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By: Fabríz’zio Txavarría Velázquez Inv. CENIC (Division of Advanced Studies).

NEW YORK-EUA.- AGPROG(16-08-2014).-Behind the recent outbreak of Ebola virus in Africa and its spread throughout the world would be the black hand of USA and laboratory biological weapons research at Fort Detrick in Maryland USA again, and Lab called P4 (P4 Laboratory) led by the Department of Defense (DOD-US Department of Defense) and the Pentagon, where he would have modified and altered the virus several years ago, for fatal dissemination, all with the aim of economic benefit of this industry biological weapons and / or pharmacist, as well as in compliance with the agenda of planetary depopulation of large areas, the worst thing is that the center of Fort Detrick already have cures for many of the virus spread in the world by themselves, as the HIV / AIDS, modified anthrax and Ebola same case also modified by them, antidotes or cures, or disseminated not come to light until she reached several of its planned objectives.


According to researcher Karen Mendez RT network, thoroughly investigates the relationship of the American Military Biological Research Center Fort Detrick with the recent Ebola outbreak in Africa and who have benefited pandemics throughout history, especially Biotecnofarma mafia.

The alarm generated in the global population various corporate media, especially CNN, about the Ebola outbreak in African, then his insistence on the vaccine was found to cure this disease, many things uncovered and economic benefit you will want to give certain corporations biotechnology and bio-pharmaceutical closely related to military biological research center at Fort Detrick.

On Monday, August 4, 2014, CNN launched the “exclusive” saying that American authorities offered an untested in humans to treat Ebola, a magic cure treatment according to them. They reported that the drug had been administered to the American Dr. Kent Brantly, touched by this disease in Africa, and that the effects on the patient had been “miraculous”. The drug was developed by the biotechnology company based in San Diego, USA, Biopharmaceutica Mapp, whose scientific team works with the American military no more and no less in the military center of development of biological weapons at Fort Detrick, dependent Department of Defense, and a year ago the modified inoculated a group of monkeys to Ebola virus. It was also reported that the cure thereof and Ebola have just patented to generate revenues and profits thereon.

Recall recently, the June 22, 2014, also denounced the deliberate release into the air of a new deadly bacterium ANTHRAX by the United States after a military experiment. The new bacteria ANTHRAX was part of a top secret program to create new biological weapons by the Pentagon and its US Military Industrial Complex in his secret plan to create a new kind of bacteria more resistant to removal humans only remained the deactivation phase of the bacteria, in creating the antidote and only realized a flaw in the process, when it was too late. At that time over 100 military scientists were exposed to lethal strain of Anthrax. For this secret project of DARPA, the same President OBAMA and Pentagon officials, they would be in the spotlight to be judged by the International Law for crimes against humanity for what happened. They authorized the creation of a virus similar to other pathogens such as HIV, again in his military laboratory at Fort Detrick complex was again involved in the project.

On another occasion, a military scientist CDC Center for Preventive Control and Research dependent virus Fort Detrick, mixed a deadly strain of bird flu with a harmless strain, to generate a more powerful and lethal subsequently sent this material to another laboratory. It has not yet confirmed the existence of people infected as a result of what happened in January, but scientists from other laboratories worked with dangerous mix for months before being discovered. Center Military officials described the incident as the most worrisome of a number of security issues that had this laboratory of the government agency in recent years. In addition, we also learned another incident, when other potentially infectious samples modified for military use virus, Anthrax had been carried and used for experiments in three laboratories CDC, from Maryland, which were not equipped to handle them. Employees of these laboratories, thinking that the bacteria had been disabled, did not use protective suits.


The Fort Detrick, located in Maryland (USA), is a center of biological research and development of chemical and biological weapons for over 50 years dedicated to modify virus for military purposes, such as to detect disease through “engineering manipulated infection.”

During World War II, Fort Detrick launched an intensive research on biological warfare was supervised by microbiologist Dr. George Merck, a major ally of Hitler and President of one of the largest pharmaceutical companies in USA, that even today dominates the market for drugs.

