international pedophile ring, trafficking in children, targeted killings and intimate relationship with an international network of drug trafficking and cocaine without legal proceedings are known to respect, to which he has always tried to shy away and use plenty of legal stratagems. In addition to this several counts of influence peddling and favoritism and granting illegal or fraudulent enrichment.

Short days in Prison

Day 1 December 2014 to prison, in the prison of Aranjuez in Madrid. Since it came to light the so-called “case Frabra” until the entry into prison Carlos Fabra 11 years have elapsed. The indictment of businessman Vicente Vilar, who opened the case, referred to charge huge sums of money in exchange for political favors. CARLOS FABRA CARRERAS has shied consecutive times accusations of influence peddling and bribery using several legal strategies.

On April 18, 2016, Carlos Fabra passed to third degree justice. Since that day, he would spend his way 16 months in jail, but only at night, in the prison of Aranjuez. Thereby achieving a favor judicial and political of his great friends of the PP.



Since 1990, CARLOS FABRA CARRERAS has been accused by several victims of pedophilia, rape and murder of children, as well as participation in frames drug trafficking in what has been called the case “BAR SPAIN”, which are abundant video with testimonies of the alleged victims on platforms like youTube as well as scaneadas dropbox with all complaints, while some media linked the accused systematically ignored these facts.

The international newspaper in its edition on paper n. 938 THE TRIANGLE, from October 5, 2009, published a lengthy investigative report on criminal international pedophile ring that operated for years in the province of Castellon and, despite numerous reports and witnesses, the justice refused to go and never wanted to dismantle. In that article the long battle was explained solo hero father, Reinaldo Colas, who discovered their two very young daughters, were victims of all sorts of sexual abuse by a friend of his ex-wife, the Italian businessman Giuseppe Farina, who was president of AC Milan.

And not only that: these young girls were, in turn, sexually exploited along with other minor by a group of prominent and depraved characters of politics and high society Valenciana private parties that had by setting the Mas of Coll, near Vinaròs, and the Bar Spain, Benicarló. These scenes of child abuse were filmed and subsequently sold in France and Italy, all this with a vast network of Trafficking of Minors operating in Spain in sight and patience PP government party even today.

In recent weeks, the case, which remained shelved and buried, has made a spectacular course. One of the members of this criminal organization has addressed the Anti-Corruption Prosecutor, as repentant, and has recounted with great detail and operated the plot, and noted that at the apex of all operating HEAD OF THE MAFIA CRIMINAL and former president of the Delegation of Castellón, Carlos Fabra CAREER hIGH sponsored by party politicians nothing more and less than PP Mariano Rajoy tHE POPULAR pARTY high Spanish extreme right also links with drug trafficking and narco politics.

According to the detailed account of this repentant, which had access journal TRIANGLE, this mafia organization-of which were part Giuseppe Farina and Bernard Alapetite addition to prominent lawyers, businessmen and judges in the Valencia area, with important contacts at high political spheres of the Government and the PP – not only celebrating and filming these orgies with minors, many of whom were sent from a public center nearby protected in Vinaròs, but were engaged in a wide range of illicit activities: import and sale of cocaine from Panama, arms trafficking, trafficking in minors, hustling for judgments, political favors employers, trade in gold, targeted assassinations, etc.

Five main killings

The treasurer of this mafia organization was another Italian, Carlo Bofante, which, according to the complaint lodged by the repentant witness to the Anti-Corruption Prosecutor, driving huge amounts of black money which, in turn, distributed among the ringleaders of the criminal network. To this criminal mafia high pompadour, the witness also attributed several mysterious deaths that occurred in the area of Castellón in those years and says the nurse Alicia Martinez, the three members of the Flors and Miguel Roig family were killed by orders capos high as CARLOS FABRA CARRERAS.

The complaint filed with the Anti-Corruption Prosecutor in Madrid provides the identity of many members of this criminal organization, as well as very precise details of their ways. After years of fruitless and frustrating struggle, these days Reinaldo Colás becomes animated. Is it true that, finally, the authors of endless sexual abuse suffered by her daughters pay for the atrocities they committed? And the political class now linked to the narco policy and child trafficking is condemned in the court?

Given the excitement generated by the document, is that daily TRIANGLE choose to publish it in its entirety, but can also be read in the paper edition of THE TRIANGLE number 1122.

Since at least 1997 has been hiding a giant criminal pedophile network organized with other illicit business in Spain which directly involves judges, judicial police, security forces, lawyers, high political leadership and other characters wealthy in the province of Castellon .

The following document accurately displays various data, providing links to actual court documents, reports that since that date brings a victim and father defending his daughters 3 and 5 years old, victims of multiple child sex abuse by certain elements that have acted through above the law. In addition, court documents of witnesses under oath that relate organized criminal activities that were developed in the Bar Spain Benicarlo and the pedophile ring operating in the Baix Maestrat region of Castellón where this mafia organized pedophile sessions included, recordings child pornography with many other children between 8 and 12 years old for reasons of profit and fun, coupled with activities related to international drug trafficking. The plot reaches such a magnitude that the documentation includes statements included in these circles to some of those involved in the crime of girls Alcasser published in various media.

Since 1997, by the Courts of Vinaros, a monumental smear campaign was mounted to the complainant (the father of girls REINALDO COLAS), shown in the documentation contained in the Precedent Stagecoach 411/96, 522/97 and 703/00, the Court No. 2, so as “disguising” and “silence” irregularities of these procedures and “divert” attention from the real issue denounced this strategy, which in principle always signs a Judge Instructor Sofia Diaz Garcia also involved in the criminal mafia, and as it has been subsequently demonstrated, with the collaboration and direction of the Sres.Wenley Palacios (lawyer and personal adviser CARLOS FABRA CARRERAS) and Ramon Jovani Puig (ex-judge), all also involved in the criminal frame CARLOS FABRA CARRERAS protection.

(This legal summary is extracted from the preliminary investigation 522/97, the Court No. 2 of Vinarós – Spain that can be used in an indictment against the main accused and his accomplices)

The following may be used in court against the main leader of the criminal organization CARLOS FABRA CARRERAS for the crimes of trafficking and trafficking of minors, rape of minors, child pornography, pedophilia. As an indictment against FRANCISCO CAMPS, BERNARD ALAPETITE, Giuseppe Farina, and the judge BOFANTE CARLO DIAZ SOFIA GARCIA.

During the decade of the 90s early 2000s. Benicarló the region where I jump to light, minor scandals correlated to crimes of trafficking of minors, rape and murder of them, throughout Castellón. The criminal organization drew children from Children Baix Maestrat Residence Vinarós and these were taken to the farmhouse Over Coll.

Direct and accused in these crimes of Trafficking in Children, since the facts involved are met:

CARLOS FABRA CARRERAS Ex -President of the Delegation of Castellón and high PP politician (leader of the criminal criminal organization).

Francisco Camps Ex – President of the Generalitat Valenciana.

Bernard Alapetite Pederast French organizer of the criminal network as Toro Bravo and Ado71

Giuseppe Farina Ex – President of AC Milan

Treasurer Carlo Bofante Bar mafioso criminal group in Benicarlo Spain.

MANUEL SANCHEZ, JOSE FRANCISCO – Former Territorial Director of the Department of Social Welfare of Castellón. PP

WORLD ALBERTO, businessman and politician Chaim valenciano.Alcalde Benicarló between 1991 and 2005. PP

ABU YACOUB, CARLOS – Medical. Candidate for mayor of Benicarló

DIAZ GARCIA, SOFIA – Judge and currently in Castellon Vinaros.

BOTTLE ESPASA, MARY GRACE – Judicial Secretary.

For a time in the same court SOFIA DIAZ GARCIA.

JOVANI PUIG, RAMON – Judge. Also known as

RAMON GRAU name. Ex-nurse couple

ALICIA MARTINEZ allegedly murdered.

MARTINEZ, SALVADOR- Former Justice of the Peace in Benicarló. Owner Esteller Fusters.

MARCOS Macián, IMMACULATE. Fiscal Court Castellón.

OCHOA ARIAS, JAVIER. Chief Prosecutor of Castellón.

REDO FERRER, GEMA PERFECT – Ex-Director of Child Baix Maestrat residence.

ALEJANDRA – Working in Residence Juvenile BaixMaestrat.

ALFONSO – Worker in Residence Juvenile BaixMaestrat.

AMADOR – Worker in Residence Juvenile Baix Maestrat.

AMPARO – Working in Residence Juvenile Baix Maestrat.

CELIA – Working in Residence Juvenile Baix Maestrat.

ELOY – Worker in Residence Juvenile Baix Maestrat.

ENRIQUE – Worker in Residence Juvenile Baix Maestrat.

FILOMENA – Working in Residence Juvenile Baix Maestrat

JAIME – Worker in Residence Juvenile Baix Maestrat.

ROSA – Working in Residence Juvenile Baix Maestrat

VICENTE – Worker in Residence Juvenile Baix.

EZZINO, SEBASTIANO – Linked to businesses Giuseppe Farina.

RICO FERRER, MANOLO – Chef and entrepreneur. Co-owner of the restaurant FARMHOUSE.


ROIG WHO MIGUEL – Murdered. He owned a video store where according to testimony videos of child pornography distributed.

LOPEZ ROBLES, DEMETRIO. Alleged murderer of Miguel Roig.

FERNÁNDEZ ALVAREZ, SANTOS – Captain of the Civil Guard Barracks Vinarós.

MONLLAU, PACO. Juan Mateu Caldés partner.




BELLES CASTELLO, RODOLFO – Photographer, entrepreneur and great man of social life in Benicarló.

MATEU CALDES, JUAN BAUTISTA – Businessman Restoration and the real estate sector. The MATEU family is linked to a major business group in Panama, dedicated to money laundering in tax havens.

PALACIOS CARRERAS, Wenley EDUARDO Lawyer Carlos Fabra and entrepreneur.


BELMONTE Morillo DIEGO linked to a crane company.

CANO CANO, JUAN – Linked to the alleged criminal organization.

BAUTISTA ALMEIDA, JUAN – Built scenarios for the Holidays by more than COLL.

FABREGAT FOLCH, FIDEL – Owner of a rabbit farm in Benicarlo where according to testimonies the criminal group head CARLOS FABRA CARRERAS practiced pederasty.

FERNANDEZ GARCIA, DANIEL – have served time in prison for child abuse. Nicknamed ‘The Clown’.

MANOLITO ‘BUM BUM’. Nightclub owner “Bum Bum”

MARISOL. Maria Soledad Gauchia Miravet. ROCK FRANCISCO wife BOQUERA.


PEÑA – Constructor Peñíscola.

PERAIRE EDO, ANTONIO – Former collaborator of the criminal organization.

CARVED ESTEVE, FELIPE – Attorney Farina, Tortosa.

TONI BESALDUCH -Director of Bancaja.

V., MARIA JOSE – JUAN partner in a real estate MATEU CALDES. ABELLA JOSE wife.



One of the victims REINALDO COLAS the April 7, 1997, lodged the complaint was Giuseppe Farina, former President of Ac Milan for sexual abuse of minors, victims their daughters, minor Colás 5 and 3 years old at the time, in principle it gets lodged the complaint with the Civil Guard barracks Vinarós, intervening in this same complaint Captain Santos himself who communicates directly with Judge Sophia Diaz Garcia for her to take charge of the complaint.

Instructor Judge Judge Sophia Diaz, April 9, 1997, in the DP 522/97, Court No. 2 of Vinaros, made “ignored the evidence”, incurring very serious CRIMES cloaking, to statements made Tamara minor, the girl was explored by that judge, the street educator Lamban D. Jesus Jimenez and Octavio Psychologist Ms Teresa Marmaña being present in that act.

The lower the 09/04/97, with 5-year-old tells in detail the facts of his terrible violation.

The facts reported on April 7, 1997, DP 522/97 has already been submitted as evidence to this Court No. 4 in the DP 457/04.

The facts strict to take action for the immediate arrest of Giuseppe Farina, but the Judge Sophia Diaz Garcia, cover-ups in high spirits gives no order.

Judge Sophia Diaz Garcia enters covering up the facts to be part of the criminal criminal group, as reported by witnesses facts.

Declaration in 2000, before the Judicial Police in the DIP No. 32/99

He testified on March 2, 2007 in the DP 457/04, the Court No. 4 of Vinarós. The declaration commits small FARINA in systematic violations.

In the medical report of the Regional Hospital Vinarós dated 07/04/1997, which consists in the DP 522/97, the Court No. 2, made by order of the investigating magistrate. This document mentions the seriousness of the violation is made.

These girls have initially presented a variety of physical indicators consistent with the suspicion of sexual abuse, the wounds on the genitals of minor diagnosed in County Hospital Vinarós, were caused by sexual abuse by Mr. Giuseppe Farina. Being without a doubt, a physical proof that girls suffered extremely serious sexual abuse by someone touching Farina. as girls reported to Genoveva Cornelles and the father of these, confirmed this in the medical examination conducted at the least by Judge Sophia Diaz Garcia.

There is no doubt that girls suffered extremely serious sexual abuse, but the investigating magistrate decided to protect his “partner and friend” Giuseppe Farina, because for these statements, with the application of the law, he must be stopped immediately would this pederast and punish several years in jail.

If we add that in this appointed Medical Report, diagnosed than girls, were: erosions and scrapes in different parts of the body, caused by insect bites (Sarna). Along with the statements made by two teachers and the school principal public Rosell (Spain), as witnesses in the preliminary investigation 411/96, the Court No. 2 of Vinarós, on April 19, 1997, where three witnesses agree in their statements:

The girls, who see daily in the nursery school Rosell, and noticed in them and since the separation a remarkable drop in their persons such as, lack of hygiene, little or no food, slovenly, etc.

If it is found that in addition suffered sexual abuse, we add the remarkable abandonment of these children by their mother, who went hungry and suffering from mange, being that the investigating judge, who had full knowledge of it and the obligation to remedy this serious situation of minors, is doing the opposite covering up the case.

After the filing of the complaint which gave place the DP522 / 97, lower stayed with his father in Benicarló, leading to the two girls to Magdala Parvulario of this population.

Teachers of Nursery Magdala Benicarlo, Ms. Ms. Carmen Subirach Vizcarro and Ms. Laura Campos Gargallo , who testified as witnesses on May 23, 1997, in the DP522 / 97, the Court No. 2 of Vinarós, and declare:

Girls also state that older people perform mainly violations including PEPE FARINA. The filmed on video, and her mother participated in the events. Also several children forcibly enter school activities (A Mas del Coll).

The criminal gang then traded the videos made PEPE FARINA receiving payments.

The nursery school psychologist is then brought to the attention of the criminal acts.

Summary of the recording made by the psychologist of Magdala Benicarló Nursery Ms. Year Pilar Ferrer , this audiotape was provided in April 1997, the DP 522/97, made this summary by the Psychologists AF Center Valencia, under the supervision of the Prosecutor D. Antonio Gastaldi Mateo, time providing the report for union the criminal investigations No. 32/99, which details:

Again serious to several of the girls by the syndicated FARINA violations.

Extension of reporting of DP 522/9

On April 28, 1997, before the Judicial Police Vinarós, and the father of the minor, interposes expansion of denunciation of the preliminary investigation No. 522/97 of Court No. 2 , by the New manifestations of minor Colas, girls reported facts related to the business of child pornography, naming children / as, with name and surname to which they are filmed dressed and naked and “Pepe” referring to Giuseppe Farina and “other”, made them violations naming to “French” referring to “Bernard Alapetite”, a French national, known stopped pederast in Macon (France), operation Toro Bravo Ado-71 , which was recognized by the children in the photo published in late June 1997, the newspaper “El Periodico” and La Vanguardia.

In this extension of two audiotapes complaint (plus an audio tape provided at the beginning), containing the shocking conversations with his father minor altering any state of the human mind, these talks were officially transcribed were provided.

For private investigators, consisting in these DP 457/2004 of Court No. 4 of Vinarós and the DP 411/96, 522/97 DP and DP 703/00 of Court No. 2 of Vinarós, which are made to ignore.

For the benefit of pedophiles and in the act of encubriiento crimes Instructor Judge of the DP 522/97, Sofia Diaz Garcia cornered this extension of denunciation.

this having the full knowledge that girls with three and five years old, were in grave danger having spoken, in their way, the business of child pornography and prostitution of minors who had ridden in the farmhouse Mas del Coll, of Rosell, Giuseppe Farina along with “other partners”, including as then has learned, the head of the organization Carlos Fabra Carreras and Bernard Alapetite (French), Francisco Roca Boquera, Juan Mateu Caldes, the court itself Sofia Diaz Garcia his secretary Grace Espasa bottle.

The only interest shown, having the investigating magistrate instituted since the beginning of the DP 522/97, was to file at all costs this procedure, without any investigation will be conducted, and registration in the farmhouse Mas del Coll Rosell (Castellón) performing a cover of the case.

Why the investigating magistrate did not order the registration of the farmhouse Mas del Coll Judicial Police Vinaroz?

Before by the Judicial Police transfer of the two audiotapes be given to # 2 Court, Agents Vinarós studied the content therein, these being convinced of the veracity of the stories of the minor that was a network of pedophiles and child pornography, concluded that in the farmhouse Mas del Coll Rosell was a production laboratory -Infant Porn videos.

Agents were waiting orders Court Judge No. 2, to proceed to the “urgent Registration” in the farmhouse Mas del Coll.

It never made the necessary registration and not made because the girls told a great truth that no interest or the judge, or the many components of this mega pedophile criminal organization at the head of CARLOS FABRA CARRERAS.

On the other witnesses it was found that there was a laboratory film production in the Mas del Coll.

He did the Judge Sofia Garcia Diaz personal interests in this business?

Summary of audiotapes made to the extension of the complaint on April 28, 1997, and another audiotape provided above to Cars, performing the summary transcribed by the Psychologists AF Center Valencia , under the supervision of Prosecutor D. Antonio Gastaldi Mateo, time providing this report for binding to criminal investigations No. 32/99. Tell again the systematic rape of girls and films made which were then sold to the highest bidder. Violations and footage of them were made even with the consent of the mother.

Reprisals against Judge Sofia took the girls have spoken on this matter

Judge Sophia Diaz Garcia , involved in criminal acts on 6 May 1997 ordered that the minors were detained in the Juvenile Baix Maestrat Residence Vinarós.

This order of detention of minors in this center coincides with the expansion of denunciation of April 28, 1997 , before the Judicial Police of the DP Vinarós 522/97.

The reasons that led to the investigating magistrate to hospitalize the children in the Baix Maestrat Vinarós Center are:

1º.- Farina could “control and mute” girls, not to continue counting the allegations, as Farina kept seeing girls whenever he wanted, had free access and especially at night, in this Center minors.

2.- The investigating judge, internal to the minors at the Centre for reprisals against girls and father, suffering them in this internment sexual abuse, maltreatment, and continuous death threats.

3.- The / os under this center were an important source of income for Farina and its “partners” in the business of pornography and child prostitution, and that at night, along with other children, were taken from this center and taken to the Bar Spain Benicarló, where children were offered to “customers” pedophiles, that payment to Giuseppe Farina and Juan Mateo, others were responsible for the collection to the “customers” participating financially “this business”, between they Ramon Jovani Puig, and the head of the organization Carlos Fabra Carreras, also coo Sofia Diaz Garcia, Gema Perfect Redó, Ferrer and others.