Fort Detrick has been the focus of biological weapons program of the United States from 1943 to the present, while inheriting all the database of biological weapons of Nazi Germany, creating an office for this purpose the Institute of Infectious Diseases Army (USAMRIID).

And is that one of the many things that you copied the American government of Nazism was its biowarfare program that was implemented during the Third Reich. Through Operation Paperclip, the intelligence services and US military, secretly brought to the United States over 700 Nazi scientists to extract from them all their secrets in chemical weapons and biological medical experimentation.

It was in 1946 and the Harry Truman recruited leading scientists who worked for Hitler. One of the major Nazi records was Dr. Eric Troub responsible for biological weapons section of the Third Reich. This expert in viral diseases came to USA in 1949 and since then he started working in the United States Navy, from there he began to investigate the 40 most virulent strains of the world and how to modify them to war, in addition to providing advice to members of the Department of Defense, CIA and Fort Detrick’s called Bioguerreros.

It is alleged that from Fort Detrick were amended and inoculated virus such as HIV / AIDS, Ebola, bubonic plague, anthrax and West Nile Virus, and since 1960.

In the 70s the renamed Fort Detrick. Now called Frederick facilities for Research on Cancer, which is overseen by the Department of Defense, Department of Homeland Security, CIA and National Cancer Institute (NCI-National Cancer Institute). It is also at the center where the Special Virus Cancer Program (RCDS – US Special Virus Cancer Program) also developed under the National Cancer Institute, a secret program of the DOD and the Pentagon on Cancer Research (1962-1978) where initially in this laboratory is trying to design a kind of contagious cancer that can selectively remove and kill the enemy.

Research and developed new pathogens is carried out by the Special Operations Division (SOD-Special Operation Division), with scientists at Ft. Detrick, Maryland under the supervision of the CIA Central Intelligence Agency of the USA, the Agency MI6 of England and the Research and Development division Pathogen Israeli Mossad, several of the projects are confidential and top secret character. A reference to these projects can be found in “Intelligence Community” by Fain et al, Bowker, 1977.

Litton Bionetics Corp a biological weapons contractor for the DOD Department of Defense, was also involved in the RCDS by the NCI for the development of deadly pathogens and viruses, and earned millions in profits from 1960 to late 1972.


In the city of Maryland more than 500 families affected by cancer suspect because of his illness is due to biological and chemical experiments that produced Detrick military barracks near their homes.

In September 2010, the American chain own FOX, released a report in which they interview people who live near the facilities of Fort Detrick, Maryland.

One of the testimonies is Farmer Bill Krantz, who has a lifetime living near Fort Detrick. He himself says that as a child he saw that “from the Barracks chemicals sprayed in the fields and people from helicopters, airplanes and hot air balloons.” The same Mr. Krantz tells of talking to the Chief Safety Fort Detrick and this I assure you that fell over his land and his family was harmless, and were inoculants to protect them. But over the years several relatives of Krantz now have several types of cancer.

Another resident of the area says that audiovisual report of FOX ‘I moved to Frederick in 1992 I married Deborah Cross in 1993 and were married 19 years. My daughter Kristen René Hernández died of brain cancer in 2008 my wife died in 2010 of kidney cancer metastasis to the brain came. “He says they have done tests with hydrochemical around the military base and they are the same dioxides that found in the blood of his wife and daughter, with the same molecular fingerprint of a chemical extracted around the place.


In 2011, former President of Guatemala, Álvaro Colom denounced the United States in 696 inoculated venereal diseases Guatemalans during 1946 and 1948, under the guise of vaccinations to the population. Faced with such a scandal, all the United States said was “excuse us”. But Guatemala is not the only country affected by these scientific aberrations USA, is a long list of crimes against humanity that have made this country as biological warfare.

In 1931, Cornelius Rhoads Rockefeler sponsored by the Institute and who was part of the Atomic Energy Commission of USA, infected hundreds of Puerto Rican citizens with cancer cells while conducting medical experiments.