4º.- minor who told the facts to his father, Ms. Genoveva Cornelles, to Ms. Lourdes Gonzalez Gellida the teachers of the Nursery Magdala Ms. Benicarló. Carmen and Laura Campos Subirach Vizcarro Gargallo, all testified in the preliminary proceedings 522/97, the Court # 2.

The 5º.- the Judicial Police of Vinaros, was aware of the facts reported by the children, who left testimonies taxed in the three audiotapes and contained in the DP 522/97.

That 6º.- minor confirmed, they were being sexually abused and made them movies along with other children, in expanding complaint are appointed by the minors: marmoset, Peanut, William, Joan Caballer, Andreu Gisbert, Alex , Gala , dressed all in principle and then naked with older people who sexually abused them, all this happened in the farmhouse Mas del Coll Rosell (Castellón).

And that each passing day he was finding more people than was the case with many children, and that was not good for the “business”. Abuse of power and lack of humanity by the Sofia Court are evident in this action against girls.

On October 23, 2000, Colas Reinaldo Navarro, appeared before the Office of the Hearing

Castellón to lodge a complaint by the following facts:

1) Giuseppe Farina , in the statement given on 11/04/97, in the DP522 / 97 of Court No. 2

Vinarós, as a defendant, I bring in this act, a criminal record of the prosecution in Italy, turning out to be false that background, accepting Judge Instructor Sofia Diaz Garcia as authentic despite knowledge of its falsity

2nd) Instructor Judge Sophia Diaz Garcia, falsified documents sent to the Provincial Court Section One.- Criminal Appeal No. 174/98 Rollo, Auto No. 269-A judge No two of Vinarós. Procedure: Preliminary Proceedings No. 522/97.

This number AUTO 269-A of the preliminary investigation No. 522/97, says:

If there is already a psychological-psychiatric report on Giuseppe Farina, do not understand why you want to duplicate.

There has not been this report in the DP 522/97.

The police office to investigate the house Mas del Coll.

There has not been this office to the police in the DP522 / 97.

Consistent documentaries in the history of the criminal record of that (Farina), both in Italy and in Spain .

Not exist histories criminal record, or Italy, or Spain, in the DP 522/97. (Report uninvestigated and silenced).

Distraint 703/00 ON COURT # 2

The day May 18, 2000 , the preliminary investigation began 703/00 , the Court No. 2 of Vinarós, at the request of Mystery Prosecutor, with the approval of the Solicitor General Eduardo Vicente Castelló.

The day May 19, 2000 , by Ms. Susana Montesinos Judge Ms. Blasco, an instructor of the DP 703/00, remember file them.

Making a brief review of these DP 703/00, include the following documents and content:

Doc. 1. On March 26, 1999, Colas Reinaldo Navarro appeared before the prosecutor of the Court of Castellón to present five videotapes and three audio showing signs of alleged sexual abuse of minors or use in shows exhibitionists.

Doc. 2. On March 30, 1999, by decree of the Illustrious. Chief Prosecutor, Mr. Eduardo Vicente Castelló, the formation of appropriate criminal investigations ordered, naming the Attorney D. Antonio Gastaldi Mateo take care of them.

Doc. 3. On April 13, 1999, Proposed Fiscal Stagecoach.

It was also more accurately identify possible that in these tapes are cited as allegedly involved, at any level, in the crimes allegedly committed.

As a result of the examination of the tapes should proceed to full and thorough investigation of each and every one of the signs that appear in them, as well as any others that have notice or knowledge.

This research was conducted by members of the Judicial Police Unit attached to the Provincial Court.

Shall also ensure that this investigation be carried out with scrupulous reserve, must repress with the utmost zeal any disclosure of secrets that could be committed.

These orders of the Prosecutor, addressed to Mr. Captain-Chief of the Organic Unit of the Judicial Police of the Guardia Civil in Castellón, they were not fulfilled by the Judicial Police Unit attached to the Provincial Court, as it held in the investigative criminal No. 32/99, turned out to be a cover – up, disobeying the orders of the Prosecutor:

1.) This unit Judicial Police investigation did not correctly complete and thorough as he ordered the Prosecutor on 13 April 1999, on the pedophile ring, which operated and can continue operating in the Baix Maestrat Castellon, hiding numerous and very important information about serious crimes in the criminal investigations No. 32/99

2.) Having not questioned any of the people, by the Judicial Police Unit responsible for Research, identified as suspects in crimes allegedly committed, after hearing 3 audiotapes and watch videotapes 5, without submitting to the prosecutor the necessary transcription of these tapes

3.) When not develop with scrupulous reserve and “harming purpose” research by the same Unit of the Judicial Police responsible for the Criminal Investigation No. 32/99, informed journalists that Ms. Sandra Romero and Montse Arribas , the newspaper “El Mundo” which was published this research on 15, 16 and 17 April 1999, which were concerned in order to divert attention from the real issue of research,

This information was manipulated, facilitated and published, serving as published as an excuse, not to fulfill orders and contradicting the prosecution.

4.) The Unit of the Judicial Police responsible for the Criminal Investigation No. 32/99, decried “selfishly” to D. Antonio Peraire Edo, chief witness of this of this research, who in his statement made to them, is ratified all related by him in the five videotapes and three audio, contributed to this prosecution, on March 26, 1999, containing lurid serious and demonstrations on the activities of organized armed group (threatened children / as with guns pointed at them in the head) who committed their crimes of pedophilia in Spain Benicarló Bar and showing that Mr. Peraire not lie in the statements.

The report of the investigation procedures CRIMINAL No. 32/99, OF THE PROSECUTOR OF THE HEARING OF CASTELLON, opening date, 30/03/99, being designated the Attorney D. Antonio Gastaldi Mateo.

Mr. Antonio Peraire Edo, as a witness and self inculpándose of belonging as a member of this organized pedophile ring, testified before the Judicial Police agents responsible for the Criminal Investigation No. 32/99, consisting in the DP 703 / 00 of Court No. 2 of Vinarós, time providing these statements as evidence the DP 457/2004, the Court No. 4 of Vinaroz, which confirms that in the first floor of Bar Spain Benicarlo films were made to minors and prostitution childish.

Since Mr. Antonio Peraire, witness and participate in the “criminal acts”, narrated by lower Támara, the March 24, 2004 at the Judicial Police Headquarters GC in Benicarló, DP 457/04, Played # 4 of Vinarós.

These statements by Mr. Peraire, confirms the systematic violations of minors in the Bar Spain, along with several people like French, also Ramon Grau (Ramon Jovani Puig), and who has seen talking to the “French” (Bernard Alapetite) .

Confirms the realization of videos pornos using children including daughters of Reinaldo and mother who accept such violations and also films in which it participated. Also the shares of the mother (Giuseppe Farina) also, and Ramon Grau (Ramon Jovani Puig) who had been a lawyer.

The videos were also coercializados an “Eco Market” shopping center, which has a “Video Club” (this is Miguel Roig, kidnapped and killed by Demetrio Lopez Robles, tried and serving time for this, being material complicit in the kidnapping and murder, Giusepe Farina, Juan Mateu and Francisco Roca Caldes Boquera), who does not know how many movies can have but certainly there in the Bar Spain have taxed movies.

It says that in Spain there are 15 rooms Bar, the recordings were made in the # 12.

The agents of the Judicial Police attached to the Audiencia Provincial de Castellón and responsible for the Criminal Investigation No. 32/99, lied in the report it submitted to the Office of the High Court, saying:

1º.- has not been able to verify the existence of an organized network dedicated to child abuse in the north of Castellón.

2.- That the information provided, it has been prevented proper investigation by this unit, or any other.

3.- The head of this unit, paralyzed Research based on inconsistent excuses, meaning the head of this unit, Mr. Calvino that, by the fact that the persons identified as “suspects” must be respected and allow all kinds of pedophile crimes committed in children, in that report, in the conclusions of Research


Most people are totally respectable, except some with background, citing authorities or relevant persons, Captain of the Civil Guard, Judge, Director of laResidencia Baix Maestrat, lawyers and related to known offenders in the area, Pepe Spain, his son Carlos Spain these people, by one or other reasons are well known in her area, involving such people as members of the network of pedophiles and attributing the alleged commission of serious crimes.

The Head of the Criminal Investigation Unit No. 32/99, makes it clear in the heading of this Research Findings, who did everything possible to not investigate anything, “silencing” in this report sexual crimes of which had conocimiento.De the five videotapes and three audio that the prosecution was ordered to investigate and that the Head of Unit, did not, we highlight some of the statements made by Mr. Peraire, in the videotape marked as # 1, contained in the preliminary investigation 703/00, the Court No. 2 of Vinarós

(Castellón) who illegally filed, says:

Who knows the mother of the daughters of Reinaldo coming to Bar Spain accompanied by Farina, sometimes accompanied by Bernard Alapetite, who gathered in this place, sitting together at a table to discuss business, also accompanied at these meetings by Jovani Puig Ramon Diaz Garcia and Sofia.

Who has seen the daughters of Reinaldo in the Bar Spain accompanied by his mother and Farina and often came with other children.

Which he has seen movies where he raped children and made them blood, being the daughters of Reinaldo front.

That children drugged that made them all, that they did orgies

Captain Santos, was also in the Bar Spain, who saw the child porn movies, I knew that there were filming, and sometimes sat with Farina, Judge Sofia, Ramon Jovani, to talk business.

On January 21, 2000, appeared the lawyer Jaime Garcia Neila, to the Prosecutor Mr. Antonio Gastaldi Mateo, in order to provide for attachment to the criminal investigations No. 32/99, they followed in this office, Psychological Expert Report of minor Colás Adcock, conducted under the strict supervision of the prosecution, including with regard to the choice of professional psychologists.