In 1951, the United States used feathers of birds infected with anthrax modified to cause fever in North Korea and then inoculate yellow fever in that country.

In 1962, USA polluted boat sugarcane stopped in Puerto Rico towards the Soviet Union.

In 1966, the Pentagon did break several vials of Bacillus subtilis on grates in New York Metro exposing more than 1 million people to this bacteria.

In 1970, Fort Detrick developed molecular biology techniques to produce retrovirus from others through genetic manipulation, now known as HIV, all as part of a military project for Africa, which was later denounced by several military officers of high rank, funny thing is that these discoverers of the virus in 1984, the same participants were military draft in 1970, and nobody said anything about blaming some African monkeys as deadly virus spread.

In the 70s, USA developed Operation Mongoose. The CIA different virus inoculated into Cuba as epiphyte Roya cane cane to affect different parts of the country, African swine fever, which forced the culling of more than 700 pigs and snuff blue mold that destroyed more than 85% of these plantations.

In 1981, Cuba introduced the virus of Dengue Hemorrhagic modified again, that cost the lives of 158 Cubans, 61 of them children. Since that time this virus has caused millions of deaths in South America, with the approval of the United States

In 1990 in Los Angeles they applied experimentally measles vaccine in black and Hispanic babies, more docile population, who inoculated with virus strains modified test as part of a US DOD Project, to see effects of these new viruses.

In 1995, the United States Government He admitted that he offered to war criminals and Japanese scientists large sums of money and immunity in exchange for information on the research conducted on biological warfare, similar to that of the Nazis Paper Clip Project.

A week after the attack on the Twin Towers, America suffered a strange modified anthrax attack. In June 2008, Dr. Bruce Ivins, a scientist at American Army bioweapons committed suicide before being charged by these attacks. But HE Dr. Ivins is not the only scientist who dies under mysterious circumstances.

In July 2003, British scientist Dr. David Kelly was found dead inside his home, then give him a secret interview with the BBC, in which he confesses that it was totally false that Iraq had weapons of mass destruction and it was simply an excuse to invade and plunder the country. This generated many questions, but also exposed the wicked world of biological warfare in the United States and Britain.

In 2009 and 2010, the Department of Defense and the Fort Detrick laboratories are involved with BioPharma corporations in the development of new modified strains of avian and swine flu, with subsequent smuggling to Europe and China. The strange thing is that months after a general, global flu epidemic emerged, this favored the WHO and pharmaceutical chains to raise the global pandemic scale, which facilitated them to sell their drugs, forcing nations to consume their products and its application to the population. Biotechnology corporations: KlaxoSmithKline, Novartis and Gilead Sciences closely related to the Department of Defense and Project Fort Detrick, now saw their profits increase multibillonariamente full view of governments, and still do today.

Although the Convention on Chemical and Biological Weapons outlawing the production, stockpiling and use of biological weapons, the United States remains the largest arsenals immovable of these weapons of mass destruction and was the first country to apply to nations. We can never forget what they did against the Vietnamese and Cambodian people sadly remembered the “Agent Orange”, manufactured between USG and Bayer Pharmaceutical. Bayer scored huge profits during and after the war.

Since 2001, the United States has spent about $ 50,000 billion in bioweapons. Before leaving, former President George Bush allocated for fiscal year 2009, nearly 9,000 million dollars for spending on bioweapons, ie 39% more than what was allocated for 2008.

But it has also been reported that these bioweapons have reached irresponsible hands. So it was with the case of Cuba, where agents of the Central Intelligence United States CIA, was handed to members of the terrorist group “Omega 7” bacteriological weapons to introduce them in Cuba and end the Revolution. The leader of the Cuban Revolution, Fidel Castro denounced in his time at the UN, but it took many years for the world could confirm the veracity of these claims.


The first study was conducted in 1957 by scientists meeting in Huntsville, Alabama. That study resulted in the project “Alternative 3”. Another study was conducted by the most powerful business group multibillion: The Club of Rome in 1968 with the aim of determining the Limits of Human Growth. The result of the study was that civilization as we know it would collapse shortly after the year 2000, and natural resources become scarce for the hegemonic powers, including the capitalist system itself would be in danger unless the population is severely reduced, for some medium, either by hunger or disease. Several intelligence agencies of the American government, made ​​recommendations to the ruling elite by Dr. Aurelio Peccei Director of Club of Rome at the time.

The main recommendation was the development of pathogens that attack the immune system and thus make the development of a vaccine immediately impossible. The orders given were to develop pathogens and also develop prophylactic. Pathogens could be used against the general population and could be introduced by vaccine administered by WHO complicity World Health Organization, O.P.S. Pan American Health Organization and health agencies inland, in Africa, South America and Asia. The cure will be administered to the survivors when they decide that enough people have died and see fit. This plan was called Global Plan 2000.


Since much of the population would be decimated, the ruling elite also decided to direct its agents to “undesirable elements of society” for extermination. The specific objectives would be Hispanic and black populations of Africa, the poor, with large population continents like Asia and basically the large population of the Third World, called by this elite population Garbage or waste or spoil.


The order was given by the Committee on Foreign Policy BILDERBERG GROUP based in Switzerland. They are also recommended other measures that can more easily substantiate the policy of depopulation of Haig and Henry Kissinger which is managed and administered by the State Department and the Pentagon in all countries.

The need for the creation and deployment of lethal virus, is fully described in policy decisions control population of the United States as a cheap option and is included in a study called Memorandum of Studio 200 National Security (NSSM National Security Studio Memoradum-200) from 1974, written and presented by Henry Kissinger in the mega conference on population control, held in Bucharest, Romania.

The name of the report is confidential “Limits to Growth” A REPORT FOR THE CLUB OF ROME, the PROJECT ON THE PLIGHT OF HUMANITY. In April 1968, the study began in the Accademia dei Lincei in Rome, Italy. They gathered in the research of Dr. Aurelio Peccei. Secret recommendations of the results of the study were made ​​by Dr. Aurelio Peccei.

A team of scientists at MIT, Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT by the initials of its name in English, Massachusetts Institute of Technology) located in Cambridge, Massachusetts (USA), was involved in the project with the Whitaker College of Health Sciences and Technology, to study and report to the Club of Rome.

When the study was completed in 1969, the Secretary-General U Thant made ​​this statement:

“Not to sound over dramatic, but I can only conclude from the information that is available to me as Secretary-General, that the Members of the United Nations have perhaps ten years in which to subordinate their ancient quarrels and launch a global partnership for stop the arms race, to alleviate and curb the population explosion, and to provide the necessary impetus to development efforts.

If such a global partnership is not built within the next decade, then I very much fear that the problems I have mentioned will reach such gigantic proportions that are beyond our ability to control. “

Statement of Secretary of O.N.U. : U Thant, 1969.

It was based on these recommendations to the governments of the USA and England took the baton and took several decisions to develop and release these pathogens especially on Third World societies, which lie in particular wealth and natural resources and so useful, for the first modern capitalist and industrial world.


The Bilderberg Group, the Club of Rome, the Trilateral Commission (TC) and the Council of Foreign Affairs of USA (CFR), all masonic institutions are in complete control of most of the world, together with the pharmaceutical industry and have declared war against the people in general of all free nations, who do not think like them and they use the resources they now require. If they see that their plans are not met as they wish, they are capable of executing other more serious plans against the sovereignty, freedom and democracy in the villages.


But own former American officials went further. Former World Bank President, former Secretary of State of the United States, who ordered the massive bombing of Vietnam, and who was a member of the Expanded Program on Immunization, Robert McNamara, once said to a French newspaper: “We must take action draconian population reduction against the will of the people. Reducing the birth rate has proved to be impossible or insufficient. We must therefore increase the mortality rate. How? By natural means. Hunger and disease. “With these words, again the Nazi resurgence has started thinking in the USA, this time at the hands of its leaders and corporations.