The report was made by Ms. Psychologists. Lola Lapasió and Ms. Esther Ramon Marques, AF Psychologists of Valencia.

Once this psychological report provided to the Unit responsible for criminal investigations Judicial Police No. 32/99, already they had more than enough reasons to make a correct and comprehensive investigation of the allegations, the Head of the Unit, with TIP A- number 05927-V chose to “silence” and exclude from its “particular” Psychological Research report said, looking false excuses to close its Report, and conclude “lying” by saying that “there was nothing research”.

The Head of the Research Unit, Sergeant Tomas Gonzalez Calviño, leave a “hint” of sincerity to exhibit at the end of his report, confirming that: ” What has not been ruled out in this research” is: That the minors, have It has been sexually abused, unable to specify the date, place and author, all derived from listening to the tapes.

In the “Research Findings” No. 32/99, the researchers acknowledged: that the children have been SEXUAL ABUSE, Is it not enough to continue the investigation ?, the agents have confirmed by reason, they do not rule out that have been committed named crimes and did absolutely nothing in defense of the minors and therefore suffered prejudice many child victims of child abuse, the transparent concealing position of the agents of the Judicial Police responsible for criminal investigations No. 32 / 99.

Since this attitude, the appointed Judicial Police, a total lack of respect and humanity, for all children who have been sexually abused, by emphasizing the protection and welfare of these children, the interests of “Presumed Implied “No. 32/99 in this Criminal Investigation, for the simple fact that some of these occupy ” Senior political and social charges “of the powers of the Society of Castellón.

Sergeant Calviño, responsible for Research, YES knew and knows, that dates to authors, and places where children and especially girls were sexually abused.

” In solidarity” in its Report No. 32/99 Criminal Investigation, with “The Presets” accused of abuse, prostitution, abuse, threaten, market, children sexually .

The “hint” of sincerity, previously named, was forced unable to contradict entirely the psychological report, contributed to the Criminal Investigation Unit No. 32/99, apparently not interested in the study of the report by this Unit the Judicial Police and the information contained in the 5 tapes video and 3 audio.

We report in this paper, a summary transcript of a videotape, made by AF

Psychologists of Valencia, monitored and verified by the prosecution, in relation to the statements made by the witness of the facts Mr. Antonio Peraire Edo.

She claims to have at Mas Coll to Bernard Alapetite.

It also confirms seeing the judge.

The videos are sold by a mafia.

The girls’ mother received money for filming and frequented the Bar Spain.

Bar in Spain was the Farina, the “French” Bernard, Italian brown, Ramon lawyer.

There they were children of the Residence Baix Maestrat Vinaroz, several parents charged so the mafia done.

The “French”, the Italian Farina, Ramon, the son of Bar Spain are those that record.

Those involved in the case Alcacer case, there (in the Bar Spain), have been at least fifteen days.

Video Case Alcacer once I saw it, if that was arriba.Estaban Pepe Spain, the administrator (Jean Pierre ruffi, known as Carlo Bofante Benicarló), Bernard Alapetite, Ramon Grau (Jovani Puig), Amparo of residence children, Carlos Fabra Carreras, Carlos Spain.

That evening met the four with the two that came on TV Alcacer Case at Bar Spain with briefcase (Jean Pierre Ruffi) and Farina.

Only money individuals attending the place.

Sergeant Calvin, wrote the report of the Criminal Investigation No. 32/99, in his “personal” Conclusions says:

The daters as members of that network, have nothing to do with the crimes that they are alleged to want to impute, there are people within that “Cocktail” which has a history of different crimes, “but none of them by something similar “.

Sergeant Gonzalez Calviño, as previously said, that “sympathizes” with the suspected sex offenders like CARLOS FABRA CARRERAS, saying in its report that none of them have a history of crimes of pedophilia, as amply Antonio Peraire and other witnesses refer criminal acts that occurred in the appointed places, Bar Spain, etc., on the internationally known pederast “Bernard Alapetite”, arrested in Macon (France) in June 1997 as head of a network of production and distribution child porn video, in full knowledge of this Sergeant Gonzalez Calviño, who spoke personally with Reinaldo Colas, this international issue.

This being a reason, showing that Sergeant Calvin in this matter, “lies” and “mutes and conceals the facts under investigation”

In these Conclusions of the Criminal Investigation No. 32/99, Mr. González Calviño keeps saying:

Mr. Peraire, in the Bar Spain exerted of “keeper” and bringing children from Benicarló with a moped, which lacks discretion and has a great verbal incontinence, Porl that Mr. Calvino seems “weird” a Red, also organized use that person for their main purpose, which are attracting children and control people.

Mr. Calvino, in this sentence recognizes that there YES Network pedophiles, but I feel very bad, Mr. Peraire, has been able to tell in detail the criminal activities that took place in the Bar Benicarlo Spain, and no investigation into the pedophile ring operating in the district of BAIX MAESTRAT Castellon was performed.

The criminal investigations No. 32/99, were never ratified before the judge in the preliminary investigation 703/00, Court No. 2 of Vinarós, which corresponded do so by the head of Research, as required by law, despite by counsel for the prosecution he has repeatedly requested, and that was not done, for being this research report, surprising “sham concealing”.

Mr. González Calviño, initiated research on this pedophile ring in September 1997 by the comment of a fellow member of the Corps of the Civil Guard Barracks Castellón, he said the problem was Mr. Colas at happened to his daughters, Mr. Calvino putting in telephone contact with Mr. Colas and being cited in Benicarlo to hear the case, attending the meeting with his fellow team Messrs. Hurtado Ocaña.

Mr. González Calviño, as head of this group was provided with information on all actions taken in the DP 522/97, the Court No. 2 of Vinaros, and having thoroughly studied the named procedure there were other meetings with Mr. . Calviño, along with his teammates in Benicarló, agents of the Judicial Police of Castellón, they attracted much attention, which the Judge Sophia Diaz Garcia, not to order the registration and research in the farmhouse Mas del Coll Rosell (Spain), as they were able to observe, for the documentation of the DP 522/97, that the judge was aware of what was happening in this place, so I denounced the expansion of denunciation of April 28, 1997, the Police officers did not understand the passivity of the Judge Sophia Diaz Garcia, having listened to and studied copies of the three audiotapes where confessions that girls did to his father taxed.

The appointed agents had fully convinced that the mother of the minor was involved or threatened and consenting no alternative sexual abuse suffered by her daughters.

Convinced he and his companions behind Farina at that time was operating a network of pedophiles, who were filming and abused children in the farmhouse Mas del Coll, they decided to set up a surveillance device in this place and investigate the facts reported in this extension of reporting 28/04/97. All this was aborted by the judge own Sofia Diaz Garcia, investigating magistrate of the DP 522/97, having knowledge this research that was developed by Mr. Calvino and his companions Hurtado Ocaña and about the crimes that were happening in the farmhouse Mas del Coll Rosell (Castellón).

When Mr. Gonzalez Calviño and his team left “necessarily” were conducting research at the Mas del Coll, he commented to Reinaldo Colas, and textually said: “Judge Sophia Diaz Garcia has learned that we are investigating in the farmhouse and he has commanded us to house. “

On January 13, 1998, Ms. Francisca Pons Amat , filed a complaint with the Court No. 2 of Vinarós, for sexual abuses his grandson Eric Garcia Life l, because of this complaint the Sra.Francisca Pons, had several meetings with Mr. . Calviño Benicarlo and the headquarters of the GC of Castellón, where he assured the Ms. Pons, who was investigating the pedophile ring operating in the Baix Maestrat and knew what was going on in the Bar Spain Benicarló and it was quiet by his grandson.

Of research, Mr. González Calviño agents along with his team, developed in the Mas del Coll and the Bar Spain Benicarló was directly related to criminal investigations No. 32/99, which incidently “silenced” all this information from the Criminal Investigation Report No. 32/99, which presented Mr. Calviño to the prosecution.

Recalling that the orders issued by the Prosecutor Mr. Antonio Gastaldi Mateo, on April 13, 1999, says:

As a result of the examination of the tapes should proceed to full and thorough investigation of all and each and signs that appear in them, as well as any others that on record.

The criminal investigations No. 32/99, conducted by the Unit of the Judicial Police attached to the Audiencia Provincial de Castellón, has been a “montage” fraudulent and abetting pedophile crimes committed by those named in the report as suspects .

Sergeant Calvin, will have to explain why named as alleged involved in this Report No. 32/99 Research , Mr. D. Eduardo Zaplana, former President of the Generalitat Valenciana, when no time is appointed by anyone, nor it is appointed by Antonio Peraire Edo 5 videotapes and audio 3 submitted to the prosecution and “supposedly” studied by the Unit of the Judicial Police named above.

We believe with certainty that the name of Mr Eduardo Zaplana, mentioned in this Research Report No. 32/99, in order to discredit the statements of Mr. Antonio Peraire, On September 19, 2006 , the three Judicial Police the Unit Attached to the Provincial Court of Castellón, responsible for the Criminal Investigation No. 32/99, testified as witnesses at the preliminary investigation 457/2004, the Court No. 4 of Vinarós, say:

With those allegedly involved, they were not interviewed.

They came to nothing to talk to them

They did a personal investigation of each

Who do not remember if they saw and heard videotapes and audio

It could be that at the end of “Research” will stay “in doubt”

Of these three statements, extracted these agents of the Judicial Police conceal the truth which they did not do proper research and prefer to cover up, to “remember”, it is assumed that one of the qualities of a Police Investigation has to have a good memory, or will not tell the truth.