The new Ebola GM this time becomes a truly horrible disease that causes cells to self-destruct body progressively, leading to massive internal and external bleeding body. In its later stages, Ebola causes the victim to enter into convulsions, vomiting and bleeding from the eyes and ears, while still convulsing, spewing blood everywhere and no one can be close to the sick, the high risk of infection. This horrible end of the infected, is the reason that Ebola spreads so effectively, and seems to be cleverly designed. The virus turns the patient into a “blood pump” makes the victim then throw blood all around the world.

“The symptoms of bleeding blood, start at 4 or 5 days after incubation of the modified strain, including hemorrhagic conjunctivitis, pharyngitis, bleeding gums, oral ulcers and lips, hematemesis, melena, hematuria, epistaxis and bleeding vaginal “, Report of the Safety Data Sheet Pathogen Agency of Canada Public Health. (8) The same publication also explains, “There are no known antiviral treatments available for this new human infection.”


Similar to the incident in 2009, with the swine flu, while increasing again Ebola victims, paranoia is heightened since the corporate media (which has also allowed distract international attention to real massacres like running the government of Israel against Palestine), up actions involved in pharmaceutical Fort Detrick, in the bag.

A CNN news in Spanish entitled “Ebola pharmaceutical drives in the Exchange,” confirms this. In this newspaper report says verbatim:

“The actions of a company based in Vancouver working on a drug to slow the disease rose 40% in the last week. (…) Tekmira Pharmaceuticals had a higher than usual increase because investors expect the health agencies of the United States to pass a drug known as TKM-Ebola “.

Another bio-pharmaceutical that has increased its shares in the stock market is billonariamente Mapp Biopharmaceutical Inc., also linked to it off to Fort Detrick biological and developments in the military sphere, this time offering your product Zmapp coincidentally against Ebola.

And if that were not enough, the American scientist himself who supposedly invented the vaccine against Ebola at the base of Fort Detrick, Dr. Larry Zeitlin says that “the main obstacle, at least for us, is the financial support. We receive funding USG, but comes in spurts (little by little), making it very difficult to quickly develop a drug. “

This story reminds wuld what happened years ago with the known bird flu and swine flu, which after expanding by different countries, showed the American pharmaceutical Gilead Science promoting a treatment called Tamiflu. And while thousands of people were frantically searching for Tamiflu Donald Rumsfeld CEO and partner of Gilead Science smiling because its shares rose multibillonariamente. Why smiled ?. The documentary “Operation Pandemic” Julian Alterini it answers us.

Accurate Alternini in his documentary, Donald Rumsfeld was the President of the Gilead Science until 2001, when former President George Bush appointed him Secretary of Defense, a post from which Rumsfeld approved 2005 budget of which 1.2 billion of dollars were intended for his former company to produce 20 million doses of Tamiflu, one of two drugs that authorized the World Health Organization to treat both avian and swine.

The sad thing for the people is that the famous and later the famous TAMIFLU H1N1 vaccine also distributed globally by Gilead Science, little or nothing against the pathogen spread by the Pentagon, and unlike metals contaminated with the blood of the poor population and damage more your immune system.

It seems that history repeats itself, and the alarm generated by CNN about Ebola is driven by large pharmaceutical companies that claim to have the cure and only with that announcement have managed to increase their shares in the millonariamente bag. One again we verify the behavior of the WHO, PAHO and its continental partners to raise the level of pandemic emergency, only with the aim of favoring the pharmaceutical and military mafia US


The Ebola virus eventually passed into the hands of the powerful multinational Monsanto and the transnational at the end gets the full rights of its propagation, known for his controversial actions regarding GMOs and as the creator of such conflicting health products, such as DDT, dioxin, polystyrene, bovine growth hormone or agent Orange used by the Pentagon, in addition to their questionable political maneuvering to establish their businesses in different parts of the world. “I think they will do very well”, said the Secretary of Defense himself, Chuck Hagel.

What is certain is that Monsanto and the Department of Defense EE: UU, to help fund the company’s BioPharma and could earn billions with Ebola treatments.

With the new licensing distribution and spread, Monsanto may introduce the virus in areas where deemed necessary for the improvement of agricultural resources, economic progress in general or where their top executives find difficulties on the planet. The company has already signed agreements with McDonald’s, future owner of vaccine virus corporation. McDonald’s acquired 65% of the new vaccine against the virus in equity terms. It seems to have devised the formula for the antidote is distributed in perfect coordination with the spread of the disease, “in an elegant, practical and then serve to keep cigarettes, teeth or coins container”, say from the central Monsanto in St. Louis, Missouri.

Several Spanish companies such as Iberdrola, Banco Santander, Telefónica and El Corte Ingles, have also shown interest in participating in the new business of Monsanto and McDonald’s.

The Monsanto Corporation and the Department of Defense budget funded a BioPharma company to win billions in treating Ebola virus. Monsanto The initial agreement is valued at $ 86.2 million, according to the WSJ.

Tekmira Pharmaceuticals, a biotechnology company working on a drug against Ebola, just received an injection of $ 1.5 million from none other than Monsanto. “Tekmira Pharmaceuticals Corporation is a biopharmaceutical company focused on advancing novel therapeutics and RNAi technology provide lipid nanoparticle (LNP) to their pharmaceutical partners.”

Money Monsanto is reportedly related to the company’s development of RNAi technology used in agriculture. The agreement is valued at up to $ 86.2 million, according to the WSJ.

Another press release on Tekmira framework reveals a $ 140 million contract with the Pentagon for making alleged drugs against Ebola.

TKM-Ebola, an anti-Ebola therapeutic RNAi virus is being developed under a $ 140 million contract with the Department of Medical Countermeasures, with the Department of Defense and Biodefense Therapeutics Systems (MCS-BDTX) and the Office of Management product joint.

The drug companies, the CDC, WHO and PAHO have repeatedly played sinister roles, and worked together CIA and military institutions bioweapons in disease outbreaks in order to promote the sale of medicines for treatment assumptions false vaccinations, as is now the AH1N1. The proceeds then go to large corporations behind major global infectious disease outbreaks. Vaccine manufacturers, made ​​billions of false swine or avian flu, and tens of millions of dollars in swine flu vaccines were stored subsequently panicked governments and bought without fixing the toxic effect of them, WHO infundio only because they fear.


Glenn Thomas, principal consultant in Geneva, an expert on HIV / AIDS and especially the Ebola virus, was aboard the Malaysia Airlines Boeing 777 exploded in Ukraine.

Glenn Thomas was also the coordinator of the media and participated in investigations that the issue of covert operations by mutational evidence of Ebola virus in the laboratory of biological weapons in the hospital in Kenema are brought to light. Now that this workshop was closed by order of the Government of Sierra Leone, more details emerge about the interests that lie behind its management. In fact, several of the secrets incumbent Sierra Leone and Fort Detrick knew.


Increasingly documents and facts linked to military laboratory largest US bioweapons USAMRIID Fort Detrick and now with the recent outbreak of Ebola in Africa, after his repeated experiments in the region, for example, should be thoroughly investigated, why and made ​​military bioweapons scientists from Fort Detrick, with biological researchers from the University of Tulane operating in West Africa, on issues related to biological warfare since 2007 and involved in projects reserved for almost 7 years.

Often diagnostic tests, without the approval of the government, on the citizens of Sierra Leone, as part of these projects were realized. The Government of Sierra Leone demanded several times to stop these biological tests Tulane researchers, due to the danger and lack of information.

It is known that Tulane researchers and their partners Detrick, performed experimental investigations eg injections of monoclonal antibodies, and for that citizens of the region used.

The biological research program booked, which took place in Sierra Leone, Guinea and Liberia, which also aimed to identify the future use of hemorrhagic fever viruses as biological weapons, coincidentally is now the epicenter of the outbreak more lethal than any other time Ebola. Faced with criticism from the government, responsible for Detrick, hinted that the investigation was purely defensive. But no guarantees as we have seen in the past, that this research is being used and developed covertly to develop offensive biological weapons.