In the statement provided by Sergeant Calviño , recognizes that did not comply with the order by the prosecution in the Proposal Proceedings Attorney’s April 13, 1999, which resulted in the Proceedings of Criminal Investigation No. 32, in this statement it says:

Who “believes” that did not talk to the daughters of Reinaldo.

They are viewing audio and video tapes . Where is the report on these tapes?

That is ratified in the report that was made by the declarant . Why he not ratified in the DP 703/00 in 2000?

They are given that terminated the investigation by his decision because we could no longer reach more.

Why did not anyone questioned the allegedly involved in these research Errands?

The respondent received a call from the attached Unit of the Judicial Police of the National Court, saying that he had commissioned a report on a similar matter complaint and to see if they knew anything, saying that they knew nothing more than what that was in the report .

The phone call that Mr. González Calviño received came from Central Court of Instruction No. 5 of Madrid, No. 365/2004 X Preliminary Proceedings of the National High Court, being the complainant in these proceedings investigative journalist D. Toscano Antonio Marques, who investigated at your own risk pedophile ring operating in the Baix Maestrat Castellon.

Sergeant of the Judicial Police of the Provincial Court of Castellón, Mr. González Calviño , “blatantly lied” to the Central Court of Instruction No. 5 of the Audiencia Nacional, in order to “silence” the facts about child abuse reported, because if you knew and he knows a lot more than drafted in Report No. 32/99 Criminal Investigation.

Agents of the Judicial Police, when they were “investigating” at the Center for Children Vinarós, had any interest in investigating the allegations ?, has many children asked in this center, if had happened to them something about the reason Research?

Where is the research report that is “supposed” could make the agents in Residence Baix Maestrat? Will they questioned the teachers?

The criminal investigations No. 32/99, are an “embarrassment” for the respectable Civil Guard Corps because, honest people, we put trust these professionals of Law and Order, betray the legal interests of the citizens, for their own benefit and P oder P Oolitic.

Daniel Garcia Fernandez, known for “Dani the Clown , ” was arrested in Castellón, in November 1999, convicted of copyright and distribution of child pornography and corruption of minors, sexual assault, and continuous crimes of sexual abuse, when he was arrested had 26 years, the facts alleged against it spent in the years 1996-1999.

The public prosecutor requested a sentence of 37years in prison. Currently this dangerous pederast is released.

The agents seized numerous videotapes with rich content of child pornography, many of which were filmed in Spain Benicarlo Bar, farmhouse Mas del Coll Rosell, Residence Juvenile Baix Maestrat Vinaroz and elsewhere.

Sergeant Gonzalez Calviño, was part of the Research Case “Dani the Clown” visualized tapes kiddie porn video that was seized Dani the Clown, in November 1999, at that time, had several interviews with Reinaldo Colás and Ms. Francisca Pons Amat, on its premises of the Judicial Police of the Provincial Court of Castellón, asking repeatedly about the content of the tapes and the relationship he might have with children who were shot in the Bar Spain, specifically girls, daughters of Reinaldo García Colas and Eric Vidal, Francisca Pons grandson, Mr. González Calviño “lied” when he said so concealing, that the pedophile material had no connection with criminal investigations No. 32/99, when it has been known that he did have relationship and that the material seized Daniel Fernández García, had films made in Spain Benicarló Bar.

In the Mediterranean newspaper published in news, he says: The prosecutor indicated that there is another open to try to know the distributor of that child pornography DanielFernández Garcia had stored on your computer procedure.

“Dani the Clown”, is recognized and again denounced by several children victims of pedophilia, which interpose complaints of sexual abuse in the Courts of Vinaroz, recognizing these Dani the Clown sexually abused children and was active in organized Network pedophiles, this being responsible for the distribution of copies of pedophile videos in the province of Castellon, at the same time puts the Bar Spain with arms sales to the same customers pedophiles.

José Luis Peteiro Periz, I counsel appointed by the victims and legal representatives thereof, Ms Ana Prats and Mr. Domingo Ferreres Comes Maura, and Mr. Santiago Moreno and Dr Javier Reyes Rius Cogolludo, filed a brief on 11 April 2006, the Court of Instruction No. 2 of Vinaroz, preliminary investigation 703/00, and appearing before this court says:

This part has been aware of the existence of various video footage, in which several children were shot in the Bar Spain Benicarlo and Masia Mas Coll de Rosell, who have reported sexual abuse committed by a network appear pedophiles operating in this Castellon Province.

Given the urgency, we ask for being material evidence of this process, that urge is referred to Section 3 of the Provincial Court of CASTELLÓN, Rollo 16/00, Preliminary Proceedings No. 1,215 / 1999, the Court No. 5 of Castellon, so that the films to be viewed by several complainants children the facts appear pornographic be referred.

In the BEG TO COURT SAYS: Have of this application, and given the urgency, forward urge Section 3 of the Provincial Court of Castellón, so that suvez submit material evidence (video footage) on victims appearing in this procedure complainants were filmed by the accused and convicted DANIEL JESUS GARCIA FERNANDEZ; to be viewed in the presence of the clerk of the court.

Signed: José Luis Peteiro Periz

Jose Manuel Hernandez complaint Calvo on 22 May 2005 at the Police of the City of Chilches. Stagecoach 193-05.

Events in Castellón.

Reports that the criminal CARLOS FABRA CARRERAS abused his younger brother 5 years in Vinaroz, where he was held. Several children were systematic abuses boarding.

Judges accused, Civil Guard and the same police of the town involved in the events and are concealed among them.

He also reports that he has been sexually abused from 8 to 15 years. Also it confirms that at least 50 children suffered the same abuses being Interns Center.

It also confirms the abuses of the daughters of one Reinaldo.

The abuses were carried out in a bar called SPAIN. Rodolfo Bellos recorded all abuses in home videos.

It also states that in place killed several girls with guns, but before sexually abused them.

Also reports that abused children in a villa called MAS DEL COLL.

A number of abused and injured children took them to hospital Vinaroz.

CARLOS FABRA CARRERAS frequented the famous BAR SPAIN, often in the official vehicle of the same council of PP Popular Party in Castellon, organized dinners with several children who brought the Center for Children, the meetings were made with several guests and others heads of the mega criminal organization in place were traded drugs especially cocaine and heroin also were consumed in place, there was meeting with his partner CARLO BOFANTE, for reviewing accounts and business profits. Another partner who collected money from drug business was MATEU JUAN FRANCISCO ROCA and called Sixco, who also met with BOFANTE. But it is very clear that the leader of the criminal organization was FABRA CARRERAS who directed all activities including those related to international drug trafficking connections in Panama.


The president of the council of Castellon and provincial president of the PP Popular Party presented swift and complaint charges that would severely accused, who allegedly damaged his public and private life closely related to PP, now again he is accused of Child abuse offenses.

Already in April 2002, in the courts of Vinaros, when a young MJJ, now 18, I bring in his statement very strong testimony and dozens of evidence relating to systematic sexual abuse of FABRA CARRERAS, when she was still a child and providing data from other criminal Relationships.

The statement gave no further details and evidence of the tremendous developments in the BAR SPAIN Benicarlo, place that also managed FABRA CARRERAS, especially in room number 12 place, with names on that occasion provided more data from other pedophile rapists, as Giuseppe Farina (EX PRESIDENT OF FOOTBALL CLUB MILAN), a French citizen named BERNARD ALAPETITE, already detained in France for similar crimes.



CARLOS FABRA CARRERAS a businessman and political liberal, with a key position as president of Aerocas, public airport management company Castellon. It would also be involved in issues with direct Relationships with drug trafficking, being accused by several witnesses in the prosecutor’s office in Spain as the leader of a network of drug trafficking, money laundering and parallel to a prostitution ring on a large scale.

Your relationship with the drug dates from its close relationship with the Bar Spain, which belonged to a great refined cocaine trafficker, Carlos Spain Minguez, arrested in 1999 after a removal of 16kgs of cocaine. FABRA also associated with an individual of Italian origin named Carlo Bofante Roy, in the Bar Spain, who took the drug to Italy and returned with the money, and Giuseppe Farina another drug dealer did the same in Spain, with other shipments from Panama to They recepcionaban Juan Mateu Caldes.

CARLOS FABRA CARRERAS also had direct Relationships with José Spain, the cocaine dealer and owner of Bar Spain and was well aware of these activities related to drug trafficking. Another of its main links of relationships with networks of cocaine was Ramon Jovani Puig who came with the ex-girlfriend of cocaine trafficker, Teresa Montilla, who ran the bar Spain while her boyfriend ex-boyfriend was in prison.

The Spanish judge Sofia Diaz, was thoroughly familiar with the activities of FABRA CARRERAS drug trafficking and other serious crimes and was who controlled all cases always trying to hide and manipulate processes one by one, to hide the links and the direct involvement of FABRA CARRERAS with international drug trafficking in particular.

CARLOS FABRA CARRERAS to be the main leader of these networks business being behind the same business and be who managed them, with all these data must respond directly to the charges of collusion with international drug trafficking and form an essential part of an international network drug trafficking which it was served.

In this way the direct relationship of political RACE CARLOS FABRA PP with drug trafficking is no longer a novelty. Although administration facilitates anonymous reporting on drug issues through Twitter, in this case given name, it has sent a letter to the anti-corruption prosecutor, through the County Council itself (leaving trail in case something happens): “I am aware of the danger to my life after filing this statement voluntarily performed to this prosecution, “says the author.

He noted that at the apex of international narcocriminal group was the president of the Diputación de Castellón, Carlos Fabra RACES. This mafia organization not only celebrating and filming these orgies with minors in a mess of trafficking of children, many of whom were sent from a public center nearby protected in Vinaròs, but were engaged in a wide range of illicit activities between they import and sale of cocaine from Panama and other drugs such as heroin, arms trafficking, hustling for judgments, political favors employers, trade in gold, etc.