What were military bioweapons researchers experimenting with strains of Ebola in Africa?

For several years now, researchers at Tulane University with Fort Detrick officials from the Pentagon, have been very active in areas of Africa where it is said that Ebola has now exploded.

These researchers also worked with other military institutions, USA, one of which is USAMRIID, Medical Research Institute USA Army Infectious Diseases, a renowned research center for bio-warfare, also located at Fort Detrick, Maryland.

In Sierra Leone, the Tulane research group has been investigating new diagnostic tests and research on hemorrhagic fever virus, Lassa, Ebola fever, and other labels that are applied to a spectrum of diseases that result severe bleeding on humans.

Researchers at Tulane next to USAMRIID, have also been investigating the use of monoclonal antibodies as treatment for these fevers but not in place in Africa, according to press releases from Tulane.

Ref published supporting documentary. Tulane University October 12, 2012 “Dean Research: Update on Lassa fever”:

In 2009, researchers at Tulane, received 7,073,538 over five years ($ 7 million) grant for the National Institute of Health to fund the continued development of kits for detection of viral hemorrhagic fever Lassa and experimentation.

Since then, much has been done to study the disease. Dr. Robert Garry, Professor of Microbiology and Immunology, and Dr. James Robinson, Professor of Pediatrics, participated in the investigation of Lassa fever. Together the two have recently been able to create what are called human monoclonal antibodies. After isolating the B cells of patients who have survived the disease, have been used for molecular cloning methods for isolating antibodies and reproduce in the laboratory. These antibodies have been tested in guinea pigs at the University of Texas Medical Branch in Galveston.

More recently, he is building a hospital in Sierra Leone supported by the Government of Kenema. When finished, try Lassa Fever. Now coincidentally, Kenema Hospital is one of the centers of the deadly Ebola outbreak.

Another publication of Tulane University, dated October 18, 2007: talk of a “New test to detect advancing bioterrorism threats.”

“The initial round of clinical trials, has completed the first test kits diagnostic help in bioterrorism defense against a deadly viral disease. Researchers from Tulane University and Fort Detrick, are collaborating on the project.

“Robert Garry, a professor of microbiology and immunology at Tulane University, is the principal investigator on a study funded by the federal government to develop new tests for viral hemorrhagic fevers.

“Corgenix Medical Corp., a company dedicated to the development and marketing of diagnostic test kits in bioweapons, announced that the first test kits for the detection of hemorrhagic fever overcame the initial clinical trial in West Africa.

“The kits, developed thanks to a $ 3.8 million grant awarded by the National Institutes of Health, were performed with Corgenix in collaboration with Tulane University, the Institute of Medical Research USAMRIID US Army of Infectious Diseases, Fort Detrick, BioFactura Inc. and Autoimmune Technologies.

“Clinical study reports in Sierra Leone continue to show surprising results,” says Robert Garry, a professor of microbiology and immunology at the School of Medicine at Tulane University and lead researcher in relation to the grant.

We believe this remarkable collaboration will result in detection products that really have an impact in West Africa, but also will fill a much needed gap in the defense against bioterrorism and deep study of biological weapons.

“Clinical research is conducted in the Network Lassa fever in the Mano River Union in Sierra Leone. Tulane, under contract to the WHO World Health Organization, which implements the program in the Mano River Union countries (Sierra Leone, Liberia and Guinea) to develop national and regional research strategies and control of Lassa fever and other regional diseases like Ebola.

“Clinical trials of the new recombinant technology demonstrates that our partnership is working,” said Douglass Simpson, president of Corgenix. “We have combined the capabilities of the different parties, resulting in the development of some kits remarkable evidence in a surprisingly short period time. As a group we intend to expand this program to address other important infectious agents with both clinical health problems and threats of bioterrorism, like Ebola. “

The third document is in the Ministry of Health and Sanitation of Sierra Leone and its Facebook page (no login required), dated 23 July at 13:35. Establishes emergency measures to be taken. We find this curious official statement:

“Tulane stop testing during the current Ebola Ebola outbreak.”