Such is the degree of linkage and intimate links of the accused and criminal CARLOS FABRA RACES (EX provincial president of the PP) with the far-right party Partido Popular PP, the same political party PSOE, compares the offender CAREERS with ALCAPONE current PP government of Mariano Rajoy.

The spokesman for the Socialist group in the Corts, Manolo Mata this April 19, 2016, said Tuesday, opposite to various media such as the ABC of Valencia of Spain, who expects both the prosecution and parties in person in the proceedings “stop” the granting of the third grade prison as favoring the president of the Diputación de Castellón Carlos Fabra and has indicated that “Al Capone was not in third grade as soon or much less.”

This was stated Mata to the media when asked about his assessment of third degree awarded to Fabra by Judge prison supervision of Court No. 3 of Madrid and against the judgment of the General Secretariat of Penitentiary Institutions, after the president of the council has passed a year and nearly five months in the Madrid Aranjuez prison after the sentence to four years in prison for fraud to the Treasury in the ‘case Naranjax’.

“There is good news,” stressed the Socialist, who has indicated that “sometimes we compare the situation of some criminals with Al Capone, who fell for a tax offense, but was not in third grade as soon or much less “.

He admitted that the decision “is an act regulated in which the court assessed according says the law” and considered that “it is not bad news that Penitentiaries, governed by the PP, has opposed”. Furthermore, he assured that expects “the strength of prosecution and parties in person in the proceedings to stop that and that, at least, a penalty that has been very short in full compliance.”

Hearing Castellon Fabra sentenced in November 2013 to four years in prison for four offenses against the Treasury, to a fine of 693,074.33 euros and compensate the Treasury with the same amount by the total amount defrauded during the years 1999, 2000, 2002 and 2003 plus legal interest.

After the municipal elections of 2007, Carlos Fabra said he was “acquitted by the people. For his part, the leader of far-right, Mariano Rajoy, PP Popular Party in an act of complicity in his crimes and defending the accused, called to Fabra 2008 as “a model citizen.” the president of the Popular Party of Valencia and the community at that time (2010), Francisco Camps said, after the outbreak of the Gürtel case “very lucky” that had Fabra and Castellón province by having him.

In 2009 the Provincial Council of Castellón Popular Party PP presiding publishes a book where the dictator and exalts CRIMINAL AGAINST HUMANITY Spanish Francisco Franco, which clearly shows his great compliment to a criminal and criminal as Franco.


Carlos Fabra: “Rajoy is an honest guy but bad travel companion”

VALENCIA, 28 Sep. (EUROPA PRESS) – The president of the Delegation of Castellón Carlos Fabra has said on Wednesday that the PP leader and acting Prime Minister, Mariano Rajoy, is “an honest guy, but a bad travel companion “while he has accused the PP of” abandoning his people and very soon very fast, “especially” to people who owe much “as Rita Barberá.

This was Fabra indicated an interview with Radio International, gathered by Europa Press, which has argued that he is convicted of “a minor tax offenses” and not corruption, but has criticized that once the media they made him a “media corrupt, without any collateral or sentence”.

Fabra has assessed the situation of the PP has said that “in every family there are good sons and bad children,” referring to corruption. Therefore considers it “unfair” to accuse Rajoy of being responsible for a person commits a crime and has argued that the PP leader has “example of political transparency” and a “good and honest guy” but a ” bad travel companion. “

In fact, he admitted that he felt “very hurt” when Rajoy in an interview with Jordi Évole did not say that he was not convicted of a crime of corruption, but for a lower tax offense. “That itself has hurt me a lot and I was very disappointed as a person” because “he had a great personal esteem and had a close relationship and has not been to remove to clarify that it was not a corrupt,” he said.

Thus, in the interview he is disappointed for having served prison and claims that “I must be the few who are in jail for tax fraud.” “I’m a ‘media corrupt’ and I’m in jail without conviction for corruption offenses”.


On the other hand, Fabra wished the “best” that for many years was his party that has reprimanded “abandon his people and very soon very fast,” especially people who “owe much”. In his case, he remarked that there have been comrades who have been concerned about it but believes that, in general, gave “an affectionate little kick” and “abandoned to their fate”.

“There are people in the Executive of the PP who have not won in their life a bloody election and dare to pontificate about people who have been around in the PP and I am referring to Rita Barberá whom I admire because it has been the best mayor Valencia has had in its history, “he underlined.

In his view, Barberá “not corrupt” and “neither is the point of view of legality because no one yet has been convicted of corruption,” he has stressed adding that is “to die of laughter” that accuse the exalcaldesa of a crime of money laundering “per thousand euros”.

Regarding the president of the Generalitat Valenciana Francisco Camps he has said that he can “accuse him of anything but being a corrupt and bad people” because it is “a beautiful person and a gentleman”. “It’s a great friend and an honest man,” he remarked.

“Provincial politician”

Fabra has value to his work as head of the provincial corporation Castellon, a job that was dedicated to “body and soul” and got “great things” for the province. “I never had aspirations to go further even though I had many opportunities to be in a government of Spain or the Generalitat but I was not interested because I am a provincial politician,” he pointed Fabra.

The president of the council, sentenced to four years in prison for fraud to the Treasury in the ‘case Naranjax’, has admitted that “never” imagined he would end up in prison and noted that their stay has taught him to “comply with the established to not enter the prison because it is a bad place. “



Among other things, CARLOS FABRA CARRERAS is accused seriously of combining public office with business counseling through the company Camarcas SL dedicated to advising and consulting between 2000 and 2004. The documentation of Finance revealed that Fabra, sole administrator Camarcas, claimed at least seven different companies, some with contracts awarded public administration Castellon, amounting to 841,021 euros. Vicente Vilar, president castellonense partner was the businessman who claimed to have paid millions of dollars for his political Fabra efforts benefit when approval of plant protection products through that company commissions. Companies managed by Vilar, Naranjax and Commercial Chemical Industries Arcavi SL SL Camarcas paid more than 150,000 euros between 2000 and 2001.

The research focused on other companies in addition to those run by Vilar. Among the companies that made the company income Fabra were, among others, Cottocer SL, linked to businessman Fernando Roig, president of the known ceramic industry Pamesa, who joined more than 200,000 euros between 2000 and 2003 to Camarcas; and Azahar Planter and Irrigation SA was beneficiary of concessions of parks and gardens city of Castellon.

In July 2008 an investigation begins for alleged fraud to the Tax Office by the Court No. 1 of Nules and the Anti-Corruption Prosecutor for movements of money between 1999 and 20045 claiming sarcastically that he has won the lottery several times, failing to explain money laundering in their possession. The trial should have been held several years earlier, but have gone up to 8 judges to investigate the case and, at the time of the trial, all have been removed, making rig trials.

In June 2010, it is charged with the alleged crimes of bribery and influence peddling.

Carlos Fabra was accused in various crimes. In December 2010, the Provincial Court of Castellón said prescribed four of the five fiscal crimes for which he is charged with , but is charged with various crimes of influence peddling, for bribery and tax crime for the year 1999. In July 2008, the Supreme Court dismissed the appeal filed by Fabra, against the judicial investigation. Later, in 2011, the same Supreme Court made a review of the causes that had been dismissed in the trial of 2008 and declared itself incompetent to testify prescribed 4 crimes of which had been released Fabra. In early 2012 it was expected to be reopened causes to review, in order to identify responsibilities. In February 2013, the Supreme Court ordered that Carlos Fabra also be tried for bribery. In November 2013 he was sentenced to four years in prison for defrauding EUR 700 000 to finance, which eventually led him to abandon the Popular Party.

CARLOS FABRA CARRERAS was prosecuted for various crimes of influence peddling, for bribery and five tax crimes, crimes hiring and favored treatment, and was sentenced in November 2013 to four years in prison for defrauding EUR 700 000 to the Treasury .

CARLOS FABRA CARRERAS is indicted on charges of influence peddling, bribery and against the Treasury in 2013, in the Provincial Court of CASTELLON SECTION ONE, by Expedited Procedure No. 30/2011 of the Court of Instruction No. 1 of Nules, with accusatory judgment No. 354, by magistrates Don ESTEBAN SOLAZ solace, SANCHO PEDRO LUIS GARRIDO, AURORA DE DIEGO GONZALEZ. The process details that I do CARLOS favoring the company FABRA CARRERAS of plant protection products and their own company NARANJAX CARMACAS SL, even at the expense of public finances, pursuing their own illicit enrichment.

They have intervened in the proceedings against CARRERAS, the Special Prosecutor against Corruption, represented by the Attorney Hon. Mr. Luis Pastor Motta, the State Tax Administration Agency represented by the lawyer of Ms. state. Barbara Carles Aranda as popular accusation Consumers Union of Valencia -UCE- represented by Counsel Ms. Ana Serrano Calduch with the assistance of Maître D. Francisco Antonio Women Judges, and the aforementioned defendants represented the first two, by Counsel Ms. Eva Maria Pesudo Arenós and three by the solicitors Dª. Maria Teresa Palau Jericho, Ms. Villa Maria Carmen Ballester and Ms. Marisa Broch Candide, and defended respectively by the lawyers, D. Javier Boix Reig, Ms. Susana Boix Palop, Eduardo Palacios-Wenley Carreras, D. Vicente Grima Lizandra, and D. Alfredo Ulldemolins Salvador, where Judge Speaker Hon. Mr. Pedro Luis Garrido Sancho, which expresses the opinion of the Court.

The prosecution, in its final conclusions, described the facts of the process as it felt that had been tested, as constituting a continuing offense of influence peddling of Articles 74 and 428 CP, a continuing offense of bribery of Articles 74 and 419 CP and a continuing offense of bribery of Articles 74 and 423.1 CP, as well as seven offenses against public finances envisaged and punishable under Article 305 CP, and accusing Carlos Fabra Carreras as the author of the continuous crimes of influence peddling , bribery (Article 419 CP).

At that time Carreras is sentenced to a year in prison for the continued crime of influence peddling and five years of ineligibility for public office; four years in prison by the continuing offense of bribery, fined 600,000 euros, ten years of special disqualification from public office and confiscation of the amounts received (art 431 CP); and for offenses against public finances: the for 1999, two years imprisonment and a fine of 460,000 euros; by for 2000, two years imprisonment and a fine of 250,000 euros; by for 2002, two years imprisonment and a fine of 350,000 euros; and the for the year 2003, two years imprisonment and a fine of 320,000 euros.

In relation to crimes against the Treasury it is also concerned with the loss of the possibility of obtaining subsidies or public aid and enjoy benefits or tax incentives for five years and also Carlos Fabra Carreras shall indemnify the Treasury in 231.155’52 € , 124.078’13 €, 174.836’69 € and € 163.003’99 and Maria. Amparo Fernandez Blanes in 154.237’10 €, 128.510’87 € and € 145.250’52 plus interest accrued from the last day of voluntary submission of tax returns, in accordance with artr. LEC 576, in relation to art. 36 LGP.

The UCE Prosecution in its final conclusions described the facts as a continuing offense of bribery of Articles 419, 420 and 423 CP, a continuing offense of influence peddling of the arts. CP 428 and 429, as well as seven offenses against public finances of art. CP 305, and accusing Carlos Fabra Carreras as the author of the continuous crimes of influence peddling (art. 428 CP), bribery (Article 419 CP).

At that time, Carlos Fabra Carreras, is sentenced to a year in prison for the continuing offense of influence peddling, with a fine of € 2.187.684’06, and six years of ineligibility for public office; four years in prison for continued crime of bribery (Article 419 CP.), a fine of 450,000 euros and twelve years of special disqualification from public employment or office; and for offenses against public finances: the for 1999, two years and six months imprisonment and a fine of 1.386.933’10 euros; by for 2000, two years and six months imprisonment and a fine of 744.468’78 euros; by for 2002, two years and six months imprisonment and a fine of 1.049.020’10 euros; and the for the year 2003, two years and six months imprisonment and a fine of 978.023’94 euros.

As for civil liability, Carlos Fabra Carreras 886.475’89 must respond euros, in both cases with late payment interest and the costs, including those of the accusation.

CARLOS FABRA CARRERAS request at that time his acquittal, with all favorable statements, claiming statute of limitations of their favored treatment performed. Requesting a reduction of sentence in two degrees (art. 66.1º.2ª CP). In addition to the prescription of the crime of influence peddling, also he alleged mitigating such as highly qualified.

Additional data for serious crimes to public finance

In the community of Valencia granted the third grade prison to Carlos Fabra, against the criteria of Prisons

The provincial president of the PP and the Provincial Council of Castellón, Carlos Fabra, has won the third grade prison by Judge prison supervision of Court No. 3 of Madrid, a year and nearly five months after joining the Madrid prison Aranjuez, after the sentence to four years in prison for fraud to the Treasury in the ‘case Naranjax’.

This decision has occurred against the judgment of the General Secretariat of Penitentiary Institutions, which opposed the granting of the third degree, why Fabra only have to go to spend the night in prison.

Currently the former leader is popular is held at the prison in Aranjuez and was ranked second degree, which had allowed him to enjoy various regular furloughs from prison.

Hearing Castellon Fabra sentenced in November 2013 to four years in prison for four offenses against the Treasury, to a fine of 693,074.33 euros and compensate the Treasury with the same amount by the total amount defrauded during the years 1999, 2000, 2002 and 2003 plus legal interest.

The room appreciated the mitigating circumstance of undue delay. The request Fabra prison by Prosecutor came to reach 13 years in prison, a fine of 1.98 million euros and 693,000 euros compensation. However, the judgment acquitting him of charges of influence peddling and bribery.

Denial of pardon

Carlos Fabra entered in the Madrid prison Aranjuez on December 1, 2014, ten days after the government agreed to deny clemency petition requested by the ‘popular’ former leader, who filed the petition in late August at the Ministry of Justice after confirmation by the Supreme Court of the judgment that condemned him.

Thus, Carlos Fabra to prison after a trial and a judgment in November 2013 ended a true ‘marathon’ court, whose instruction lasted over a decade and many changes in the court of Nules charge of the case, through which passed up to nine judges.

The origin of the process stood in December 2003, when businessman Vicente Vilar, owner of the firm Naranjax and until then friend Fabra, filed two lawsuits in the courts of Nules in accusing the president of the council of charging money change to favor your business in the placing of plant protection products. In this report, in 2005, another of the Tax Agency joined for alleged tax fraud, the court declared admissible and annexed to and open process.

Corruption Trial

Crossed paths Carlos Fabra and Mario Conde

Cross Roads. Judge prison supervision number 3 of Madrid, María del Prado Torrecilla, who decreed Monday the third grade prison to the president of the Diputación de Castellón Carlos Fabra was suspended from her duties for 7 months by the General Council of the Judiciary (CGPJ) in 2003.

It was sanctioned by the pressures exerted on his partner Reyes Jimeno in favor of granting the third penitentiary degree to exbanquero Mario Conde, who at the time was serving a sentence for the ‘case Banesto’. the request of the Prosecutor for was expelled from the race was not accepted.

Being more than 6 months, the suspension was imposed Torrecilla in 2003 it meant the loss of destination as supervising judge of the capital since recovered later, once he competed back to the square fulfilled the sanction.

The resolution issued Monday in favor of Fabra has occurred against the judgment of the General Secretariat of Penitentiary Institutions, which opposed the granting of the third degree by which Fabra only have to go to spend the night in prison.

The CGPJ agreed to suspend Torrecilla unanimously. As reported by the then Council spokesman and current judge of the High Court, Enrique Lopez found responsible for a serious disciplinary offense under Article 417.4 of the Organic Law of Judicial Power (OLJ), which punishes “meddling by orders or pressures of any kind, in the exercise of judicial authority of another judge or magistrate “.

However, the specific sanction of seven months of suspension was passed by 10 votes against nine other members, belonging to the progressive sector of the organ, they wanted it to be suspended for two years, as proposed by the instructor of the disciplinary proceedings.

The instructor Torrecilla disciplinary proceedings against the judge, Judge Eduardo Calvo, called a second penalty of one year suspension for the alleged pressure from the judge to the director of the prison of Alcala-Meco, which is being held Conde. This second penalty was rejected by the Council.

Crimes favors

Convicted Carlos Fabra to return to former rider Alex Debon a loan of 368,000 euros

The athlete was supported by the Delegation of Castellón in the stage of PP leader.

New court against negative for the interests of Carlos Fabra. The Court of First Instance number 4 of Castellon has condemned the president of the Provincial Government and the PP in the province to pay the sum of 360,000 euros plus interest at Alex Debon, a professional ex pilot motorcycle, he borrowed that amount between 2010 2013.

The judgment also provides for the payment of default interest, agreed by both parties at 0.50% pa over Euribor, amounting to over 8,000 euros, according to sources of the Superior Court of Valencia (TSJCV) .

The athlete was supported by the Delegation of Castellón in the stage of Fabra, currently serving jail term, who then responded with a loan.

The ruling states that the athlete gave the former politician said amount through four deliveries. Thus, in 2010 it gave 125,000 euros in 2011, 150,000 euros, in 2012 I provide 25,000 euros and finally in 2013, the pilot handed him 60,000 euros. According to the judgment, Fabra promised to return the full amount before December 31, 2014.

According to the judge, the pilot tried to reach a settlement with the president of the council to recover the money, but “the results were unsuccessful, so the applicant has been the need to bring demand ‘.

In addition, the resolution explained that the defendant ‘has ignored extrajudicial claims’.

Once the application admissible, transfer was given to the defendant to answer within 20 days, ‘he did not so the party was declared legal situation of rebellion’. Finally, on March 31, 2016 public hearing was noted, which appeared only the pilot, who was ratified in his suit, claim that the Court, in the absence of opposition, estimates in its entirety.

The ex number two of Carlos Fabra, in the dock for corruption

The prosecutor asked four years in prison for felony Francisco Martinez prevarication, influence peddling, fraud and prohibited illegal negotiations

The former vice president of the Delegation of Castellón Francisco Martinez (former “right hand” of jailed Carlos Fabra) said Monday that it had no knowledge of that part of the land on which was to be built the treatment plant Borriol was a company of its family, and said that he did not read technical reports.

Martinez, who was “right hand” of Carlos Fabra in the provincial institution made these statements before the judge in the first trial session that has begun in the Provincial Court of Castellón where it is also processed the former mayor of Borriol Adelino Santamaria, the two sons Martinez, Raul Babiloni this partner and one of its employees.

The prosecutor asked four years in prison for Martínez for offenses of corruption, influence peddling, illegal fraud and prohibited by understanding that was put in agreement with Santamaria to obtain an “illegal patrimonial benefit” in the expropriation of the land of the sewage negotiations .

Martinez questions the prosecutor, has said that the treatment plant project was approved “in a commission, along with fifteen other projects,” and did not know its content -the which, he said, occupied 2,600 folios- because “no deputy read projects. “

The former vice president said that “we are not politicians who reviewed the projects or read” but “technicians are those who refer the reports without political participate”.

Martinez has claimed no knowledge of the land on which was to be built the treatment plant Borriol, among which, according to the indictment of the prosecution, was the plot 42, which was owned by the company Franvaltur, of which he was a partner with her two children, then they processed.