Why? Are the tests that were issued were false results ye lied? Is the population is now at risk? Researchers at Tulane bioweapons have endangered public health for their tests?

Further investigation of these issues, another question has to be launched in all vaccination campaigns carried out in the area of Ebola. For example. Vaccination programs against HPV that have been made. Diluent vials of vaccine should be tested to discover all the hidden ingredients in it. Furthermore, it is well known that the administration of vaccines to people whose immune systems are severely compromised and it is dangerous and deadly.

EBOLA made in EEUU4


The reality is that these big pharmaceutical along with Fort Detrick are responsible, as history shows, to modify virus, inoculate and spread various kinds of diseases around the world to maximize their profits rib lives of others, curiously almost always Latinos and Africans, even those used for biological experiments, as they term as population, of dispossession. History has already proven that behind every outbreak of these diseases is the drug cartel, one of the most powerful, influential and perverse world industries.


Today, thanks to air travel “perfect storm” for Ebola, is created to devastate humanity. It all starts with these irrefutable facts of air transport:

1) All passengers are confined in the same enclosed space.

2) All passengers would be breathing the same air, contaminated on the plane.

3) The Ebola air can pass through very small particles in the air, and simply just a single Ebola virus mounted on a dust particle to infect a human.

4) After the flight, passengers infected without knowing mingle with thousands of people at the airport, each making a unique destination different elsewhere in the country or around the world.

5) The current speed of travel by plane exceeds the speed of governments to deploy equipment to prevent infectious diseases.

A global pandemic of Ebola, in other words, could begin with one person in one international flight. I could go around the world in less than 48 hours. Ebola can be spread from leftover feces, vomit, cough, or just talk.

Only one body is enough to infect a new host. So powerful is this virus modified at Fort Detrick.

That amount of Ebola virus needed to infect someone? Alarmingly, as explained by the Public Health Agency of Canada, “1-10 organisms in aerosol are sufficient to cause infection in humans.” As a body is required as an aerosol (mounted on a microscopic virus particle powder) to cause a full-blown infection in humans. A man throwing up on an international flight can infect dozens or hundreds of other people at once. Some experts fear that has already happened. As reported by the Daily Mail.

Nobody can imagine if a large city in the United States show an outbreak of infection. The federal government would use the military to quarantine an entire city. This possibility is described in books for national emergencies. A declaration of Martial Law, is all that is needed to seal an entire American city to tip machine guns and tanks.

“If the virus is introduced into a large city, which is the worst nightmare of all,” said Dr. Tim Geisbert, professor of microbiology and immunology at the University of Texas Medical Branch, in an interview with CBS News. “It becomes more difficult to control later. How to quarantine a great city? ‘. United States deployed its military against its own citizens in a scenario of internal national emergency.


Ebola becomes a “perfect” biological weapon ever created. Due to its ability to survive storage and keep running for many days, weeks or years later, it could be easily harvested from infected victims and then preserved using nothing more than a common food dehydrator. As the Public Health Agency of Canada explains: The virus can survive for 23 days dry or liquid material. The infectivity was found to be stable at ambient temperature 0 to 4 degrees (C) for several days, and indefinitely stable at -70 C.

  • Can be stored in a flask of liquid and easy to smuggle across international borders.
  • It can also be dried and stored in a dry state, then easily smuggled.
  • Can be frozen at very low temperatures, which remain viable indefinitely.

Once dried, or frozen the, pathogenic Ebola, can contrabandearse in countries of destination with ease. This biological weapon, then it could easily infect people at public transportation like subway stations, airports, bus stations, etc., simply by spraying a few particles of Ebola in the faces of the people, or from a aircraft flying over a city.


Based on the myriad of evidence against the American government and its agencies, there are currently several lawsuits, and an appeal in the Supreme Court of the United States Case No. 00-9587, for biological terrorism and mass murder (Bioterrorism and mass murder).







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