The plot 42, according to the account of the facts the prosecutor, had added to the land affected by the expropriation to build the sewage treatment plant was once the County Council which had jurisdiction over the project.

Martinez has said he knew the facts “in 2014 by the press” because when her daughter brought the farm to Franvaltur in 2011, “it was autonomous and made his own decisions.”

The former vice president has said he did not know that he signed the inclusion of such a plot on the grounds of the treatment plant in 2013 because “I do not read the reports.”

Asked by the counsel for the defense, Martinez said that “no influence” on the technicians of the council, or Babiloni to represent him without your family name or reached agreement with Santamaría for a decision that would benefit them .

During the session he has also declared his daughter, Andrea Martinez, who was manager Franvaltur and contributed to the commercial parcel 42 “notary” and the presence of his father.

Asked about the increase in the capital of Franvaltur, 6,000 euros to 600,000 in four years, Andrea Martinez said that was a result of contributions by “donations of personal assets and various heritages”.

He explained that in the summer of 2013 told Raul Babiloni, who was a partner in another company, which had to sign an agreement of expropriation with the City of Borriol for the purification of Borriol, something which, he said, did not inform his father.

Andrea Martinez said that being studying abroad became manager Franvaltur his brother, who in turn signed a power in favor of Luis Garcia del Campillo, employee Babiloni.

His brother, Francisco Martinez, said he signed power because “I could not go to sign” but “did not know what it was,” nor he told his father because he “had other priorities.”

Tuesday will continue the session with the declaration of the other three defendants and 19 witnesses testify next week from 22 to 25 February.

Among the mop and dominoes: thus runs the stay of Carlos Fabra in prison in Aranjuez

Among mops and dominoes. The president of the Delegation of Castellón and the PP in the province, Carlos Fabra, is serving four years in prison in prison in Aranjuez for defrauding 700,000 euros to finance the case ‘Naranjax’, a short life behind bars dedicating in part to play dominoes, watching television, not usually eat menu prison.

Thus a photo essay published in the magazine Interviú, where you see Fabra, which according to the publication call him ‘Don Carlos’ or ‘Mr F.’ at different times of his prison life as playing dominoes with other prisoners taking a drink from a known brand while watching a football match of prisoners, talking on the phone or in food, dressed in jeans and sneakers.

His imprisonment is a hoax as it receives a “privileged” treatment, state prisoners.

Widespread corruption in Valencia a pillar of support CARLOS FABRA CARRERAS

The trickle of court cases in recent years has hindered the image of the region and generated a hole equivalent to four percent of GDP

“Operation Taula” has discovered a “criminal organization” infitrada in the administrations of Valencia since 2003, has meant the last straw for the image of a region that, despite having led for years the Spanish economic growth, it has been stigmatized by constant corruption.

Valencian companies are leaders in export, as well as its port; Ford automotive plant in Almussafes leading vehicle production across the country; the model of companies like Mercadona, with more than 74,000 employees, is studied in universities around the world; and the tourism industry, with Benidorm and its sustained success formula for decades, has catapulted the increase of international visitors to Spain.

However, the incessant drip of corruption, which has particularly affected the Popular Party (and to a lesser extent the PSPV) after twenty years of government in the Generalitat and twenty-four in municipalities such as Valencia, have generated the ennui of society civil and generated an economic hole that the current regional government rises to four percent of the regional domestic product, equivalent to a range of between EUR 3,800 and 4,000 million, according to “studies” (not officially shown) which claims the Consell who chairs the socialist Ximo Puig.

Hearing Castellón sentenced in November 2013 to four years in prison the president of the council and the Popular Party in the province Carlos Fabra, four crimes against the Treasury under the case known as Naranjax. That was for years the leader of the popular in the province of Castellón have to pay a fine of 693,000 euros and compensate the Treasury in the same amount.

The Court acquitted the former leader of the PP (still serving a sentence) offenses of bribery and influence peddling. During the hearing, the prosecutor said he saw no “reasonable” explanation for where he got money the president of the Castellón County Council and former head of the PP in the province for income listed on their accounts. With a host of illegal and black business under the sleeve.


According to a corruption scheme published by the newspaper El Pais, states that the auto Judge Nules Castellon, denounces a criminal network that falsified stamps, chemical analyzes, stamps and signatures, presenting, knowing of their falsity, to the Ministry of Agriculture of the Spanish State, in order to expedite and obtain licenses to sell various pesticides from a company that did not meet the legal requirements for marketing in Spain.

Network involved in the scam:

CARLOS FABRA CARRERAS (high Popular Party politician PP).


MONSERRAT VIVES (married to VICENTE VILAR until April 2003).


CARLOS FABRA CARRERAS, the company believe its CARMACAS property, in August 2000, to provide consulting services, employment counseling, with a facade of training and prevention of occupational hazards.

VILAR, owner of NARANJAX, formulated crop protection products.

MARIA AMPARO FERNANDEZ and MONSERRAT VIVES, created ARTEMIS 2000, in 1998, for illegal authorization management on plant protection products by brokering the Spanish Ministry of Agriculture and the Ministry of Health, who then would the illegal marketing authorization of NARANJAX its products. In return NARANJAX, the session was the exclusive distribution of products NARANJAX to 2000. In this meganegociado ARTEMIS ARTEMIS 2000, payment into an opportunity over 48,884 euros, only in August 2000 to CARMAX, on account of different consultancies, as stated in the documentation and the declaration of VILAR.


All necessary documentation to impute the criminal and accused CARLOS FABRA CARRERAS is stored in an international repository of key information that is freely accessible to be used at the discretion at any judgment based on the principle of respect UNIVERSAL HUMAN RIGHTS AND full respect for the dozens of victims:







At the moment the main accused CARLOS FABRA CARRERAS with several leaders of his MEGA criminal organization , they have launched a tremendous onslaught of legal type supported by a LEGAL CRIMINAL MAFIA OF SPANISH UNITED , this against several of his victims mainly against REINALDO NAVARRO COLAS father of a daughters raped and humiliated, who was the one who dared to challenge the political powers fACTUAL mega mafia who heads now CARLOS FABRA CARRERAS by the network of high Popular Party PP politicians. Now REINALDO COLAS for the simple fact formally charge him in court for the countless crimes of LESA HUMANITY mainly against several children and their own children, he faces a tremendous legal onslaught (a charge of defamation), this 10 October 2016 in corrupt courts Spanish, rigged legal process tremendously, for purposes of silence this international condemnation and no more talk of this mega political scandal, or in the media or in the courts. A MEGA scandal involving high officials of the Spanish political class, senior enterprise business men, clubs Spanish cream and the same hierarchy of the judiciary. It is our duty as international organization that defends human rights in the world to launch the alarms and global alerts for this tremendous onslaught CRIMINALS, which should purge their sentences AGAINST HUMANITY by the systematic violation of the rights of those who were its victims at the time, and now they try to make them appear as their victimizers. Ironically now they are trying by all means imprisoning the victim for a term of 6 six years if possible and silence.


CARLOS FABRA CARRERAS with several leaders of his MEGA criminal organization , have started another tremendous onslaught of legal type supported by a CRIMINAL MAFIA , mainly against JOAQUIN CRESPO MARQUES, only for having publicly denounced serious crimes and criminal acts of the fabric of this mafia relation to crimes of trafficking and child trafficking and international drug trafficking, now faces a legal onslaught (a charge of defamation) this October 10, 2016 in Spanish corrupt courts, an equally rigged legal process, for purposes of silence this international condemnation and let to speak of this mega political scandal, or in the media or in the courts. A MEGA SCANDAL IN RELATION TO TRAFFICKING AND CHILDREN AND DRUG TRAFFICKING involving senior enterprise business individuals and the same hierarchy of the judiciary. It is our duty also as an international organization Human Rights defends human rights, global alerts at this tremendous onslaught CRIMINALS, which should purge their sentences AGAINST HUMANITY. Also now trying by all means imprisoning the victim complainant for a term of 6 six years if possible and silence.


Accused of crimes against humanity now cite victims to an oral trial this coming October 10, 2016, under threats to prevent these continue to be reported in the media and the courts, the horrendous crimes carried out by the low mafia express orders of the ringleaders of the organization, even under the threat of imprisonment if they continue in that task.

The presence of all possible media, popular movements and organizations that defend human rights law Human in Spain, to break this tremendous mafia that has now involved in its network to almost entire judicial and political power in their favor is needed.


Date of Judgment: 10 OCTOBER 2016.

Judgment Time: 10:00 AM (Spain)

Place: Room 7 hearing of this Court. City of Justice, Boulevard Blasco Ibanez 10, of the town of CASTELLON.


The international petition open to bring to trial in the International Criminal Court to Carlos Fabra Carreras and his organized crime network is properly formulated and published on the following link to the CHANGE.ORG organization:



For the detail of serious crimes against humanity that point the defendant CARLOS FABRA CARRERAS and members of their Mega Red Criminal, it is necessary to apply the full rigor of the law on the main defendant and involved and organisms called by law must act immediately for the accused or indicted for various crimes are immediately brought to the high courtrooms of the cOURT oF tHE INTERNATIONAL cRIMINAL cOURT to account for the myriad of criminal charges and reparations are immediately the tremendous damage caused to third parties and purge one ejemplarizadora sentence.

Justice and respect for the law must prevail , against all attacks of the now belligerent in all Spanish agencies tremendous eaten away by corruption prevailing in the European peninsula Spanish criminal mafia.


People who have had or have a relationship or link whatsoever with the accused CARLOS FABRA CARRERAS they will be subject to investigation and if proven indicted them on charges of complicity, including suffering a moral sanction, with their respective inclusion in the International List of Corrupt and CLH – Criminals and crimes against humanity.





















































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